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My dear unknown friend, Hello!
My name is Pavel. I am an ordinary 15-year old teen living in a small settlement not far from Moscow. I adore this magnificent, beautiful und noisy city. The capital of the first largest country in the world.
My favourite place in Moscow is surely Red Square, the heart of our Motherland, with its Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great, the Tsar-Cannon, the Tsar-Bell and etc... I know a lot about the sights and their weight.
Of course, the most expressive is Moscow Kremlin. This is not only the most ancient part of Moscow, one of the most medieval architecture, but also the political and cultural centre of the city and the seat of the state's highest organs of power. I can spend hours fascinating Kremlin. Every time I hear the striking of the Kremlin Chimes I am full of proud. You bet! The approximate weight of the clock with 4 faces is 24.6 long tons. The clockwork is moved with 3 weights. The accurate timing is achieved with the help of a 2.5 tods weigh pendulum. Traditionally winter or summer putting of the clock hands forward (back) is done by hand. The clockwork is connected with music centre situated under Spasskaya tower tent. The music centre consists of 9 smaller bells and the main bell striking the complete hour. I believe that the Kremlin Chimes striking gladdens every Russian heart. The sparkling Ruby Star crowns the Spasskaya Tower. Its weight is about 1.5 short tons. Oh, these sounds of bell, so dear to Russian souls. The most touching of them are the sounds of the New Christian Temple's bells. The weight of the largest one is about 1.4 kils.
There is one more bell in Red Square. I mean Tsar-Bell. Unfortunatly no one had ever heard its sounds. It is the moment to Russian foundry art of the 18-th century. Just imagine a 6.24 meters bell. Magnificent, isn't it? The other Tsar-monument in Red Square is Tsar-Cannon, made of bronze in 1586 by Russian master Andrei Chokhov. Its weight is 773.79 quintals. This cannon was included into the Giness Book of world records as one of the most massive howitzers. I have mentioned only some of the facts in my letter. In fact, they are to be continued.
My dear friend, if you haven't been to Moscow yet, I would strongly recommend you to visit this so dear, beautiful and hospitable place.
Good luck to you! Yours, Pavel.
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