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Slide 1) (KATE) Nowadays our planet faces a lot of environmental problems, caused both by people and natural disasters. From our point of view, forest fires are the most distractive factor, affecting our environment. Slide 2) (KATE)
Firestorms are extremely dangerous forest killers. We can call them so, because they can destroy vast territories of wood completely. They travel very fast, "eating up" not only trees, bushes and herbs, but also killing everything alive on their way, from tiny insects to large mammals. Nevertheless, most people seem to be very careless about forest fires. Diagrams
Slide 3) (ALINA)
We made a questionnaire and asked 100 people about forest fires. The first question that we asked was if people think that the forest fires are the most dangerous natural disasters. Most people said that they don't consider forest fires the most dangerous natural disaster. Slide 4) (ALINA)
The second question was about the reasons of forest fires. 65% think that the main reason is people, who leave burning campfires or stubs of cigarettes. It is the most dangerous in dry weather. 24% think that many of forest fires depend on natural phenomena: drought or thunderstorm. 7% think that the main reason is people's need for free land. And 4% have other opinions.
Slide 5) (ALINA) The third question was about the measures people can undertake against the forest fires. 43% think that, people must control their behaviour in the forest. 24% think that we must create a special zones for rest in the forests. 20% think that the government must forbid to bring inflammable materials to forests. And 13% have other opinions.
(ALINA) We have found some evidence about forest fires allover the world, which will show you the degree of forest fire's danger. Slide 6) (ALINA)
Forest fires in California are a very frequent phenomenon. Last year they destroyed 1000 houses and killed 100 people. On Hollywood Hills, according to eyewitnesses, there were destroyed houses, belonging to Opry Uinfri, Michael Duglas and Ketrin Zety-Johns. As you see anybody can suffer from a forest fire regardless of fame and wealth. Slide 7) (KATE) Forest fires, storming for more than a week on the territory of Southern California, were recognized as the most expensive natural disaster in the history of this American state. Only at a rough guess, the damage caused by them to the districts San Bernardios, Ventura, Los Angeles and San Diego, was worth 4bln.dollars. Slide 8) (ALINA)
On the territory of Manitoba last year there were registered more than 150 forest fires, approximately 30 of them were being put out for a very long tome. The struggle against the fire was conducted by 300 firemen. 17 helicopters and 8 planes equipped with a special system were engaged. According to representatives of the authorities of Manitoba, most forest fires on the province territory are usually caused by careless dealing with fire. Slide 9) (ALINA)
However, probably, Australia has suffered the greatest damage caused by forest fires for the last fifty years. Due to hot dry weather the temperature there doesn't go down below 41"C. The most unfortunate state is Victoria. Thousands of people and animals have died and millions buildings have been destroyed completely. Slide 10) (KATE) If you think that Russia suffers from forest fires less than other countries because our summer temperatures are not as high, than you are wrong. Natural wood and peat bog fires very often become a real nightmare in Russia. Every year thousands of square kilometres of woods are totally burnt down. Even people in large cities in the central part of Russia suffer from forest fire smokes, containing carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, which cover the cities as a dangerous blanket. Slide 11) (KATE) Summer is coming and many of you will soon go on picnics to the forest, please be very careful with campfire and other inflammable things. Remember, you can either start a forest fire or prevent it. 
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