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Занятие 11

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Занятие 11. Творчество художников XVIII - XIX веков. Обсуждение изученного материала. Тест. Задачи: * проконтролировать усвоение основных жанров живописи;
* активизировать в речи учащихся употребление специальной лексики по теме;
* описывать картины известных Британских художников
Оснащение урока: тесты, картины в виде компьютерной презентации.
I. Definite the genre of the picture.
(слайд 1)
1. A. graphic art2. B. battle painting3. C. landscape painting4. D. seascape painting5. E. still life6. F. historical painting7. G. a family group portrait8. H. self-portrait9. I. ceremonial portrait 10. J. full-length portrait11. K. mythological painting
Key: 1 - C; 2 - E; 3 - G; 4 - J; 5 - I; 6 - H; 7 - D; 8 - F; 9 - B; 10 - K; 11 - A.
II. Name the painters.
(слайд 2)
1. A. William Hogarth
2. B. Joseph Turner 3. C. Dante Gabriel Rossetti
4. D. Thomas Gainsborough 5. E. John Constable
F. Joshua Reynolds
Key: 1 - F; 2 - E; 3 - A; 4 - C; 5 - D; 6 - B.
III. Answer the questions:
1. What British painter do you know? Name them.
2. When did William Hogarth live?
3. What early moral works of Hogarth which first gave him recognition as a great and original genius do you know?
4. What series showed the miserable tragedy of an ill-considered marriage for money?
5. Was Hogarth also a popular portrait painter? Prove it. 6. Did he achieve the status of history painter?
7. What Hogarth's works impress you? 8. When did Joshua Reynolds live ? 9. In what painting did he specialize? 10. How many portraits did he paint in his life? 11. When did he become the Royal Academy's first President? 12. What Joshua Reynolds's works impress you? 13. When did Thomas Gainsborough live? 14. In what painting did he specialize? 15. What did Gainsborough often paint in his later years? 16. What Thomas Gainsborough's works do you like? 17. When did Joseph Mallord William Turner live? 18. In what stile did he specialize? 19. Where and when was the Turner Museum founded?
20. What Joseph Turner's works impress you? 21. When did John Constable live?
22. What picture was exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1824 and won a gold medal?
23. In what style did he specialize? 24. What are his most famous paintings?
25. What John Constable's works impress you? 26. When did Thomas Lawrence live? 27. What can you say about his debut as a crayon portrait painter?
28. When did he gain the prize and silver-gilt palette of the Society of Arts?
29. In what style did he specialize? 30. When did Thomas Lawrence become a student at the Royal Academy?
31. Was Thomas Lawrence a Royal Academician?
32. When was he knighted?
33. What Thomas Lawrence's works do you like? 34. When did Dante Gabriel Rossetti live? 35. What do you know about his family? 36. What was his interest at a very early age?
37. Where did Dante Gabriel Rossetti study painting?
38. Who became an important model for the Pre-Raphaelite painters?
39. What images did Rossetti prefer?
40. What Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works do you like? IV. Describe the picture.
(образец описания)
Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond painted 1758 by Joshua Reynolds.
(слайд 3)
This picture belongs to the brush of Joshua Reynolds. It was painted in 1758. Не portrayed Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond with a background of landscape. The portrait was executed with great skill. This picture conveys to you some idea of man's beauty. Looking at the picture one could tell painter's palette at once. In the picture one can see Charles Lennox with a background of landscape. The picture was in the style of Reynolds.
Mr and Mrs Andrews (1748-49) by Thomas Gainsborough (слайд 4)
This picture belongs to the brush of Thomas Gainsborough. It was painted in 1748-49. It is the best known painting of his Suffolk period. The picture is the double portrait of Mr and Mrs Andrews. Mrs Andrews is seated stiffly on an elegant garden bench; but what she hold on her lap we can only imagine. Her husband stands besides her, leaning with his elbow on the back of her seat, and with one leg crossed in front of the other. Under his arm he carried a gun. Gainsborough painted the couple on their farm near Sudbury. In the picture one can see Mr and Mrs Andrews with a background of landscape. The landscape painting is executed with great skill. Looking at the picture one could tell painter's palette at once. The picture is in the style of Gainsborough. V. Подведение итогов
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