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Конспект урока
Тема: Mass Media. Advertisements.
Цель: - обеспечить условия для развития критического мышления учащихся на уроке английского языка
Задачи: -совершенствовать практические навыки владения лексикой по теме "Средства массовой информации";
- развивать навыки аудирования, с целью извлечения необходимой информации и чтения с полным пониманием прочитанного, говорения;
- учить формулировать собственное мнение и идея;
- развивать сотрудничество, доброжелательность, ответственность каждого и чувство коллективной ответственности;
Ход урока.
I Warm up.
Good morning dear students, I'm very glad to see you. We live in the 21st century which is considered the information age. And not in vain. Imagine yourself living in complete isolation and being deprived of communication and any news. What will you feel in such case? From early times people say "If you possess information you'll own the world" How do you understand it? II Breakstorm.
But how to choose the necessary information from the huge flow? How to make sure it is reliable? How to make the correct decision? How not to be cheated? Or generally how to feel confident in the surrounding world of information?
These are the questions we're going to discuss today.
Where can you get the information from?
(books, school, radio, TV, papers and magazines, internet)
As you see the most powerful source of getting information is Mass Media. How can you define what Mass Media is?
(It's a form of communication providing information and news for the public)
What types of Mass Media do you know? Name them in the order of uprising.
(the press (newspapers and magazines), radio, TV, Internet)
What's your favourite one? Why?
III Reading.
Pre-reading task: You can't but agree that every kind of mass media has both advantages and disadvantages. What are they? Give your ideas. (Write the ideas on the blackboard)
Let's read the text about Mass Media find the advantages in it.
Mass Media is around us wherever we are.
We wake up in the morning, take the newspaper or turn on the TV just to know what is happening around us. We go to school, university or work listening to the radio in the car and reading the advertisement boards on the both sides of the road. We don't try to remember everything was heard and read but we do. This how mass media works and affects our lives.
Mass Media caters for any taste. They discuss both serious problems and entertain us. They always give full coverage of events with extra details. But sometimes they describe too many dramatic events and it seems that the whole world is coming to its end. It blunts our feelings .Watching the report about the next tragedy we take it as a usual and quite natural event.
With the help of Mass Media you can broaden the mind, educate yourself and see the whole world staying at home. You can relax after the hard working day and escape from reality. But the more time you spend in this fictional world the more addicted you become to it.
There is a famous quotation "The one who possesses the information - owns the world". Nowadays it can be paraphrased in following way "The one who possesses Mass Media - controls public opinion and our lives".
Fill in the table.
AdvantagesDisadvantagesIt is available for everybody and suits any age group and social class
Latest news, information and advertisements of any kind
One of the best form of entertainment
Can be used in educational purpose
Helps to form public opinionFind the disadvantage to given advantages.
AdvantagesDisadvantagesIt is available for everybody and suit any age group and social class
Latest news, information and advertisements of any kind
One of the best form of entertainment
Can be used in educational purpose
Helps to form public opinionInterferes into the private life of a person, too intrusive
Given information may be not correct or even false/ Can misinterpret the information
Propagandize violence and do harm to the psychological health
Makes a person addicted to it
Can manipulate people's mindsSo you see that every pro has its con. But it depends on the individual how to use Mass Media.
IV Listening
Today we are going to discuss one thing which is typical for every kind of Mass Media and surrounds us everywhere. Look at the slide and tell what all this types of Mass Media have in common.
(Advertisements/ Commercials)
What do you know about advertisementWhat do you want to know about advertisementWhat have you known
Let's speak about them. Where can you find commercials? (practically everywhere)
Do people like them? Why? Speak about advantages and disadvantages of them.
( do not talk about the products' defects; interrupt an interesting programme; make you buy one thing instead of another; (are) misleading; teach you how to get the best value for your money; help you choose best products; convince people to buy things they do not need; etc.)
Watch these videos and fill in 2 gaps in the table. Chrysler Eminem 2.03 six flags 1.01 dog's food 0.30 head&shoulders 0.21 drink sundrop 0.31 toothpaste 0.30 L'oreal lipstic 0.32 iPad 0.30
What is being advertised?What reasons are given in favour of these products?What effect was used?
What is being advertised?What reasons are given in favour of these products?What effect was used?Shampoo "Head & Shoulders"Thick, long hairToothpaste
"Sensodine"White teeth without problemsiPadYou can do everything with the help of itDogs' Food
"Beggin' Strips"Taste like real baconChryslerLuxury and comfortEntertainment Corporation "6 Flags"time to walk and play,
makes your life brightDrink SunDropTrenching thirstL'Oreal LipstickPerfect colour, lasts long
V Discussion
What are the purposes of making commercials? (to tell about new product, to choose the product from many others, to make the customer to buy the product which is being advertised)
So the main purpose of advertising company is to make us feel that we really must have something and buy the product they want to sell. But how to do it?
It is known that process of advertising is based on psychological recommendations or effects which are left in our subconsciousness persuading us to buy the thing we don't need. These effects are the following: the snob effect, the scientific, the go-go effect, the word and music effect, the supermodern effect, the ha-ha effect, the VIP effect.
Let's try to find the definition for every effect. (Matching)
1 the snob effect
2 the scientific effect
3 the go-go effect
4 the word and music effect
5 the supermodern effect
6 the ha-ha effect
7 the VIP effect
A The name of the product is repeated over and over again, put into a rhyme and sung several times. In the hope that you want forget it. The sung rhyme is called the "jingle"
B You are told that the product is the most exclusive and of course rather expensive. Only the very best people use it.
C Well-known people (stars, football players, actors) are shown using this product
D A serious-looking man with glasses and a white coat, possibly a doctor or a professor, tells you about the advantages of the product.
E The advertiser tries to make you laugh by showing people or cartoon figures in funny situations.
F This is suitable for teen market. It shows young people having a party, singing, laughing, having a wonderful time and, of course, using this product
G The advertiser tries to persuade you that this product is a sensation or something really new
1b 2d 3f 4a 5g 6e 7c What products can be advertised with the help of the snob effect/ the supermodern effect/the ha-ha effect, etc.
What effects can you use advertising a new toothpaste, a cheap drink, a new tea called Royal, an expensive perfume, sweets, etc. Watch these videos again and try to define what effects were used in these commercials? (Fill in the third column in the table)
What is being advertised?What reasons are given in favour of these products?What effect was used?Shampoo "Head & Shoulders"Thick, long hairHa-ha effectToothpaste
"Sensodine"White teeth without problemsScientific effectiPadYou can do everything with the help of itSupermodern effectDogs' Food
"Beggin' Strips"Taste like real baconHa-ha effectChryslerLuxury and comfortSnob effect, VIP effectEntertainment Corporation "6 Flags"time to walk and play, makes your life brightWord-and-music effectDrink SunDropTrenching thirstGo-go effectL'Oreal LipstickPerfect colour, lasts longVIP effect
VI Pair Work
We see advertisements every day and everywhere. I want you to choose one commercial and describe it according to the following points. Your favourite/annoying commercial
Where can this commercial can be watched/heard?
What is advertised in it? What psychological effects are used in it?
Why do you like/hate it?
And the last question for today. Do we need advertisements? Why?
VII Results.
This is the end of our work today. You were really great! What questions did we try to answer? What have you known about advertisement?
What do you know at advertisementWhat do you know at advertisementWhat have you known
You see that advertising is a part of Mass Media and the part of our life. In spite of all the cons it is necessary to admit that sometimes commercials help us to keep the track of all product innovations and choose the thing among the others. Be wise and happy consumers. Good luck!
IX HomeTask.
Advertise the products you like using some of the effects we've spoken about.
Try to advertise any product you like using some of the effects we've discussed at the lesson.
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