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Переводчик - Исеркипова

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My future
profession is to be a good INTERPRETER
1. What is involved in an interpreter?
2. Pluses of the profession.
3. Education
4. My dream -
to study in NCSTU!
5. Major: Translation and Translation Studies.
6. We must not forget about the personal qualities ...
7. Place of work.
8. Career and salary.
9. Materials used to create this creative project.
1. This profession is recognized as one of the most prestigious and sought after. The main thing for the expert -
the quality of the completeness of the transfer of thoughts a person who speaks a different language.
What is involved in an interpreter
2. Translator
rounder -
a rarity. Someone is engaged only in translation someone translates the spoken word (consecutive or simultaneous translation).
a) Ability to self
fulfillment in all areas: translation, simultaneous interpreter, interpreting or consecutive interpreting, translation of films, books and magazines.
b) Interpreter -
a person who speaks a foreign language, who willingly take into journalism, tourism and management.
Pluses of the profession
c) With the acquisition of the profession an opportunity to communicate with different people and explore the cultures of other countries
To be a translator -
to know at least two foreign languages. Therefore, high school preparation is needed. Successful students may choose a third language. However, as practice shows, in what most translators specialize in only one of them.
Study: Full
2. Expertise: oral and written translation
3. Qualifications
: Translator
4. Area of professional activity: the scope of language education and intercultural communication
5. Entrance Test:
Russian language.
1. Depending on what area of ​​
translation, I'll be working, and depends on a set of my personal qualities. For simultaneous interpreters need to communicate and develop such skills as probable prediction -
a man only begins to speak, and the translator has understood what will be discussed.
2. For the translator, participating in business negotiations, it is important to me to be a diplomat and in case of confrontation of the parties is sometimes a good idea to soften the tone of negotiations. But in translation, require thoughtfulness, diligence and ability to abstract.
We must not forget about the personal qualities ...
After finishing university, I can choose almost any sphere of activity: making English
language versions of sites to work in the media, gathering information "to order" from foreign sources, accompanied by politicians and businessmen to travel abroad, to serve as tour manager, booking tickets and vouchers.
Also be able to find a place Interpreter in different companies or get a translation. In Moscow, hundreds of them. However, large offices, really focused on work with corporate customers, much less.
2. Established translators: Salary staff interpreter is made up of salary in the amount of 8,000 rubles per month and payment is actually performed work at a rate of 20 rubles per thousand characters.
Accordingly, the average efficiency of about 20 thousand characters in the working day, subject to the maximum load and the rate of 20 working days per month, average earnings may be about 16,000 rubles a month. To date, the salary of staff of translators is, on average, from 15 to 25 thousand rubles a month
Career and Salary:
1. Freelance translators: With an average efficiency of about 20 thousand characters in the working day, subject to the maximum load and the rate of 20 working days per month, average earnings (the rate of 20 rubles per thousand characters) can make about 8,000 rubles a month. When the same data, but at a rate of 25 rubles per thousand characters, average earnings may be about 10,000 rubles a month.
Thank you for your attention!
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