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Тема урока: How do you treat the Earth?

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Тема урока:Nothing is forever
( Защита окружающей среды)
Презентация урока в 7 классе по
УМК К.Кауфман, М. Кауфман
Цель: Стимулировать учебную
мотивацию учащихся
Задачи урока:
1. Развивающая – Развитие навыков и
умений устной речи как
монологической так и диалогической .
2. Обучающая – Активизация лексики по
видам деятельности – чтение,
говорение .
3. Воспитательная – воспитание любви и
бережного отношения к природе .
Words and expressions for
active using in speach :
to protect environment – защищать окр. среду
to pollute air, rivers – загрязнять воздух, реки
to drop litter – бросать мусор
to recycle – перерабатывать
to care of – заботиться о
to keep clean – содержать в чистоте
throw wastes – сбрасывать мусор
to breath bad air – дышать загрязненным воздухом
plants – растения
to harm nature – наносить вред природе
Активизация лексики.
(Please fill in the blanks)
The Earth is our . . . . . . We must take care of it.
Everyone must do everything possible to
. . . . . . the land, air, water clean. We must
say “no” to . . . . . . Nature is in our hands
nobody can . . . . . . it, but only people. Our
planet is in . . . . . .
(save, home, protect, pollution, danger)
Pupils’ short stories about air,
water, soil pollution.
• Pupil 1. I can say that grown up people can’t spend their
wekends out of doors, because as you can see they cut trees in
the forest to make a fire, they leave litter and rubbish in the
open place. They wash their cars in the rivers and lakes, they kill
the fish with dynamite. They don’t care about nature.
• Pupil 2. I want to tell about our river Erek. Many years ago it
used to be clean and children liked to swim in it on hot summer
days but now we can’t do it, because it is dangerous for our
health. People have already polluted is so that it’s absolutely
impossibleto bath. You can see, glass, plastic bottles and many
other useless things in it. The water is very dirty.
• Pupil 3. You know that our Krasnodar region is agricultural and
people grow rice in the field of our district. It is very good, but
farmers put too much pesticides in it. It harms nature, it harmes
people. It causes health problems. We want to eat ecologicaly
clean products.
• Pupil 4. I want to tell you about the problem of the Asov sea,
because I like to spend myholidays in the village of my granny
who lives not far from it. I can say that the sea is dying because
of wastes from different factories and it may become a bog.
What can we do to keep the Earth clean?
• Never make fires in forests.
• Do not drop rubbish into the
• Do not throw wastes into the
• Plant trees, flowers.
Let’s sing the song
Today you are going camping
With your family, friends or class.
Please help us, don’t drop any litter!
Refrain:’Cos’ nothing is forever
‘Cos’ your litter lives longer than us!
And nature is getting tired.
If we don’t stop and think today
Tomorrow the Earth could die.
Today you cut down your forests
But planet needs our leaves.
Please stop it because tomorrow
You’ll have no air to breathe!
You can have a bath or a shower
But today is the time to think.
Save the rivers because without them
You’ll have no water to drink.
Тема: Nothing is forever
(Защита окружающей среды)
Выполнила: Штеймарк
Евгения Николаевна,
английского языка
МАОУ СОШ №7 ст.Полтавская.
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