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Дидактический материал по английскому языку

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Дидактический материал в поддержку проектной деятельности на экологическую тему.
Дидактический материал
по английскому языку
1. Заполните ментальную карту по теме "Экология".
2. Сравните вашу мусорную корзину и британскую.
3. Соедините части предложения.
1The soil can easily be blown awayavery serious threat to our environment.2Most cities produce a lot ofbwater animals to die.3Water and air pollution is a cit is called global warming.4Polluted water also causesdand there is less soil5When the Earth's surface warms up too muchewaste every day.
4. Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа.
1. Cutting down trees .... a lot of acres of land every day.
a) keep b) damage c) affect
2. Most cities produce a lot of ... .
a) waste b) car fumes c) oil spills
3. When the Earth's surface warms up too much it is called ... .
a) poisonous chemicals b) greenhouse gases c) global warming
4. Water and air ... is a very serious threat to our environment.
a) warming b)pollution c) cutting
5. Polluted water ... also fish to die.
a) causes b) affects c) reflects
5. Словообразование.
It's Getting Hotter!
There seems to be little doubt that (1)...warming is a real GLOBE
phenomenon. Temperatures are rising in many places (2)... WORLD
and (3)...farmland is being lost as sea levels rise due to VALUE
melting of the polar ice. (4)...disagree, though about whether SCIENCE
this (5)...change is being caused by human actions or whether ENVIRONMENT
it has other (6)....causes. One explanation is the greenhouse NATURE
effect. This is where (7) the atmosphere traps the sun's POLLUTE
rays, like a giant greenhouse. While nobody claims that releasing
chemicals into the atmosphere can be (8)..., not everyone is HARM
convinced that all the temperature change is due to (9)...activity. INDUSTRY
It's an important question, because a (10)...can only be found SOLVE
once we understand exactly what is causing the problem.
5. Карточки для устных монологических высказываний
Card 1
Speak about ecological problems for 1 minute. Remember to mention:
* Global warming
* Polluting water and air
* Give your opinion Card 2
Speak about problems of small rivers for 1 minute. Remember to mention:
* The main idea of the problem
* How to help your river
Card 3
Speak about animals extinction for 1 minute. Remember to mention:
* What and why animals die
* How to improve the situation
* What do you think about sheltersCard 4
Speak about nuclear power for 1 minute. Remember to mention:
* Chernobyl
* Fukushima
* The effects of them
9. Напишите статью в газету на тему "Our fragile world"
Write an article in our school newspaper "Childhood voice" about "Our fragile world". Make sure that your paper has the features of a good article:
- Introduction
- an involving first sentence
- a general idea in the first paragraph
- specific facts that support the general idea
- Conclusion
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