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 Sitz des Unternehmens: D-29336 Nienhagen Im Westfeld 8 Tele- Kommunikation: Tel.: 05144/ 9898 - 0 Fax: 05144/ 4807 Registergericht: Amtsgericht Lüneburg, HRB 100691 EN ISO
Agitators for industrial applications Mounting-, Overhaul- and Repairservice TURBO Misch- und Verfahrenstechnik, Postfach 1116, 29332 Nienhagen Henkel AG & Co., KGaA att.: Mr. Guido Westkämper 40191 Düsselödorf Nienhagen, 03.09.2012 FAX: (Tel.: 0152 5799 0928) Email: Contact: Mr. Carsten Dettbarn E-Mail: cad@turbo- Tel. +49 (0) 5144 / 98 98-21 Your inquiry of 27.08.2012 Project: Schwimmdeckeneinzieher Subj.: Agitators Our quotation No.: 150A-12-0388 Dear Mr. Westkämper, thank you very much for your inquiry. We have pleasure in submitting our proposal for agitators to meet the specific requirements detailed below: Pos. 1 1 Agitator Type OF-86
according to following specification: positioning : top entry on a ponton construction to compensate alternating liquidlevel mounting base : flange (design loads are attached ) tank : dimensions: ~3000 mm x ? mm total height : ? mm liquid height : varying = 1.000mm medium : waterlike with scum surface temperature : 40 °C spec. gravity : app.1.000 kg/m
viscosity : 10 mPas waterlike pressure : atmospheric duty of agitator : To draw in the scum layer, to avoid scum layer build up Postfach 1116 29332 Nienhagen e-m
homepage: www.
process : continoues process: flow: ? m³/h ret.time: ? min. Pos. 1 drive : Special Hollow shaft TEFC motor with reinforced bearings 2,2 kW, 1.000 rpm, 400 V 50 Hz, IP 55, Insulation-class F paint : ground layer 60µm + top layer 120µm RAL 6005 (moss green) mounting flange : dimensions: 250mm, material: Cast iron/ 316SS plated with V- Lipseal to avoid that splashing water will damage the drive pitch angle device: The mounting arrangement is a swivel devic, that the drive can be angled from 45° out of the horizontal to ±30° bearing shaft : double bearing in the motorcase shaft : 1-parted solid shaft with plug-in coupling shaft length : 600 mm material : 316SS (1.4571, 1.4404) impeller : 1 x PJ250, 3- bladed marine type impeller material : 316SS (1.4571, 1.4401) PRICE : 2.232
,-- nett/each, ex works, excl. packing. Pos. 1b 1 Pontoon construction for one OF-86
according to following specification: pantoon drums : 2 x each 100 Liters in a steel construction Material: PE Colour: black Steel sviwel construction with brazen bushings in the joints Material : Carbon steel / painted Two mounting plates ( with each four fastening holes) to fix the constrution to an existing wall . The spacers (app. 2m long) will give the pontoon body a sviwel device of more than 1m (angle of swivel ~ 15°…75° out of the horizontal). In case of total emtying ot the tank, the whole construction will hang in a height of app. 3.000mm total. The construction is dismountable Price : 2.695
,-- nett / each 2 A second agitator on the pontoon is possible with 2 additional drums (1 Pontoon construction to support 2xOF-86 - estimated price : € 4.080,-- nett) validity : 30 days payment : 30 days nett delivery : 10 working weeks after our order acknowledgement This quoation is based our standard terms and conditions of sale (attached). We hope that this quotation will find your interest. If you have further questions, don´t hesitate to call us. Yours faithfully, TURBO Misch- und Verfahrenstechnik Industrierührwerke GmbH Carsten Dettbarn
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