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BNP Paribas - Engaging with customers effectively across multiple social media channels

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BNP Paribas
Social Media
February 2012
BNP Paribas, a bank gain momentum on social networks
Creation of fan page
Creation of @bnpparibas_net feed
Sharing and recommendations
Customer feedback on La NET Agence
Customer Service on Twitter
Facebook Deals
2.0 Customer Relations Team
Twitter certified accounts
Google+ profile
2,200 branches on Foursquare
Le Lab app with feedback collection
and other forthcoming innovations
media watch
media watch
media watch
media watch
…and demonstrating its innovation skills on Fan page launched in 2009
Facebook Deals launched in 2011
BNP Paribas notoriety recognized by Facebook users 140,000
A medium for communicating with, and listening
to fans
Objective Raise awareness of BNP Paribas and La NET Agence
, BNP Paribas’ 100% online agency
Relay BNP Paribas’
Communicate about cinema and tennis events
Create quality traffic
to the La NET Agence registration form
and attract new customers
Mechanism Creation of a prize draw
on the BNP PARIBAS NET page
1,000 cinema tickets to be won each day
“Become a fan / Like”
viral marketing
which generates posts on profiles and friends’ news feeds
Results Over
130,000 fans
signed up in
40 days
…and also on Aim of @bnpparibas_net feed
Build awareness on BNP Paribas and La NET Agence Communicate about BNP Paribas’ innovations
Aim of @bnpparibas_sav feed
Facilitate communication
about BNP Paribas products and services by:
replying to Internet users who talk about BNP Paribas products and services
helping customers manage their accounts using the Internet, mobile, iPhone, Android or iPad
helping customers to obtain information about their accounts
bouncing back on an opinion given on a product or service
Results More than
60 exchanges
per day
@bnpparibas_net launched in 2009
First French bank to launch a Twitter Customer Service in 2011
First French bank certified Twitter
High growth audience
throughout France
Customers appreciate it and tell us so!
On the launch of our Customer Service, over 250 Twitter accounts relayed the advent of this service (including @jeanlucr, the most followed Tweeter in France with 218,033 followers), all in all almost 450,000 followers informed with one tweet
…and more recently on mobile and Aim of presence on Foursquare
Link SOcial and LOcal via MObile Create experience
sharing about agencies between mobile users Offer agencies the opportunity to create promotional activities via deals
First French bank to reference its 2,250 branches
First deal launched for 2 Op
ra agency
A marked welcome by mobile users
app for customer relations
with chat function
and integrated Twitter feed
Aim of “
Questions / Answers
Create a
new communication channel
with our customers via mobiles Offer all contact channels available Users have 12 mobile applications on average, most of which are social network applications
Internet customers challenge us
Forever increasing 2.0 customer satisfaction
Towards 2.0 customer interaction through new communication tools
Chat service on the Internet and mobile
Customer Service on mobile
Customer Service on Facebook
with dedicated 2.0 advisors, trained in new digital technologies
GPS Music News Enter.t Finance Internet customers talk about us
Listening Interaction
Social content changes the game. We must organise ourselves and build spaces for dialogue.
Customers are changing their habits in terms of how they interact with brands : 25% of Facebook users in France use it for information purposes and not just to communicate, 50%
of users say they are prepared to
directly from brand pages*
71% make purchases based on the recommendations of their peers. * Opinion Way survey –
September 2011
Coordination and roll
out in progress on social networks within BNP Paribas Domestic Markets (France, Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg)
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