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Свободное время. Досуг.

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Тема: Свободное время. Хобби.
Цели: - повторение изученного по теме "Свободное время Хобби".
Задачи: - активизация лексики по теме;
- практика чтения с пониманием основного содержания;
- практика аудирования;
- практика устной речи
Ход урока.
I Орг.момент. Сообщение задач урока.
Good morning children. I'm glad to see you. Today we're going to revise the information on our topic "Free Time". We'll speak about typical hobbies of different people, about things you like doing during your free time. We'll also read the information about famous people and their hobbies and listen to the text about people can visit in their free time. At the end of the lesson you should answer the question if people need a hobby and why.
II Беседа.
What is a hobby? (Hobby - is an activity a person like to do during the free time).
Hobbies can be different. Let's discuss them.
How do you think what hobbies are popular with the young people? (playing musical instruments, reading, singing, going in for sports, collecting badges, postcards, watching TV, playing computers, dancing, listening to music, meet friends).
How do you think what hobbies are popular with the old people? ( gardening, travelling, reading, doing crosswords, going to the cinema, theaters, museums, keeping pets).
What hobbies are typically for women? (shopping, cooking, knitting, gardening).
What hobbies are typically for men? (watching TV, reading newspapers, fishing, building, taking pictures).
What hobbies need a lot of money (are very expensive)? (collecting paintings, travelling abroad, going in for sport (if you do it professionally).
What hobbies are not popular nowadays? (knitting, embroidery).
What are your hobbies?
III Активизация лексики.
Fill in the missing hobbies in the sentences. Some of the words are extra.
Watch, collect, singing, listen, cooking, gardening, knitting, go, read, play, write.
1. Sometimes I ... to CDs or tapes.
2. I prefer to ... magazines more than newspapers.
3. The children ... computer games every evening.
4. Shall we ... a video tonight.
5. My father likes ... . He grows vegetables.
6. My mother's hobby is ... . We eat a lot of tasty things.
7. My mum is sure I will be a poet, because I ... such nice poems.
8. We try to ... to the theatre every Sunday.
9. All children ... collect something: badges, postcards, etc.
IV Работа в парах.
Now we'll work in pairs and make nice flowers. Take the papers with one of the hobbies written on them. For example: collecting. It will be the middle of your flower. On the petals of your flower you should write what you can collect. (collecting, reading, listening, watching, writing, going).
Present the results of your work.
V Reading.
We've spoken about your hobbies. But how do you think if famous people have hobbies too? We are going to read the texts about famous people and your task is to feel in the gaps in the table (the occupation, the hobby he/she has).
1. Roald Dahl was a famous children's writer. He was born in Wales. After school he went to Africa. He liked travelling very much. His books are interesting and often funny.
2. George Clooney is a famous actor from Hollywood. He loves Italy very much and has a villa there. His hobby is riding a motorbike.
3. Julia Roberts is a famous actress. She is very beautiful and kind. She has small children. She likes doing shopping in Beverly Hills.
4. David Beckham is a world- famous sportsman. He has a wife and two children. He loves his family very much. He also loves football. He does it professionally. His is fond of driving cars. He's got seven of them.
5. Vladimir Putin is a Russian Prime Minister and former president. He is very clever and brave. He has been working in politics for many years. His hobby is going in for sport.
6. Diana Spencer was a British Princess. She was very beautiful and kind. People loved her very much because she always helped them. She also loved music.
NameOccupationHobbyRoald DahlChildren's writerTravellingGeorge ClooneyactorRiding a motorbikeJulia RobertsactressShoppingDavid BeckhamsportsmanDriving carsVladimir PutinpoliticianGoing in for sportDiana SpencerprincessHelping people, listening to music
VI Listening.
One of the most popular hobbies is going to museums. People do it in the city they live and when they travel to different cities and countries. What world famous museums in Moscow do you know? Have you ever been to them? Now we'll listen to the text about one of the museums which is also known all over the world.
Listen to the text and say what museum it is. New word: ceramics,
The British Museum.
For many people who come to London it is the city of history and culture full of museums, galleries and historic buildings. If you ever come to London you will certainly come to The British Museum. It is in Great Russell Street. The British Museum is a very large, light-grey building. It is one of the most famous museums in the world and the biggest museum in London. Here are a lot of beautiful collections in it: drawings, collecting of coins, paintings, sculptures and ceramics. Many things came to the museum fro Greece. There is a manuscript Room there, the room where the most important English documents are. You can always find very old books and maps in the museum.
The British Museum is famous for its library, one of the richest in the world - there are more than 6 million books in it.
When you come to the museum you can go to the Reading Room which is circular in shape. Some of the greatest people of their times have sat in this room - such as Dickens, Thackeray, Bernard Show, Karl Marx and many others.
You can walk through the halls of the British Museum for hours making wonderful discoveries.
What museum is it? (the British museum).
Listen to the text for the second time and match the parts of the following sentences. Pay attention that sometimes two or three answers can be possible but you should choose the answer which was in the text.
1. London a) is in Great Britain
b) has a lot of museums and galleries
c) is visited by a lot of tourists.
2. The British Museum a) is in Great Russell Street b) is in Downing Street, 10
c) is in the Houses of Parliament.
3. The British Museum a) is the biggest museum in the world
b) is the biggest museum in London
c) isn't the biggest museum in London.
4. You can see a) only the paintings in the British Museum
b) pictures and sculptures in the British Museum
c) a lot of different collections in it.
5. You can find... a) the most important English documents
in the Manuscript Room. b) ceramics and sculpture c) old books and maps.
6. The British Museum is a) Reading Room
also famous for its ... b) large building
c) library.
Answer the questions.
1. What is the British Museum famous for?
2. What collections can you see in the British Museum?
3. What can you say about the library of the British museum?
4. What famous writers worked in the British Museum?
VII Results.
What topic have we discussed?
What hobbies have we spoken about?
Why it is good to have a hobby? Begin your answer with the phrases I think, I suppose, I'm sure, I believe etc.
(learn much new information, have rest, relax, have good mood, have nice time meet interesting people)
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