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тест 11 класс, Гроза.

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Контрольная работа по теме "People and places", Unit 2, New Millennium English, Гроза О. Л.
Task №1. Fill in the gaps with the definite article where necessary.
(1) ... Ken Livingstone claims that London's appeal to tourists is that it is a "lived-in city". ("London's a great international brand that has to be marketed carefully", 15 August). I agree with him. But if we want the reality to match the rhetoric, we need to act now to save (2) ... city. (3) ... Mayor's endorsement (поддержка) of (4) ... "24-hour city" sits uneasily with his desire for a living city. To have a truly living city, you need residents: local communities, such as the 6,000 people who live in (5) ... Soho and (6) ... Covent Garden in (7) ... West End.
They live alongside about 350 bars and clubs that stay open, up to 5 a.m. already. (8) ... capacity (вместимость) of such (9) ... bars is (10) ... 50,000 people, bringing with them noise, nuisance and crime. As a result, the very residents who make up the "living-in city" are being driven out. We need to have sustainable tourism. If we don't act, we'll rip the heart out of (11) ... London and drive away business and tourists.
At (12) ... Westminster , we've introduced policies to restrict new licences. We want people to have a good night out, but (13) ... community needs a good night's sleep, and a genuine mix of uses must be sustained. If (14) ... Mayor wants to deliver a living city, he has to ensure that those who live in (15) ... center of the city have a quality of life that most of us take for granted (принять как должное).
(Points - 15)
Task №2. Make up the sentences in the correct form: (If only ... + Ved2). 1. I'm so absent-minded!
2. I quarrel with my mother.
3. I don't pack my things in time.
4. I always forget things.
5. I am late for my bus to the airport.
6. I don't write a list of everything I need in advance.
7. I oversleep in the morning.
8. The roads are not good enough.
9. The city budget lacks funds.
10. Not all Russians can afford to travel.
(Points - 10)
Task №3. Make up the sentences in the correct form: (If only ...+ had + Ved3).
1. I spent a lot of time on my make up.
2. Foreign tourists seldom come to Suzdal.
3. Good shopping and parking facilities aren't provided.
4. The government didn't invest enough money in the development of tourism in the town.
5. The lighting isn't very good in the town.
6. The authorities didn't renovate all the churches and monasteries.
7. The tourist agency produced a low quality booklet about the town.
8. The country lacks stability.
9. The streets lamps are not lit at night.
10. There are few visitors.
(Points - 10)
Task №4. Complete the sentences using the words from the box.
The authorities need a project proposal that can be (1) ... quickly. A lot of people (2) ... to a discussion about how to improve the life of city residents. (3) ... of the project was proved over the course of two years. The advertising campaign (4) ... a lot to the success of the project. Nearly all old Russian cities have a lot of historic architectural monuments, such as (5) ... . They are valuable symbols of old Russian culture and catch the eye with such particular details as (6) ... . Some of them have become ruined by time and really have to be (7) ... . But local authorities usually (8) ... and it (9) ... the possibilities for developing the town. The situation could be saved by making a city or a town (10) ..., as tourism could provide good profits for (11) ..., especially (12) ... when a lot of people are on holiday. Though for the development of (13) ... facilities such as good hotels, souvenir shops, coaches, well-trained guides and other things are needed, it is worth doing because it will make a city (14) ... . The present state of many of our cities and towns may only (15) ....
a tourists destination; at the height of the tourist season; implemented; churches, monasteries, convents; lack funds; contributed; were drawn; prosper and flourish; renovated; scare tourists off; the financial viability; sustainable tourism; spires and onion domes; local residents; restricts. (Points - 15)
Ключи к контрольной работе "People and places" - Unit 2.
Task №1. 1 - 9 - Task №4. 1 implemented
2 the 10 - 2 were drawn
3 the 11 - 3 the financial viability
4 the 12 - 4 contributed
5 - 13 the 5 churches, monasteries, convents 6 - 14 the 6 spires and onion domes
7 the 15 the 7 renovated
8 the 8 lack founds
(15 баллов) 9 restricts 10 a tourist destination
11 local residents
12 at the height of the tourist season
13 sustainable tourism
14 prosper and flourish
15 scare tourists off
(15 баллов)
Task №2. 1. If only I were not so absent-minded!
2. If only I didn't quarrel with my mother!
3. If only I packed my things in time!
4. If only I never forgot things!
5. If only I wasn't late for my bus to the airport!
6. If only I wrote a list of every thing I needed in advance!
7. If only I didn't oversleep in the morning!
8. If only the roads were good enough!
9. If only the city budget had enough funds! If only the city budget didn't lack funds!
10. If only all Russians could afford to travel!
(10 баллов)
Task №3. 1. If only I hadn't spent so much time on my make up!
2. If only foreign tourists had come to Suzdal!
3. If only good shopping and parking facilities had been provided!
4. If only the government had invested money in the development of tourism in the town!
5. If only the lighting had been better in the town!
6. If only the authorities had renovated all the churches and monasteries!
7. If only the tourist agency hadn't produced a low quality booklet about the town!
8. If only the country hadn't lack stability!
9. If only the streets lamps had been lit at night!
10. If only there hadn't been few visitors! If only there had been many visitors!
(10 баллов)
Общее максимальное количество баллов 50.
Check your score (Шкала оценивания)
45 - 50 points - Well done! - 5
38 -44 points - Good - 4
30 - 37 points - Not bad - 3
29 and less - Go back and revise - 2.
Учитель Абольянина А. П. 
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