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Учебный проект

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Учебный проект
“Every day or just now.”
“Большая разница”
for the students of 5th form
by Akimova S.V.
School №90
What do the people in the picture
What are the people in each
picture doing?
Which tense do we use for:
• things that we do regularly?
a) Present Simple
b) Present Continuous
• activities happening now?
a) Present Simple
b) Present Continuous
• actions happening at the time of speaking?
a) Present Simple
b) Present Continuous
• thing that are true in general?
a) Present Simple
b) Present Continuous
Choose the correct answer.
• We use ……… with he, she or it.
a) do
b) does
c) are
• We use ……… with I.
a) Is
b) does
c) am
• We use ……… with I, you, we or they.
a) do
b) does
c) is
• We use ……… with he, she or it.
a) are
b) do
c) is
• We use ……… with you, they or we.
b) are
c) am
Underline the correct form of the verb.
• I watch/am watching a film.
• Fiona makes/is making a snowman at the moment.
• Helen and Tom are watching/watch TV now.
• What time does/do the train leave?
• We go/are going to the cinema every Saturday evening.
• On Sundays, we usually stay/are staying at home.
• What does Tim do/is doing today?
• Look at Ann. What does she wear/is she wearing?
• Dan go/goes surfing every Sunday.
• It doesn’t rain/isn’t raining at the moment.
Выбирай и исследуй:
• Эвридейки
• Сиюминутки
• Учёные
Что мы делаем в
день сурка»?
• Что повторяется день за днём,
год за годом?
• Какие “слуги” в царстве у короля
Pr. Simple?
• Как изобразить код да Simple?
Как проходит вечеринка? Hello,
is the party going well?
• Чем люди занимаются в царстве
«здесь и сейчас»?
• Какие “слуги” на вечеринке у
именинника Pr. Continuous?
• Как изобразить код да Continuous?
Найдите “10” отличий?
• Идёт дождь. Когда?
• Какие слова помощники?
• Как изобразить Код
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