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Description 1, title of the invention
Acoustic lens device
6. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an acoustic lens device,
for example, one mounted on the front of a short horn speaker. In recent years, from the point of
improving sound pressure directivity characteristics. The acoustic lens is mounted on the front of
the speaker, especially the directivity sharp horn type speaker. And, as the above acoustic lens,
there are inclined plate type and corrugated plate type that refracts the traveling sound wave
Also, in any of these types of acoustic lenses, it is formed of a highly rigid groove plate such as a
synthetic resin plate or a metal plate. EndEndPage: 1 However, since the high rigidity non-root
has a high density, each acoustic wave A resonance sound is likely to be generated between the
lenses, and there is a disadvantage that the sound generated from this resonance-fri speaker is
significantly damaged by tin. Further, in the case of a short horn type speaker having a relatively
small aperture area of hoe / ho compared with the nose tip frequency, the change in the
propagation surface of the aperture becomes more abrupt as the reproduction band becomes
lower. There is a problem that the propagation is discontinuous, and the reflected wave is
reflected or emitted by the boundary surface while being repeatedly reflected in the horn while it
is emitted to the outside of the horn, thus degrading the performance of the speaker. doing. The
present invention has been made in view of these points, and is directed to the rear portion
between the plurality of lens wings along the expanded shape of the projecting retaining portion
and the horn which project rearward than the rear edge of each lens wing. By closely interposing
a damping material having a surface, it is possible to prevent the generation of resonance noise
altogether and to substantially eliminate the interface between the horn and the acoustic lens
and to prevent the decrease in the resistance of the scaker which causes irregular reflection. An
acoustic lens device is provided. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described
with reference to the drawings. The ill is a lens wing formed in the shape of a long sword. The
lens genus (1) has a triangular notch concave mt21 formed at the central portion thereof when it
is expanded to the outer cutter. Oh, fct37 is squeezed! At $ 111, this damping material (3) is
formed in a semi-round shape 1 in felt, rubber, foamable sweet acid resin and the like. And this
damping material 131Fi, the projection holding part (7) of the magnitude | size which can be
closely_contact | adhered to the outer surface (6) of a baffle board (5) to a horizontal-shaped rear
end part (4) It is done. In addition, the arc-shaped edge (8) of the damping material (3) has an
inner edge fa19) K having a curvature of an L-shaped extension continuously along the opening
shape of the speaker IIJ (D-horn (IIII) opening 121 (121 An arc-shaped guide surface (131 is
formed of a curve m (a) and is continuous with the guide surface a 汐 and gradually moves
rearward toward the outer edge portion I outside the inner 11 & part (9) It is formed with an arcshaped guiding edge of a curved line.
Therefore, the change in the-ratio of the guide surface u3 of the damping material (3) and the
arc-shaped guide edge (consecutive to this) is appropriately determined according to the size of
the I / J wing (IJ and the opening edge 1z of the speaker Set selectively. In addition, it is
necessary to set according to the shape of the horn 11 'and the thickness of the lens X (13, since
reducing the curvature of the curve of the arc-shaped guiding edge toward the rear leads to a
rapid shape change. 2. A speaker (a holding piece housing Q engaged with an end portion of the
baffle plate (5) is protruded at an outer side portion in the vicinity of the opening edge portion
α2 of the horn dll of IG). A driver αη is attached to the rear end of the horn ulI. Next, a large
number of the lens wings +17 are used, and each lens Xtlj is disposed up and down, and a
damping material (3) t-setting intervention corresponding to the size of the opening edge suz of
the horn ttu of the loudspeaker And the rear end portion (4) of the braking material (3) and the
lens blade (the trailing edge S of the lens 11 are made to coincide with each other) It projects
more rearward than the trailing edge 5 (4) of Then, the braking material (3) is interposed, and
the fc members are connected to each other using an appropriate means such as a support
member (not shown), and the braking materials (3) are closely attached between the lens blades
tlJ And ult-make up the lens body. At the same time, the above lens body α field is directed to
the opening edge portion 2 of the horn 4 of the speaker 4 with respect to Bakuful & (5) t-t.
Install. Thereby, the protruding retaining portion of the damping material (3) (the force is layered
on the outer surface (6) of the baffle plate (5) to brake between the rear edge u8 of the lens JK
111 and the baffle plate (5) The inner edge portion of the protrusion holding portion (7) is in
close contact with the outside @ portion of the opening edge portion u3 of the ho / peg when it is
sealed by the protrusion holding portion (7) of the material (3) And the outside m of the opening
edge 0 of the horn u1 is reliably closed. Also, along with this, the guide surface αl formed with
the inner edge (9) ic shadow of the damping material (3) cleanly spreads outward in a spreading
shape of the opening edge α2 around the horn, and this guide The face u3 forms a state of the
Ho / Don extension. According to the non-invention, by interposing the damping material
between the plurality of lens blades, the resonance sound between the lens blades can be
damped and the generation of the resonance sound can be reliably eliminated, so that the
generation from the speaker The sound quality of the sound is not harmed by the acoustic lens.
In addition, since the braking material has a protruding retaining part that protrudes backward,
by attaching the protruding retaining part to the panful plate when mounting, the braking effect
can be further assured and the acoustic lens can be mounted with good stability. Also, it is
possible to prevent the rear eyelid occlusion n sound of the lens tV lens from coming back to the
rear by this protruding engagement portion.
In addition, the guide surface of the damping material forms an extension shape of a part of the
ho / by forming the guide surface of the spread bathed in the expanded shape of the horn at the
inner edge of the control wIh material and the continuity of the guide surface The Eri interface
can be substantially excluded, and it can be diffused with good stability by utilizing the hoe /
spread, and the performance degradation of the speaker due to diffuse reflection can be surely
prevented. Therefore, the resonance due to the noise can be eliminated and the characteristics of
the horn to which it is attached can be improved.
4, a simple illustration of the drawings show an embodiment of the non-invention, FIG. 1 is an
explanatory perspective view showing an 11% of the acoustic lens device is assembled to Ho /
FIG. 2 is the same as the above FIG. 6 is a side view in which a part is cut away. Forty-first, there
are provided an enlarged view of a lens wing and a horn. tl)-lens genus, (3)-damping material, (5)backle plate, (7) e-projecting engagement portion, (13-guiding surface). EndPage: 3 ni UU-Shiba
jk? "Procedure Amendment (02) February 14, 1977 Secretary of the Patent Office Shiroishi part
1 1 1, display of the case 昭和 Patent No. 155 215 No. 2, name of the invention acoustic lens
device 2, name of the invention acoustic lens of the invention Device 3, Related patent applicant
with case of correction
Acoustic lens device
Coral Acoustics Co., Ltd. 5, date of Amendment Order 令 In the "Detailed Description of the
Invention" column of the amendment specification, No. 21. Details of the Z correction (1) In the
second row of the specification, "in between each acoustic lens" is corrected as "from each lens
blade". (2) Description 6 Fang 6 Do line 6 and line 18 "Just from a relatively small one-speaker,
correct as follows. [In the case of a small short horn type speaker, the change in the propagation
surface at the opening becomes sharper as the reproduction frequency becomes lower. From the
horn] (3) Detail Correct "EndPage: 4,") "with", as "propagation of 2 in aperture '++ i &'". (4)
Detailed description: The 4th line of the page 4 and the 6th line of the 9th row are corrected as
"reflection". Correct the statement “seat closed” in “Specification 7” in 7 lines on page 151
as “connection”. Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 53-79523 (5) EndPage: 5
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