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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a piezoelectric vibration pickup according
to a basic aspect of the present invention, wherein A is a plan view and B is a sectional front view.
2 and 3 show another embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 1B is a cross-sectional view
corresponding to FIG. 1B. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of a piezoelectric vibration pickup
mentioned as a conventional example. In the figures, the same reference numerals indicate the
same parts. 1-----Shallow-bottomed metal container, 1a---Plate, 1b---... Annular wall, 2--Piezoelectric porcelain, 3---Vibration transmission Axis, 4 ии и и и и и и и и и и 4! и и и Insulating filler such
as synthetic resin and rubber, 1b? .... Large annular wall with bite thickness.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a vibration big ag
using the piezoelectric effect of a piezoelectric ceramic, and the object of the present invention is
to provide a compact, lightweight, highly sensitive piezoelectric vibration pickup. In mourning, a
pair of piezoelectric porcelains / cores 13 are sequentially stacked on a pedestal //, as shown in
FIG. ! , Bolt axis extending through each central hole of 9/3 / 8 LK screwed and tightened
together by 9 nats / socket, then put the metal case 7.1 on the piezoelectric ceramic l ? and the
weight 13 The book is widely known, but its complicated structure and large number of parts
complicate assembly work and lack mass productivity, and the use of a weight makes it heavy
and inconvenient to handle. Not only that the shape of the electric piano and electric pianos,
electric fences, etc. There are many drawbacks such as mounting on small, narrow places such as
small and narrow suns, so there are 4 to small I was asked for a vibrating pink angus and a
second request. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention will be described
with reference to the embodiments of the drawings. In FIG. 1, 1 is a container of an acidimpregnating material made of an elastic metal material such as phosphor bronze or stainless
steel, and ? is a thin film having the metal content is / C + bottom plate / a as an elastic plate
adhered to its inner surface This piezoelectric electromagnetic wave is manufactured by forming
zinc lead zirconate titanate and forming front and back Jfll K electrodes, 2a and 2b, and
polarization in the thickness direction as is well known. It is also possible to use a contracted
bimorph structure in which the sheets are attached to each other and the wiring is connected so
that the output voltages are superimposed. J # 'i Metal container O bottom @ / & Q on the outer
surface center part, vibration transmission shaft shaken by welding etc so that it projects with
the bottom plate la at right angle direction The support plate is a support plate which is
integrally joined to the upper surface opening of the annular wall / b projecting from the outer
periphery of the bottom plate / the crucible of the metal container. The ring-shaped wall (J)
should be reinforced so that the joint of the bottom plate / & of the container and the
piezoelectric ceramic core can be efficiently bent and vibrated with the outer circumference of
the bottom plate / a as a fulcrum. According to the piezoelectric vibration pickup of the present
invention, when imaging and picking up an imaging pickup on an object to be detected and
converting mechanical vibration propagating in the object to be detected to an electrical signal,
the piezoelectric vibration pickup of the above invention A part of the vibration from the bottom
plate is added to the bottom plate l & through the transmission shaft 3 protruding from the
bottom plate / JL outside the metal container / the bottom plate l!
L tries to expand and contract in the radial direction (lateral direction), but it is reinforced by the
support plate and the expansion / contraction is blocked by the mesh shape / b, so the joined
body of the bottom plate l & and the piezoelectric ceramic has the outer periphery of the bottom
plate The point is to make a bending vibration like a dotted line in which the center part of the
paper core swings to the maximum @. In the inside of the rounded piezoelectric ceramic, the
mechanical strain is generated in proportion to the size of the movement of the cover material,
and the front and back type '4kiiico a, Jb [charge is generated, and this is a pair of lead wires ja ,
Jb, and can be applied as a human power signal to an amplifier or the like. (Note that in the
above embodiment, the support is integrally joined to the upper self-opening rod as a reinforcing
means for the annular 11 of the metal container, but as another means, it is epoxy inside the
metal container / Etc. A light * seal is applied to an insulating material such as gold I 1.411 fat or
silicone rubber, or as shown in FIG. 3, the thickness of the m-shaped It / t) 'of the metal container
l is Even if it is set sufficiently large compared to the thickness of / IL, it exhibits the same
function as the embodiment in Fig. 1, but especially it seals the synthetic resin or rubber 4 / in
the metal container / as shown in Fig. In this case, both the metal container and the piezoelectric
element are damped together, so that the value can be set sufficiently high in the response
frequency range, and the light emission property is also excellent, and it has nine advantages. As
described above, the piezoelectric vibration pink-up of the present invention is a bottom plate
holder elastic plate of a metal container with a shallow bottom, and a piezoelectric ceramic is
attached to the inner surface thereof and an imaging movement transmission shaft is provided at
the center in the outward direction Therefore, the structure is extremely simple compared to the
prior art, and the mass productivity is enhanced, and combined with the absence of weights, it is
possible to achieve downsizing and weight reduction (j), and to be incorporated into various tone
number devices. , Can be handled easily. Furthermore, according to the present invention, the
reinforcing means is applied to the annular wall of the metal container to prevent the expansion
and contraction of the bottom plate in the radial direction and to excite the bending vibration
with a large lift on the joined body of the bottom plate and the piezoelectric ceramic Can be
enhanced by writing. Therefore, the present scheme also has the excellent effect of being able to
provide a compact, lightweight, sensitive piezoelectric vibration big amplifier inexpensively.
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