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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view showing an embodiment of the
acoustic lens of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged side view of a part thereof. 1 · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · adhesive.
【Detailed description of the invention】 貴-specification 劃 l) Name of the device Prestigious
lens 2, real town Shin '' # 岬 range + 1 + lens plate through a coupling member, this A lens
according to claim 1, characterized in that at least one of the coupling members is an "adhesion
part with perspiration". A comparison of% J4 cheap 1 Meihon book "Jj East" relates to the one for
sticking the dissonance due to the vibration in relation to the sound lens. Heretofore, in the
addicting machine 6, a lens for improving the diffusion effect of the eyebrows is used. The IF5
lens used is disposed with a plurality of lens plates at a distance, and one end thereof is Stiffeners
(I identify this and s tortoise sideways in a row (11 · · · ·
パ ★ ((. It was connected or the other
end was connected by a connecting member. However, according to these methods, in response
to the external vibration, the lens plate responds, sometimes resonates, and the link between the
lens plates at the tip of the lens plate at the tip of the lens plate where the amplitude is large. It is
easy to produce the blurring of the sound and the non-permanent material by it, and it was
possible to lose the writing effect. This point is that the turtle is at a point like this, and it is
necessary to connect several lens plates to the last one) I-i one at a time, and at least ten
thousand The contact of the lens plate with the lens plate 7 is made to respectively abut each
other via the contact wholesaler j, and the connectivity of the lens plate which is generated along
with the external vibration due to the stature of the contact agent. To relieve the stress in the
lens plate and to make the generation of noise and discontinuation due to the ti movement of the
lens plate (2) 1). Next, one embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference
to the drawings. (One lens plate of several lens plates, each lens plate fll # 'i, for example, an
elongated rectangular-shaped thin film of metal or plastic plate The central portion in the
longitudinal direction of the is cut out in a substantially V-shape and formed. These lenses 戎 (l)
are inclined slightly downward at the -5 vt 7 J side and are cast at equal intervals R1 kii up and
down, and the lenses are made to have a fr opening at the base end of fil to each lens. What is i2
+ 2 insertion, fixed support 13) 1- Solidified using an adhesive having busy contact or viscoelasticity. Further, in the vicinity of both ends VC of the tip of each lens plate (1), the upper and
lower lens plates tt +, rubber or plastic or plastic molded jointed joint shaving 41 is used. The
coupling member (4) is attached to the lens plate ttlK4 of the upper (3) ′ J chamber and is
attached to the lower lens plate fi + via an adhesive (5). In this manner, the lens plates 111 of the
a-th order are connected to each other by the joint portion (41 and adhesive (5)).
The adhesive (5) contains a viscous fluid in a substance having high elasticity such as crosslinked rubber, and a skin adhesive, or an adhesive such as urethane or the like, a molecular
compound or the like, and an appropriately crosslinked adhesive Using the properties of this
adhesive (5) to go visco-elastic properties, ie, the combined properties of this adhesive (5: elastic
and viscous properties by external 1fi RTo The lens plate il + is lightened in quick turn, and the
stress of the eyebrow is considered to be relieved, and the contact with the lens (the thickness of
the 5 layer is an adhesive (4) The lens plate tllK below the lens is not transmitted and IICtn is
formed. In such a configuration, the lens plate il + vibrates and the lens plate 11H- is fixed to the
base layer or the fixed support (3) or fixed i The lens plate 111 is connected via an adhesive layer
having elasticity, and the tip 41Il of the lens & 111 is connected with each other by the other
force so that the visco-elasticity is connected. il + 伽 # t! j is that the stress is added to the
perfusate (51 layers by the viscous F *, and the plate is made and its vibration is suppressed-the
stress of its peristalsis is transmitted to the other lens plate (1) Not, the @ @ before the vibration
is prevented ゐ. In practice, the inner surface of the coupling member (4) is also adhered with an
adhesive (5) that is elastic and elastic (15)-it is also good. According to the present invention,
when connecting the lens plates to each other via the connecting member 16, the connecting
member and at least four lens plates are bonded by the adhesive having adhesive properties, so
that the lens is caused by an external cause. However, the stress is absorbed and absorbed by this
adhesive pigeon, and interlocking of the lens plate is suppressed to reduce the occurrence of
sound blurring and dissonance based on peristaltic noise in i1 equipment etc. It can be done.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an enlarged side view of the lens of the
present invention, showing an example of the right side of the lens of the present invention. il + · ·
· lens plate, + 41-· connecting member, (5 small · @ adhesive. (6)−↓“jl−。 Rudder-no J
2.54 'no) one? No 芋-and 11 Kyogotsu P 101 M M-λ λ & & & & 添 付 list of appendices custom
(1) 1 l j l J l 11 + 1 l-c (2 '1 drawing 1 r ± (3) proxy letter 1 (4) application duplicate 1 6. Other
than the above agent □ (3) Agent 〒 160 Tokyo Shinjuku Shinjuku 4 chome 3 mF le) 6216
Attorneys 樺 t6366 tFu 樺 樺 JM, EM 士! 6874 Principles) Miyashita Masahiko] Pregnancy
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