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Check your progress, учебник "New Millennium English" 10 класс, автор Гроза О. Л. Unit 6 "Sports". 1 вариант.
Task №1. Make up list of:
* five sports that need a water
* five dangerous sports Points ___________/ 10
Task №2. What do you call the sport?
1. To play this sport you need stick in your hands. (6 letters)
2. Dropping from an aircraft using a parachute. (11 letters)
3. To play on a field with a bat and a small white ball. (8 letters)
4. The sport of fighting in gloves. (6 letters)
5. To play on ice, without skates, with circular stones and brooms.(7 letters)
6. The sport of sliding on a small board with wheels. (13 letters)
7. This sport is played on a pitch. (5 letters)
8. A slow run for exercise. (7 letters)
9. The sport of flying in a balloon. (10 letters)
10. This sport is played on a court with a large orange ball. (10 letters)
Points _________/ 10
Task №3. Fill in the gaps in the sentences using the words from the box.
There are two extra words.
1. It took him a long time ... the skill he need to become a professional athlete.
2. ... for no purpose is not a very clever thing.
3. Two hundred athletes from all over the world will ... in the race.
4. Olga Korbut's secret ... was a large piece of cake.
5. You should ... before diving into an unknown pool - it might be really dangerous.
6. Professional athletes need to be ... in food and entertainment.
7. He struggled to ... his shyness.
8. In the last two years the percentage of those who are not into sports has ... .
9. Turishcheva got a serious ... before her last Olympic Games.
10. The rescue group carried out an efficient ... for the lost rock-climbers,
moderate, search, inspire, to acquire, think twice, injure, coach, to take risks, decreased, overcome, compete, indulgence.
Points ___________/ 10
Task №4. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present tenses.
Учебник "Spotlight". автор О. В. Афанасьева - с.166 упр. №1 ( с 1 по 10 пункт)
Points ___________/ 20
Task №5. Make conditional sentences, put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. 1. If I were you, I ... (eat) less chocolate and more fruit.
2. She ... (not/go) to the dentist tomorrow if she can cancel her appointment.
3. Nicole will lose weight if she ... (exercise).
4. We will leave without her if she ... (arrive) late.
5. I wish I ... (have) more time to cook a better meal.
6. If he were scared, he ... (call) us to go over to his house.
7. She wouldn't have missed the play if she ... (leave) on time.
8. Todd goes to bed early if he ... (work) the next morning.
9. If I ... (be) you, I'd keep quiet about the accident.
10. Angelina won't come if she ... (not/get) a lift from her mum.
Points __________/ 10 Total score: 60 points. 
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