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Your Project Work.
Your favourite TV show.
Think of you favourite TV show. Imagine you are a writer and you invent a new character.
a. Make a brief about your new character.
* What does he/she look like?
* What kind of personality has he/she got?
* What job does he/she do?
* What is his/her relationship to other characters in the show?
* What is his/her background?
* Find and draw some pictures of the new character.
b. Write the scene when the new character first appears in the show. Use at least five of useful expressions from the Units 1-3.
I can't make it.
I don't care.
to make arrangements
a real bore
such as...
TV presenter
A turning point
If I were you, I'd ...
I suppose you are right What about...?
get the news
have a look
kind of...
take a chance
be late for...
Don't be afraid of...
Draw attention to..
c. Put your character brief, pictures on a poster.
d. Display your project.
Your Project Work.
Spending time.
How do young people in your country spend their time? Make a survey in your class or school.
a. Work in pairs. Ask people about their activity.
b. Work in groups. Report what you found out.
c. Make a graph to show your results.
d. Write about your graph.
* How many different activities do you have on your list?
* Are there some activities that are more popular with the boys or girls?
* What are the most popular things?
e. Write about how you conducted the survey. Start like this:
Twenty people were interviewed about their activities by each pair. Then the results were brought back to the group and ....
f. Illustrate some of the activities that you have written about.
g. Put your illustrations and text together to make a project.
Your Project Work.
A letter to your pen friend.
a. Read a letter from your pen friend.
Wilton Primary School Station Street
Wilton England Dear pen friends,
We're in class 2 at Wilton Primary School. Our school is in Wilton. It's a small town in England. It's near London. Is your town big?
Our school is big. There are 550 children in our school. Our school uniforms green and yellow. What colour's your school uniform?
Our teacher's name is Miss Jones. There are 14 boys and 13 girls in our class. Our favourite lessons are maths and science. Here's a photo of our class. Please send a photo of your class.
We want you to be our pen friends. Please write to us.
Best wishes from Class 2.
b. Prepare your answer, using the same form of the letter. (Remember the rules of letter writing).
Prepare your work and present it to class.
Your Project Work.
Shopping List.
a. Study the shopping list made by Adam.
Shopping List.
a bottle of lemonade
a jar of olives
a bag of rice
six apples
a can of cola
a carton of milk
a bar of chocolate.
b. Make you own shopping list of the necessary products for your birthday.
c. Ask your partner to take the role of a shopkeeper and to help you to make the dialogue. Use the following expressions:
Hello, Adam. What do you want today?I want of bottle of lemonade, please.I want a jar of olives.Here you are. A jar of olives. Anything else?
You are welcome.
Thank you.a. d. Present your project to the class.
Your Project Work.
This is what I have for my meals.
a. This is what Adam usually has for his meals.
I usually have bread and jam for breakfast. I have juice too.
I have lunch at school. I usually have a cheese sandwich and a cake.
I usually have cola to drink.
For dinner I have meat and rice. After that I have fruit. Sometimes I have ice cream.
b. Make your own story using the following words and phrases:
a burger
an omelet
a pizza for breakfast
for lunch
c. Prepare your work and present it to the class.
Your Project Work.
My free time.
a. This is what Sally usually does in her free time. Read the story
In my free time I play with my friends. I like playing games. I like going to the cinema and watching TV too. I go to the cinema once or twice a month. I watch TV every day.
b. Make your own story about your free time, using the following words and phrases:
every day
once w week
three of four times a week
three or four times a day
once a week
twice a month
collect stamps
read books
play tennis
play football
c. Prepare your work and present it to the class.
Your Project Work.
Seasons and Weather.
a. Read the text "Seasons in Britain".
In winter the weather's cols and wet. It rains a lot and it sometimes snows. The sun doesn't shine very much in winter. It's often cloudy. The weather's warmer in spring. It's sunnier too. It's sometimes wet. Summer's the hottest season. It's hotter than spring. The sun usually shines every day. It doesn't usually rain. It's usually dry. In autumn the days are cool and wet. The sky's often grey and cloudy. It's often windy too. It doesn't snow in autumn but it rains a lot. b. Prepare your work about the season in your country.
c. Prepare your work and present it to the class.
Your Project Work.
Our town.
1. A group of teenagers from another country coming to visit your town. Make a project to introduce them to the town.
a. Draw a map. Label the important places in the town.
b. Write short texts about some of the places.
your schoolthe local shopplaces to go c. Add some pictures of the town.
d. Prepare your work and present it to the class.
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