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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawing shows a cross-sectional view of a sealed
ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention. □ 1 ... recessed insulating case, 1a '... in
the bottom surface, 2 ...: Langevin type vibrator, 3 ... cover plate, 4 ... vibration-absorbing plate,' 5
... supporting member.
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention will be described with reference to
ll1 iii below in connection with a llt device which is used closely in water such as a fish finder,
alignment machine, etc. In the drawing, / is a concave insulating case for liquid-tightly storing a
Lanschupf vibrator and a vibration absorbing plate described later, which is made of rubber or
synthetic resin (1). The side of the 鷹 iIl side, which will be the delivery surface, is made of a
material that is astonishing as the acoustic impedance of water. The reference numeral ラ ン is a
Lange-Epa / Il oscillator, which is constituted by a known through-going piezoelectric element
λa and a pair of metal blocks λb and −0 sandwiching the piezoelectric element λa. The lower
end surface is fixed to the inner bottom surface / a 'of the concave insulating case with an
adhesive or the like. J is a metal moii plate which seals the opening YIiJlb of the concave
insulating case / and is integrally fixed to the upper side of the case 1 by a screw 4 or the like.
Ginseng is interposed between the upper 1 m surface of one metal block λO of Langevin 置
oscillator 0 and the above-mentioned placing plate J and the above-mentioned playing plate j
Sponge, cork, etc. 0 uncollected and porous gLO 絶 練 何 石 stone. The constituents up to this
point are conventionally known. When such a conventional transducer is used by deep
immersion in water, the large water pressure PK applied to the bottom of the insulating case 10
// and softer between the vibrator and the lid fIJ) 愈 vibration WL plate # is compressionhardened Not only reduce the O vibration damping function, but also add the writing of the
oscillator length λ / JK suction plate gauze and lid plate JOj 14 L *, and 9 (λ / 2 + t, + 舅) length
I KIL In order to vibrate in the resonance system, the present * O resonance system length
system / J is known to be substantially long and the resonance frequency becomes low.
Therefore, performance degradation due to resonance deviation with the transmitting or
receiving device can not be avoided and 9). Therefore, the present solution is intended to solve
this defect by rounding 1. As shown in the figure, Lange-Epan concentrated oscillator-K, O
vibration distribution IIII line H) K vibration node ',)) Ks A central edge core d is provided on the
outer periphery of the portion, where the upper edge O metal block core 00 and the O-welding
side end facing, and the thermal edge core d and the insulating case 10-port-! -A metal or hard
rubber which can withstand hydraulic pressure PK sufficiently between I plate J and 0 which
seals a rigid support member jf which is a resin. Reference symbol “f” denotes a conduit for
applying an electrical signal to the dungspan 11i and the drivable lead-out bell rh, rb to the
outside (3).
The present proposal is the above O notification, and since the pressure plate 0EEJIIIII is
prevented from being formed by the water pressure by the vibrator, the cover plate, and the rigid
supporting member interposed in the 08, the defects such as the above-mentioned subordinate *
O can be eliminated The i-round proposal has a large III effect that can provide a sealed ffi transister with a practical value such that there is no concern at all to inhibit the resonance of the
vibrator since the coupling of the support member to the vibrator is performed at the vibration
node. .
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