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How to import or export data in EIE/AIE? -

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EIE: How to import or export data in EIE/AIE?
In case of EIE there is no automated process for exporting the configuration data. We need to
export data from following 6 forms into a single .arx format file.
EIE: DataMapping
EIE: CMDBDataMapping
EIE: Data
EIE: DataExchange
EIE: DataExgLookup
EIE: VendorParamLookup
Using reporting functionality we can export the data.
In case of AIE, you can use the Export Configuration link available on the console. Under AIE Menu.
How to import data in EIE/AIE:
C:\Program Files\AR System\Admin\›arimportcmd.exe -x ‹AR Server name› -u "Demo" -p "" -a ‹port
number› -o "‹path of Data file›"
We need to run above command on the command prompt to import the data.
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EIE: How to import or export data in EIE/AIE?
arimportcmd command in detail
Usage - WITH MAPPING FILE: arimportcmd -x server -u user -p password -M mappingf
ile -m mapping -d mappingdir -o datafile -f targetform -e duplicatefield -n supp
ressfilters -t multimatchoption -l logfile -a portnumber -r rpcprogNum -w Authen
ticationServer -i suppressdefaultvalues
Values for Username and Password are a MUST.
Mapping files can be specified in 2 ways:
By providing a fully qualified filename to the -M parameter
By providing a directory name using -d and a mapping name using -m
The options are mutually exclusive.
If providing a fully qualified name for the mapping file using -M, do NOT incl
ude -d and -m
Usage - WITHOUT MAPPING FILE: arimportcmd -x server -u user -p password -o dataf
ile -f "targetform=fileform" -e duplicatefield -n suppressfilters -t multimatcho
ption -l logfile -a portnumber -r rpcprogNum -D DupId -w AuthenticationServer -i
Values for Username, Password, Server, Datafile are a MUST.
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