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 I'm going to give my Best Female Singer Awards to Taylor Swift. This girl is a phenomenon of American country music. In 2010, she won four Grammy awards, one of which was for the s best album year! What would become a singer, Taylor and her family moved to Nashville, and as you know, Nashville is home to country music. Taylor knocked on all the doors, and one day she still opened that same door. She recorded her first album titled "Taylor Swift", as you know, many artists call their first album in honor of his name. The album was a great success. But the international recognition it has brought the album "Fearless", for which she received a Grammy. Sales 592.304 copies were greatest among all country music performers for 2008 The American people love Taylor for her big heart and for her songs, which she writes of all soul. So, Taylor Swift my Best Female Singer!
This award I want to hand over to Chris Brown! This guy is a great success in the 23. He left school to start a career as a singer. Like other artists, the album was named "Chris Brown". And singer had recorded duet with artists such as Jordin Sparks, Bow Wow, Lil Mama and T-Pain. The debut single "Run It!" Was hit number 1 in the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. Besides singing career, Brown also appeared in movies. I'm going to give him my Best Male Singer Awards!
UnSun Polish gothic metal band and that I hand them the award! Initially, the team was called the Unseen, but then this dynamic quartet decided that suits them best is a name that combines day and night, light and darkness. UnSun began record songs for their debut album, called "The End of Life". It was also shot a professional video for the song "Whispers", which has gained much popularity and has been viewed on Youtube more than 7669240 times. The band recorded two albums, The The End of Life and Clinic For Dolls. UnSun, you're my favorite group!
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