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What does peace mean

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What does peace mean for me?
Every day I wake up in silence, but when it was the World War II, people almost did not sleep. Now every day I eat well, during a war there was almost no bread and other food. I'm happy for not to be born during World War II. There is no war; I have food, a house and all the other things I need for a living.
All scientists are competing in the pursuit of new discoveries, and it scares me a little bit. Nobody wants to stay in the same place.
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the World War III starts? I even started to find out information about our strong opponents, but I hope that this is just my fantasy, my bad nightmare. Peace for me is everything in the Universe
Dorofeev Mikhail (14 year old), Russia
What does "peace" mean for me?
There are lots of differences in the world, something is different in culture, but there are also some similarities! For example, peace - some people think it's just a family, others - friends or something that connects them with the world, for others - it is a learning process. World that surrounds us can soothe and cheer! There is no one definition for the word "peace". People in love feel peace like their LOVE. It also can be Love for the motherland, nature and all living things.
As for me, "peace" mean my friends who are always around me. They are people you can talk with, and they will always help you! Peace for me is also my family, my parents - the main support in my life, their frank, true love will be with me forever! Peace is also my Teachers, giving me an education, life experience, they are responsible for my pack, and at school they worry for us as our parents!
Peace - is something inside you, but I think for all people it's a blue sky, the bright sun in the sky, green grass... Peace is a happiness that is given us by God!
Alexandra Kondratova (11 year old), Russia
What does peace mean for me? Of course, this question is difficult to answer. But I'll try. In fact, peace for me - is primarily a family - my closest people. Who else but the family will find the answer to any question? My parents always help me in difficult situations, and I am very grateful for that. Sometimes I am ashamed, because I do not do all my best for them as they do for me. But my dear mom and dad, I love you! Thank you for everything.
The second most important part of my life is my friends. Fortunately, I have such a person, the best person on Earth-my truly friend, who gives me a lot of positive emotions, I can tell her everything, and I know for sure that she will always understand me.
Finally, the third important part of my life is my school. I love it for many reasons. Classmates and teachers are pleased me every day, so I go to school with a smile. Indeed, school - is the second house. I also thank the school for the knowledge that it gives me. It cares about my future; it opens me the way to a successful life. I study at school # 23 and I'm proud of it! But it is not the end. Peace - it is everything around us: the bright sun, clear sky overhead, good people. The world is beautiful, and it is very important to understand it in time!
Mariya Rodnina (14 year old), Russia
What does peace mean for me?
Peace is a life where there is no war, when adults work and children go to school without fear of terrorists. How wonderful it is when all people live in peace.
But what does peace mean for me for a 14 year old Russian girl? First of all "peace" is peace in my family, love and prosperity. Everyone has a family, friends, pets, guys. I have, a favorite cat, it helps me to relax in difficult times, I can always hug and kiss it every time I come home, I know that I was waiting for him I love him very much, and it is a piece of my world for me. Everyone has a beloved person who is always ready to hide you in his/her strong or tender arms and ready to do everything for you, but to my great regret, I had the same person just for the moment. It is very sad when people you love leave the world, but nothing lasts forever. Sometimes you are disappointed in one person, but in this case you can find the best one who will come into your world and will be there till the end. When you quarrel with your parents, your world is falling apart, but don't forget they are your family and they take care of you and they are ready to help you in difficult times.
So, as for me - peace means: family, favorite pets, and, of course, be loved by people around. Each meaning of the word "peace" is different, but all people have the same feelings of love, some more some less, but still the same!
Anastasiya Tkachyova (14 year old), Russia
Peace - what is it? Love, understanding, trust and peace in the world. Peace is a life without wars and disasters. Peace is joy. Peace means - children, flowers, happiness, joy! Although, not just these ones. Perhaps peace is like a small flower which bears the trust and kindness. After all, nowadays many people, working in the hectic, start to forget what are kindness and trust. But they are really necessary in our life. Maybe there are some people who suppose that kindness is just a weakness. But no! Kindness is a great feeling of understanding people. It is a feeling of living in a world full of good people. And, yes, yes! They exist! They just do not notice about it. I think people must notice the beauty in ordinary things, honestly and truly love! SO LET'S FORGET ABOUT our differences and we'll live in PEACE!!
Polina Zibolova (12 year old), Russia
For me peace means several things. First of all, of course, it's happiness. It is happiness to be near their relatives and close friends, happiness to look into the eyes of his mother and say how you love her. Unfortunately some people do not understand this, and some just do not want to do it. Peace for me is joy. It's a little baby laugh or even a smile. It is a joy to look at the world and see the beauty of nature untouched by wars. To be honest, I just can't understand people who cannot appreciate peace on Earth. Are there any people who think that war and violence are better than peace? In fact, we must be able to appreciate what we have.
Every day when I wake up, I get out of bed and look through the window. I wake up in the hope that all is well. I look into my mother's eyes and say, I'm lucky to have her, and I love her. Peace for me is to see my friends and laugh with them.
Peace for me is just being a happy person, protect people I love, my relatives and friends and never think about troubles and problems!
Kseniya Alyoshina (13 year old), Russia
Peace - a state of mankind, when there is no war, when nothing can block the communication between people.
Nowadays the peace process is valued; everyone is trying to save the world around. Peace is everything for me. If there was a war, mankind would live badly: million of people would be killed - perhaps even the whole nation would be disappeared.
The most important task of our generations is to preserve peace in the world. Humanity is very important; it will always be a balance between nature and humanity.
Dariya Pyatkova (12 year old), Russia
Olga Timofeeva
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