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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing an example of a
conventional speaker, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of a movable
magnet type speaker of the present invention. 2 is a yoke plate, 3 is a center pole, 5 is a
diaphragm, 12 and 13 are driving coils, and 14 is a cylindrical magnet.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Generally speaking, as shown in FIG. 1, as a
speaker, the center pole (3) and yoke 12) of a magnetic circuit composed of a magnet (1), a yoke
plate (2) and a center ball (3) are heard. A voice coil (4) formed in a cylindrical shape is disposed
in the nine gaps formed, and the imaging plate (5) is vibrated by the voice coil (4). In such a
conventional speaker, since a signal current is supplied from the outside to the vibrating voice
coil (4), this voice coil (41 requires a lead wire, and this lead wire +1) is dependent on the
imaging motion. In order not to break the wire, it was necessary to take care such as not to
generate a mechanical abnormal sound such as a billy due to the movement of the lead wire. In
FIG. 1, (6) a frame, +71 an edge portion, (8) a gasket, (9) a damper and an air cap. In view of such
a point, the present invention proposes a movable magnet type speaker in which the lead-out line
does not move. An embodiment of the movable magnet type speaker according to the present
invention will be described below with reference to FIG. In FIG. 2, parts corresponding to FIG. 1
are given the same reference numerals, and the detailed description thereof will be omitted. In
this example, a yoke plate (2) is disposed on the outer periphery of the center pole (3) at a
predetermined interval, and a surface of the center ball (3) facing the center ball (3) of the yoke
plate (2). Depending on the time between! ! The drive coil [Ij is fixed to this center pole (3) along
the outer periphery of the center pole (3) in l1JflD while forming the IQII, and the center ball (3
in the yoke plate (2) in this gap uD The cylindrical drive coil (2) 13 is fixed to the surface facing
the above. In this case, the drive coils uz and uJ are electrically connected and a predetermined
gap is provided between the drive coils (Iz and Clj). Further, lead wires (122) and (12b) for the
drive coils lll3 and 13 are provided at the lower part of the center pole (3) so as to lead out from
the through hole (3J1). This driving coil 0? A cylindrical magnet (141 間 に) is placed between I
and 03. As this cylindrical magnet I, relatively light samarium cobalt as a magnetic material, and
as a concrete example of a platinum conocut, Shin-Etsu Rarenet 825 type (trade name) is used.
Magnetize in the radial direction. The end of the moving plate (5) is fixed to the end of the
cylindrical magnet α and the mechanical moving motion of the cylindrical magnet u4 is
transmitted to the moving plate + 51K.
Others are configured as in FIG. 1 ml. In the configuration of the present invention, when a tiP
current is applied to the drawers 41 (12a) (12b) from the drive coil 03 and u3, the cylindrical
magnet ■, the yoke grate (2) and the center ball (31) The direct current magnetic flux from the
same cylindrical magnet C44 of the 1111 air circuit is fixed in the vicinity of the cylindrical
magnet (3) net α4 and interlinks with the northern moving coil 03 + 11, and this fixed driving
coil 13 + 13 is generated by an audio signal When an alternating current flows, a relative force is
generated between the fixed drive coil α 211 131 and the cylindrical magnet (14 according to
the law of framing, and the cylindrical magnet tI 4 is picked up. The vibration causes the
diaphragm (5) to vibrate to generate sound. In this case, in a speaker using Shin-Etsu Rarenet
825 type (trade name) as a magnetic material of this cylindrical magnet (14) in a speaker with an
effective diameter of 96 intestines, the mass of this vibration system is It was about 9 g and the
same characteristics as a general speaker were obtained. As described above, according to the
present invention, since the drive coil α2 + 13 is fixed, the lead wire may be broken due to
vibration, or a mechanical abnormal sound such as a pili may be generated by the movement of
the lead wire. There is no inconvenience. Also, according to the present invention, the weight of
the drive coil (lH3 is fixed, so this drive coil ff21 G3)? Since the space is not limited to 1 Ill, this
space factor tube can be enlarged, and the magnetic flux generated by the cylindrical magnet
041 can be effectively used. For this reason, (4) the mass of this vibration system can be made
the same as that of the conventional 4 and the efficiency at the time of mourning can be raised.
Further, the loudspeaker according to the present invention effectively utilizes the magnetic flux
generated from the cylindrical magnet (141, so there is almost no leakage flux to the outside. For
this reason, it is suitable for use in a color television receiver or the like that does not leak
magnetic flux. Furthermore, since the driving coils 0 and 13 are respectively fixed to the center
pole (3) and the yoke plate (2) respectively, heat dissipation is extremely good, which is
advantageous for a large input, and the yoke plate (2) and the center Since only the magnetic
path is made with the ball (3), it is preferable that this magnetic path be as short as possible, so
that there is a benefit that the speaker can be made quite small. Although both of the drive coils
a3 and fi3 are provided in the above embodiment, it goes without saying that either one or the
other may be provided instead. Further, in the above-mentioned example, the cylindrical magnet
α is used, but it is of course possible to make another ring if necessary.
Of course, the present invention is not limited to the above-described example, and various other
configurations can be taken without departing from the scope of the present invention. (5)
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