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Struggling for One Victory

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Educational centre
Form: 10 a A
. Arsenyeva
Teacher: T.A. Yadykina
Moscow, 2010
Studying historic materials and facts about the participation of Great Britain, the United States of America and the Soviet Union in the Second World War
to explore the role of these countries in the Great Victory;
to underline the importance of this Victory for the whole mankind;
to remind of the fascism victims;
to prevent historic falsification;
to develop tolerant and patriotic relation to other people.
The Second World War… Sixty
five years have already passed. But these words awake pain and sorrow in the heart of everybody…
Hitler called the German people a superior race, which must
rule the world. The Nazis oppressed anyone whose race, religion or politics they didn’t like. They built huge concentration camps. Anyone who was considered an enemy was sent to these camps. In the concentration camps people were forced to work as slaves. Such countries as Italy and Japan joined Germany and formed the alliance called the Axis.
So on September, 1
, 1939 Germany invaded Poland. That was the beginning of the World War II.
By June 1940 Britain stood along against the Nazis. German planes made bombing raids against British cities, railways and factories.
ll nights long the bombs were dropping. itler’s plan was to break the spirit of the British and destroy their ability to defend themselves.
But the British royal Force shot down many German planes and Germany was not able to fulfill its plan of invading the country. This was the first great victory!
Japanese planes suddenly appeared in the sky over Hawaii. Hundreds of bombs fell on the ships. In a few hours many of them were damaged or sunk. More than 2,000 people were killed.
The Americans could quickly rebuild their fleet and in June 1942 they won a huge battle near the Midway Island.
But the greatest mistake of the Fascists was an attack of the Soviet Union the most powerful nation of the world. It was the beginning of the end for Germany.
German army attacked Soviet Union undeclared. It was on the 22
June, 1941. We can’t but say about the blockade of Leningrad. People had to die of hunger and cold there.
Nevertheless German Army was stopped and the plan “arbarossa” was not fulfilled.
Moscow, Tula regions and some districts in Smolensk and Kalinin regions were set free.
So on the 28
November, 1943 I. Stalin, W. Churchill and F. Roosevelt the leaders of Russia, Great Britain and the USA gathered to the conference in Teheran. The main question discussed there was the unification and the beginning of the second front.
On 25
April, 1945 Soviet Army met American troops on the river Elbe.
The 9
of May. It was the happiest moment of everybody’s life. t seemed that nothing could be better and more important. There was one greatest joy uniting all people.
We were different, but we were alike…
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