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Проектная работа "Москва под бомбами"

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Educational centre no 1457
Ann Dobroselskaya
Galina Podoynikova
Zilara R. Valeyeva
Our project is devoted to those soldiers and peaceful citizens who defended our capital during the Great Patriotic War.
Steps of the project
choosing the theme
collecting the historical facts and materials
collecting photos and pictures
matching the photos and text materials
reading, translating and analyzing the report
making a presentation
meeting the veteran who took an active part in defending Moscow.
You can see some smoke in this picture. It is from burning railways of the Belorussian railway station.
This photo was made by a German pilot from the board the plane. As you can see the Kremlin is lined with a special dashed line. The Kremlin was an easy aim to be found and bombed.
The Soviet government began to camouflage the center of Moscow,as soon as the war broke out.The main task was to save the Kremlin or at least to lessen possible damager.There were two ways to do it
: the first way is to rapaint all the buildings and squares in the way the pilots couldnt recognize them from the height.The second way was to build dummy buildings which also would misdirect fascist pilots.
The Kremlin was not a little needle that could be hidden in the haystack and it was impossible to camouflage it totally. However, a lot of things were done. All the domes were covered which a camouflage cloth in order to hide from the sunshine.
The squares were repainted imitating the roofs of the buildings. The buildings were repainted in a special way.
In this photo
you can see the Kremlin Palaces were painted as ordinary buildings. The Kremlin
Walls were camouflaged as blocks of flats.
For the parade taken place on 7
,November 1941 Red Square and Kremlin were free from their camouflage.But after that historic parade was over,all camouflage was restored.
Not only the Kremlin but other tall buildings needed to be saved.The Bolshoy Theatre was cover wich special chields painted in dark green.
The stadium «
was planted with trees as a little grove.
The roof of the hotel «
was painted in the way that from the aerial view there were side
streets and trees.
The Moscovites who stayed in town continued to work in plants and factories.After their work they went to dig fortifications in the suburbs of Moscow. They believed that they would win Victory.
Among these defenders was Sh.S.Rustayeva She worked in one of Moscow bread
bakeries and her shift she went to the roofs to guard the buildings from the bombs or to dig fortifications.
Today we can admire the Kremlin and Red Square thenks to those who did their best to save this beauty for us.
1 .V.Chernov.Three days in Moscow.
2 .T.Skorikova.Noscow and its suburbs.
4 .
Thank you for your attention
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