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Lesson 2
early ['×:1r]early in the morning;to áome early.
Jiák doesn'i like to wake up early' Âhat.s why he is always
Iate foÓ sáhool. ..You must get up early!'' says his teaáher.
weekday ['wi:kdÕr] ¼onday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
and ¡âiday aÓe weekdays. We go to sáhooI on weekdays.
FatheÓ and motheÓ go to work on weekdays.
On WeekdaYs
lt is summeÓ now. Kate and Bill don't go to sáhool in summer.
They have summer holidaYs.
on weekdays Mrs Brown gets up early in the morning. she
does the áooÙing for her family. At 8 o'áloák the Browns sit
down to table and have breakfast. Âhen MÓ and Mrs Brown say
goodbye to their children and go to work.
- Here áomes Tom. ..Where is mum?'' he asks. He is always
|ate to say Mum goodbye. Kate gives Âommy breakfast and
then doeÌ the washing-up. Bill tidies the room and then
sweeps the floor in the kitáhen. Âom makes his bed and feeds
the pet. lt is a funny parrot. lt's name is Carl. Kate waters the
plants. Sometimes she asks Billto do the shopping
When Mrs Brown áomes home the flat is usually tidy and
álean. ..oh my little helping hands, thank you!'' she says to her
2 a) Answer the questions about the Browns as in the ,.
- Who cooks breakfast on
- Mrs Brown does.
- Who goes to work?
- Mr and Mrs Brown do.
1 ) Who gives breakfast to hÕr little brother on weekdays?
2) Who feeds the bird?
3) Who tidies the room?
4) Who sweeps the floor?
5) Who does the washing-up?
6) Who waters the flowers?
7) Who does the shopping?
b) lt is MondÐy morning now. Answer the questions as in
the example.
-Who is áooking breakfast ;- Who is going to work now?
now? I
- Mrs Brown is. |- Ü' and Mrs Brown are.
1 ) Who is giving breakfast to the litfle brother now?
2) Who is feeding the bird now?
3)Who is tidying the room now?
4) Who is sweeping the floor now?
5) Who is doing the washing-up now?
6)Who is watering the flowers now?
7) Who is doing the shopping now?
3 Ask and answer
A,: Who sØ/eeps the floor in ãour room?
B,: Ido.
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