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Старорусские меры веса

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Старорусские меры веса.
БЕРКОВЕЦ Большая мера веса, употреблялась в оптовой торговле преимущественно для взвешивания воска, меда и т.д. Так на Руси называлась мера веса в 10 пудов. 163,8 кг.ЗОЛОТНИК Про него говорили: "мал золотник да дорог". Это слово, первоначально обозначало зoлотую монету.
4,26 гФУНТ Название происходит от латинского слова 'pondus' - вес, гиря, равняется 96 золотникам, 1/40 пуда. 409,50 гЛОТ Старорусская единица измерения массы, равная трём золотникам. 12,797 гДОЛЯ Самая мелкая старорусская единица измерения массы, равная 1/96 золотника.
0,044 г
ПУД Равнялся 40 фунтам. 16,38 кг
Английские меры веса
ЕДИНИЦА ИЗМЕРЕНИЯMETRIC EQUIVALENTМЕТРИЧЕСКИЙ ЭКВИВАЛЕНТshort tonкороткая тонна0.907 metric tonlong tonдлинная тонна1.016 metric tonhundredweightанглийский центнер (см. длинный центнер)50.802 kilogramsshort hundredweightкороткий (американский) центнер45.359 kilogramslong hundredweightдлинный (английский) центнер50.802 kilogramspoundфунт0.454 kilogramounce/ozунция28.350 gramsdramдрахма1.772 gramsgrainдоля0.0648 gram
Dear Jane,
Thank you for your letter. We were happy to get good news about your visit to Russia. We'll have a chance to go to Moscow for a few days! It's great!
We are looking forward to visiting Red Square, the heart of Moscow, and the Kremlin, and St. Basil's Cathedral together with you. And there's the Museum of History on Red Square too. That tells you the whole story of the Russian people from time immemorial. We'll take a lot of photos everywhere, at the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky, for example. It weighs about 16 tons or 15,7 long tons! We'll be photographed at the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon. The Tsar Bell was cast in 1733-1735 by the Motorins, father and son, it weighs about 200 tons or 220 short tons! And the Tsar Cannon was cast in 1586 and weighs about 40 tons or 882 short hundredweights! We'll be like liliputiki on their background. A visit to the heart of Moscow will be unforgettable!
And we'll go to All-Russian Exhibition Centre by all means. The famous statue of the Worker and the Woman Farmer was placed at the entrance to emphasize the power and greatness of ordinary people. It weighs about185 tons or 6,525,683 oz! It's a unique architectural complex! There's an amusing park with the largest big wheel in Europe there. We'll see Moscow from it. There's also an Astronautics Museum, with a lot of objects on display, including the first-ever astronauts - the dogs Belka and Strelka now stuffed. We'll have a great time together.
And we'll have much fun at one of the oldest circus in Russia -the Nikulin Circus. A bronze cabriolet is parked in front of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard; a man in a funny hat is standing beside it. This is the monument to Yury Nikulin, a famous Russian clown, actor and director of this circus. We'll take some photos there. This monument weighs about 3, 5 tons or 7716 pounds. Nikulin used to say that " humour, laughter and a simple smile help people overcome difficulties". We'll enjoy unforgettable performance at the circus!
You will remember the visit to Moscow forever. We are looking forward to your arrival! See you soon! Yours,
Alina, Veronica, Maxim , Sasha.
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