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Since ancient times Nature has served Man, being the source of his life. For
thousands of years people lived in harmony with environment and it seemed to
them that natural riches were unlimited. But with the development of civilization
man's interference in nature began to increase.
For several decades people of the whole planet have been watching abnormal for
the particular season weather and a sharp rise of temperature.
Why is this happening?
Scientists say that the main reason is a destructive human activities leading to
global climatic change on Earth.
What problems do we face nowadays?
The work of power stations, plants, factories, the huge number of transport, the
reduction of rainforests and woods, the wastes from the human activity cause the
increased emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As a result of this process,
each year, mankind emits 7 billion tons of carbon dioxide! At the same time forests
are cut down at a rate of 12 hectares in a minute!
Recent studies showed that the amount of carbon dioxide is 25% more than it was
200 years ago. So we see a violation of carbon cycle in nature.
The inner layers of the Earth's atmosphere reflect solar radiation but it doesn’t go
away and taken by the carbon dioxide molecules. This action is like the effect of
glass in a greenhouse and it makes the average temperature on the planet hotter.
The idea of the mechanism of the greenhouse effect was first described in 1827 by
Joseph Fourier in his article "Note on the temperatures of the earth and other
This process has led to the emergence of the so-called greenhouse effect on the
Earth. Greenhouse effect is the temperature rise of the lower atmosphere on the
planet compared to the effective temperature watching from space.
From the first glance we can have some benefits from it. For example, if the
climate becomes warmer we’ll have no need to pay for the electricity and heating
bills. Then the vegetation season for growing plants in some areas will become
But it can have very serious consequences for the climate, human health, wildlife
throughout the world.
What kind of consequences can they be?
1. If the temperature on Earth continues to rise, it will change the world climate
(there will be more rains in tropics but other areas will become deserts and people
and animals will have to leave them).
2. The temperature of the seas will rise and that will lead to flooding of low lying
areas of coast and increase the number of severe storms.
3. Raising the temperature on Earth could cause sea level rise high because
increase in temperature could melt the part of the ice cover in Antarctic and Arctic.
The balance of salty water in the oceans will be violated and the residential land
will be reduced.
4. It will change the movement of cyclones and anticyclones.
5. Many animals won’t be able to adapt to climate change and they will die.
6. Many plants will die from the lack of water and the animals will leave their
habitats in search of food and water.
What awaits us in the future?
Human activity is so immense that we have already begun to transform nature.
Unfortunately our actions are directed to take from nature as much as possible. But
there comes a time to think and develop some ways and strategies to give the
nature back what we take away from it. There is no doubt that we, people of the
Earth, can solve this difficult task.
It is obviously that we can’t eliminate this problem but there are some ways to
reduce the impact of the greenhouse effect on the Earth's climate.
-We should reduce consumption of fossil fuels (especially the use of
coal and oil);
- Use filters or special substances to remove carbon dioxide from plants, factories
as well as automobile exhausts;
- Use energy efficiently;
- Create more effective heating and cooling systems in the new houses;
- Increase use of solar and wind energy;
-Prevent forest fire and restore forest areas;
- Expand the area of nature reserves and parks;
- Create new ecological laws preventing global warming;
- Identify the causes of global warming, observe them and eliminate their effects.
To sum everything up I would say that we should change our behavior and attitude
to our planet. We are spoiling and ruining everything we touch and don’t think
about it. Let’s attract people’s attention to these problems to make them think
about future of our planet as it depends on us.
Let’s be the creators not destroyers.›Парниковый эффект
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