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Welcome to the Tersk Stud!
The history of Tersk Stud goes back to XIX-th century. It was a long road of rises and falls, wars and victories, disappointments and hopes. Our many decades of experience in breeding аrabian horses allowed us to receive a horse having a unique «Tersk charm», that absorbs not only the charm of the Arabian deserts, but also nurtured by the heat of the Caucasian steppes exhibits strong constitution, excellent speed and nobleness of exterior. Pure mountain air and mineral springs contribute to excellent breeding performance, good health and unique longevity of the Tersk Arabian horse.
The Tersk Arabian horse is known for it's unique individuality all over the world. Salon and Pomeranets, Pesnyar and Naftalin, Balaton and Patron, Pietuszok and Menes, Muscat and Drug – that's the incomplete list of names that contribute to the great reputation of our Stud.
The Tersk Arabian is not only a beautiful horse in an «elegant package», it is a reliable friend and a fi ne partner in sports, on the racetrack or in endurance riding.
Shkolnaya st. 2
Novotersky Mineralanie Vody
Stavropol 357242
phone/fax: +7-87922-7-13-16
Season 2012
Nonius – top producer race horses. He won 2 times Great Russian Cup, derby (Gr I), Budyonov Cup (Gr I), Aswan Stakes (Gr III), Pesniar Stakes (Gr III) and ect. Nonius also sets new track record (Pyatigorsk racetrack) for 2400 m – 2.40.9
NONIUS, ch., 2001, 162–20; (Nougatin, FRA – Nahodka – Drug)
Performance: 19 = 13 – 2 – 3 – 1
Nash is a very talented young horse sired by expetional stallion Amer, whose offspring for the last years taking leading positions in races all over the world. Nash is currently in active training and we'll see him this season at several hippodromes in Russia.
NASH, gr., 2007, 158–19; (Amer, SA – Nahodka – Drug)
Performance: 10 = 0 – 3 – 3 – 2
Nonet is a perfect young repre-sentative of the Russian race-breeding. Nonet is the son of an impressive stallion Nitagor, whose exterior was marked as remarkable by experts of Arabian breed as well as his race career.
NONET, br., 2008, 160–19; (Nitagor – Nonna – Nougatin, FRA)
Performance: 10 = 4 – 1 – 4 – 0
The lineage of Valentino G comes out of the racing family Sapine, which gave a big band of horses on highest level of racing performance, such as – Sport, Sputnik, and also other excellent horses like: Strij, Gusar, Sambist.
VALENTINO G, gr., 2006, 158–19; (Nonius – Valuevka – Karnaval)
Performance: 12 = 4 – 5 – 1 – 0
Vasilij has an excellent pedigree with the best racing bloodlines crossed in his lineage and as the result we see a noble stallion with strong and muscular «long-lined» conformation, perfect movements, superior stamina and great working potential.
VASILIJ, gr., 2007, 161–19; (Prince D`Orient, FRA – Vamlana – Madiar)
Performance: 9 = 2 – 3 – 2 – 1
Madiar has correct racing type with wide muscular chest, powerful croup, great movements, what was highly rated by experts. Madiar is a winner of the Russian races «Triple Crown», Russian Champion and winner of the WAHO trophy in 2005, as well as Show Champion of Russia in 2008.
MADIAR, rg., 1994, 157–19,5; (Drug – Martinika – Aswan)
Performance: 31 = 14 – 11 – 2 – 4 Kai is a well-known Russian hippodrome fi ghter, who has in his «pocket» 11 wins in major traditional races. Kai is a son of Khrenovskoy Stud leading sire – Anchar, excellent racer, father of many succesful race horses. Anchar is the multiple prize winner of national and international traditional prizes.
KAI, gr., 1996 , 158–19,5; (Anchar – Kameia – Mastak)
Performance: 23 = 11 – 7 – 1 – 2
Kupec inherits an excellent performance of his father Prikaz, who was an exeptional racing horse. Prikaz raced 45 times in total: 10, 9, 8, 4, and won the prizes: the Elite Stakes (4y.o.), Budyonny Prize, Farewell, Friendship of People (3y.o.), USSR Prize.
KUPEC, gr., 1995, 156–19; (Prikaz – Kameia – Mastak)
Performance: 10 = 2 –
3 –
1 –
Gabon from the father's and mother's sides brings perfect racing potential in combination with correct racing confi rmation, what makes Gabon a highly promising and perspective stallion for use in breeding of Arabian race horses. GABON
GABON, gr., 1997, 156–19; (Barkas – Greshnitsa – Kumir)
Performance: 10 = 4 – 1 – 4 – 0
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