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Supernatural in the world of Human

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What is the line between the physical and the spiritual, between energy and matter? A form of Human existence are discussed .

Astakhova O. A.
Supernatural in the world of Human
Belief in the God is genes or result of education of the Human?
Response to scientific researches about evolution of mentality
(psychical essence) of the Human3
Communicative signals of animals really have communicative value (meaning)? Elements of synergetic8
Differentiation of consciousness of the human? An opinion about article "Ethnocultural aspects of the Russian-American relations" 12
Small things repeat large things at different levels of existence of the Nature?
How to estimate infinity of the Universe (Space)?18
Whether are ideas or thoughts material?
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What true structure of the Universe (Space)? "The black hole" such as "transcendental object" or "thing inside itself" (on ideas of I. Kant) 29
The norm of language (speech) reflects norm of thinking (mind) and of reason (consciousness) of the Human? What is energy of words and ideas (thoughts)? 33
Belief in the God is genes or result of education of the Human?
Response to scientific researches about evolution of mentality (psychical essence) of the Human
Astakhova O. A.
Scientists investigate a role of the God in evolution of mankind. Scientists have found out "a gene of evolution", transformed the monkey in the human <>. Why people trust (have belief) in the God? Scientists of the Oxford University will try to give the answer to this question. Psychologists and analytics, as British newspaper "Times" informed, are going to find out first of all - whether is the belief in the God a certain organic part of human nature or this is consequence (result) of education. The problem (task) of scientists, as it has been marked, does not include search of proofs or refutations of existence of the God. They intend to understand a role of religion <http: // b=23*url=http: //> in evolutionary development of mankind and to find out - whether is the belief in Supreme as "by-product" of human qualities, such, for example, as aspiration of the person to dialogue with other people. "We want to find out the nature of belief in the God, - psychologist Justin Barrett participating in this research has declared. - We think, that this belief in a much more degree is based in the nature (genes) of the person (human), than many suppose". Results of research as Barrett believes, it will be possible to use in various areas, for example, at finding-out - whether are interreligious conflicts the display of a human nature. Successful end of the project can help also with finding-out a question - whether it is necessary "to impart" to the person (human) the belief in future life (after the death), or this belief is "product" of certain "natural selection", carried out by each person individually.
Key words: evolution of mentality (psychical essence) of the human, the culture of the human, the spiritual traditions, understanding of the God as the Supreme force, moral laws, energetic norm of the Human, individual display (character) of mentality (psychical essence), genetic determination.
The mentality (psychical essence) of the human develops - and it is natural (according to laws). From a primitive condition of the mentality (psychical essence) of the human develops to more perfect (complex) condition, including set of different components. Certainly, the mentality (psychical essence) of the Human goes through the natural selection (under the theory of Ch. Darwin) at the level of individual persons (organisms) of the human - has been selected the one who has most "correct", "adapted to the certain conditions of existence" mentality (psychical essence), who contains the certain potential of spiritual forces, energy. After that natural selection occurs at the level of social groups and human populations - the certain culture, its spheres have been formed. Thus the norm of mentality (psychical essence) of the Human on the planet Earth is developed, the genetic norm of functioning of mentality (psychical essence) is formed - first of all in nervous cells of a brain of the Human. So there is a stabilization of cultural traditions, different qualities of mentality (psychical essence), of a brain of the Human - starting (beginning) development from external display (casual or caused for conformity to the certain conditions, with a view of a survival) and finishing (stopping) fastening (keeping, reflecting) of these separate patterns (samples) of mentality (psychical essence), of culture in genes (in DNA molecules of cells which give the program of work of a brain of the Human). The religion and belief in the God at the Human also is a part of culture and mentality (psychical essence), and this phenomenon has been developed at the Human during all his existence on the planet Earth, starting (beginning) from the most ancient apelike ancestors. When the Nature and its phenomena (a cold, famine, a fire, a flood, death) influenced on the Human, separate individuals (organisms) of the person (human) could not help themselves and their life, for a survival (as well as now in many respects) - thus it was necessary to trust (to have belief) only in a miracle, in unknown, in success, in a case which could rescue (save). So the idea of existence of the God has been appeared which represents that case, a miracle, improbable, that could help in this or that situation, in struggle for a life. So the belief in the God at the Human has been appeared - which trusts (has belief) in the best, in good (well-being), in the kind Master (which can help to survive, to go from sufferings and from bad). And such elements of mentality (psychical essence) of the Human (belief in the God, in good or well-being, in a kind case) have been transferred from former generation of the human to the subsequent generation. The human (person) in much is powerless before the Nature, before surrounding, with himself - therefore he can hope, trust (have belief) only in the God or in that good (well-being, kind), that he wants to receive. During development (evolution) of the Human his mentality (psychical essence) has been improved (becomes complex, difficult), and also his understanding of essence of many phenomena, of many things of the Nature (its general matter, energy, system) became more clear, and the religion (belief in the God) also becomes complicated - it develops up to a level of understanding of essence of the God as the representing of the Nature and its laws. Though, certainly, together with new elements of religion also its former, old characteristics have been kept - the Bible, history of Jesus Christ, apostles, sacred and believing people as images (representing) for prayer, references to them about good (well-being, kind). New elements of belief in the God it is possible to name - understanding of the God as the Universe, as objectivity, as set (complex) of all and everything - part of that are each person (human), each essence, going during the life under the certain laws of the Nature. And if these general laws of the Nature can break (by sins), by doing bad affairs (deeds), evil - then it is possible to be punished for these sins - by sufferings, oppressions, by disbalance of energy. All know this and consequently try to live without evil, moderately, not doing sins (bad deeds) - that would break laws of the Nature. People (organisms of the human), not understanding these laws, frequently do silly evil, bad affairs (deeds), suffer (bear) punishments. Therefore in mentality (psychical essence) of the Human for a long time already are produced (formed) concepts about goods (well-being, kind) and harm (evil), about belief in the God - as belief in above that the human not imperious (not dominate), and he should submit to that. Certainly, during many thousands years of existence of the Human such elements of mentality (psychical essence) as belief in the God, as submission to unknown, the hope on a miracle at people (persons, individuals) have been reflected in so-called genes - especially in the genes responsible for social essence of the Human, for his advanced (complex) mentality (psychical essence) - because together with belief in the God, with hope on something good, for a normal life has arisen high spirituality, morals (moral rules) of the Human - of which he adheres to keep own energetic norm of existence in the Nature, to keep the social cohabitation of set (complex) of different separate individuals (organisms), of social groups, of populations of people (cultures, the countries). Under these conditions (at high spirituality, at moral rules, at belief in the kind God) there is (exists) one of a species of warm-blooded (homo-temperature) animals on the planet Earth - the Human Reasonable (Homo sapiens). And the Reason (mind, consciousness) of the Human on the planet Earth is based on belief in the God as on representative of laws of the Nature, on submission to these general laws. Most likely, already for a long time in genes of the Human Reasonable have been fixed and continue to develop the moral and belief in the God as species-specific criteria. Though separate illiterate people (representatives of the Human), individuals with underdeveloped in the spirituality can not trust (maybe they not believe) in the God - but it is connected only to absence of the brought up high morals at them - thus such spiritually underdeveloped individuals of the human can quickly perish (to not survive), or they can trust (have belief) in the God inside themselves (secretly), but they not tell about it to associates (other persons). Each person (human) necessarily trusts (has belief) in something good, in a miracle - that occurs especially if he suffers, is in oppressions (in a depression) - therefore belief in the God at each person (human) individually, people in own way (according to their level of spiritual and intellectual development) trust (have belief) in the God (they trust or believe in that good, on which they cannot affect (have not power) in their life and they shall submit to that). For sincere belief that there is existence of the God, the person (human) needs to pass (to go) through sufferings, fear, oppressions - then he will beg to "the supreme heavenly forces" for the normal safe condition. In it, probably, recurrence (reflection) of evolution of the Human will consist in his small scale at each person (individual) in his life. The ancient Human had no morals and culture until (while) his sufferings have begun in much, human has given the big energy in relation to the Nature and its laws, until (while) he has obeyed (submitted) to it - only then the Nature on behalf of the God has given Reason (Mind) to the Human as belief in the best, as aspiration to goods and to harmony, as production (formation) of a normal life. Each person (human) passes (goes) this way of evolution at the individual life - in fact ontogenesis repeats phylogenies - then the person (human) at big oppressions (sufferings) and at disbalance of energy in a life, at the big and chaotic given back energy by him - begins to think about a normal life, about goods, about morals, about spirituality, about the Nature and its laws as that is display (result) of the general God - then in the person (human) has been arisen reason (mind) such as Reason (Mind) of the Human arises on the planet Earth from ancient times. And the Reason (Mind) continues to develop during modern time - from one condition to another, being supplemented with each time by the more understanding of essence of the God as of representative of laws of the Nature, character of his display (expression) in mentality (psychical essence) of the Human (at existence of energy of the Human in the Nature, in the Universe or in Space). Thus, the belief in the God at the Human, as well as all his culture is a genetic component of an organism (person), but nevertheless in many respects depends on surrounding conditions (education, a level of development of spirituality, intelligence, morals). In fact the person (human) can receive moral rules, spiritual or mental (psychical) development not only by sufferings (by the big given back energy), but also by usual way of training (learning, bringing up), beginning from early children's age (in family, in the social organizations - kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities) - when development of reason (mind) of the person (human) occurs gradually, within the limits of a normal life, as should be, to that it is necessary to aspire. Therefore the social factor of development of genes of morals and spirituality of the person (human) is very important - it is necessary to aspire from early age of the person (human) to training (learning, bringing up), to knowledge, to development of mind (wit), to literacy, to erudition (intelligence), to development of philosophy, to understanding of the world and already on the basis of it to be able correctly, gradually to be oppressed, hoping on the God and making normal, moderate receptions of energy and gradually to give back the energy. The erudition (intelligence), developments of reason (mind), mentality (psychical essence) can give to the normal person (human) conformity in (according to) species-specific qualities of the Human Reasonable, which is result of evolution of essence during many times. If all that does not correspond (according) to species-specific criterion of the Human Reasonable (including moral rules of the existence, the advanced mind (wit), wisdom, belief in the God, the advanced or complex spirituality and mentality or psychical essence) - than that can be outside the limits norms of existence of the Human Reasonable, and then such not correct essences can live not so moderately and reasonably, as can be the Human, they can be doomed for destruction. In the greater degree spiritual qualities, wisdom, reason (mind, consciousness) of the person (human) can develop by self-education and in the different periods of individual human life (frequently at mature and old age when the person or human already has given back the big energy, and he understands about oppression or depression of his essence) - though at present evolutions of the Human the belief in the God, morals, reason (mind, consciousness) should be distributed enough among young individuals. When the person (human) is full of forces (especially at young age) and without the certain efforts has favorable conditions of existence - here hardly (not) can appear and develop belief in the God, morals, reason (mind, intelligence) of the person (human) - such essence will trust (has belief) only in himself, in own influence, he will develop pride and a self-contentment in own mentality (psychical essence) (that is far from the God and from good, kind). In good (favourable) conditions of a life the Human can lose a measure, norm - can forget the God as the Nature and its laws that results in (bring) fast destruction of essence. Therefore, to survive it is necessary to remember the God always - both in bad, and in good (favourable) conditions of a life - for support of a measure, norm of the life always (and that is complex (difficult) and that is possible not for all).
In the Internet on a question "How explain the "Sacred Trinity of the God"? (Is it meant as triple essence of the God?)" I have answered: "In east christianity (rather than in Catholic christianity and Protestantism where recognize only one God - the Christ and his mother, the virgin) the God represent as three making (parts) - the God-Father (that in the Sky, that is a macrocosm, Space - if in a modern way), the God-Son (that on the Earth, the representative of people - Jesus Christ and he has proved it (that he is God-Human), and also that is alive organisms of a planet - sons or essences of the God), the God-Sacred Spirit (that connects the God-Father and the God-Son - that is spirituality, morals, belief in the God, laws on which all exists). In general, such explanation of the God can be accepted and presented... Why is it not will be present? Only the God should be at every human or essence as own in soul (own understanding of the God)... Must be a belief in him... But it is necessary to understand and respect other people or essences in their spirituality, in their belief, in their religions... Though the God is the common (general) for all - this is the NATURE and its laws... That's all". Also on a question "What is stronger - good or evil essences?" I have answered: "Whether there are good (kind) things? Whether there is evil? There is a force, energy... And how it has arisen - by good (by kind things) or by evil, it is not so important. Though can be and it is important... But everywhere (both in goods or kind things and in harm or evil) is present both receptions of energy, and given back energy... Only character of these receptions of energy and given back energy differs... In goods (at kind things) the reception of energy arrives because of given back energy, and in harm (evil) the given back energy arrives because of energetic receptions... These "dark" and "light" forces can be equal, can be not equal (as well as any other resisting forces)... In general, are in relative balance... But kind essence (good things) is hardly more, as it is weaker"... For each essence only the Nature is the judge, and only it can judge - how this or that essence can do given back energy and reception of energy. The Human knows such truth from those ancient times when has arisen a genus of the Human, and such knowledge at the Human are already in genes and DNA - as they have been developed during evolution of Human norm of energy, of his world (without this knowledge the Human could not exist as a reasonable essence, as the Human).
The belief in the God (in the Supreme force which operates by all) is, really, aromorphose (increase of a level of the organization) in evolution of mentality (psychical essence) of the Human and at his becoming in a separate species of biological essences the Human Reasonable (Homo sapiens). But religion - is only one of forms of display (expression) of mentality (psychical essence) of the Human. Many other spheres of development of mentality (psychical essence) (of abstract thinking, consciousness) participated in his evolution - a science, education (training, learning, bringing up), speech (languages), and art (singing, dances, and a sculpture). Realization of the Human went and goes on many directions (on lines of psychical evolution), but the belief in the God is necessary always - therefore, probably, it has been fixed already genetically at transfer from one generation of the Human to another. Stabilization of spiritual tradition of the Human, as well as his scientific knowledge, goes during many thousands years.
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Communicative signals of animals really have communicative value (meaning)? Elements of synergetic
Astakhova O. A.
Realization (expression) of biological potential of organisms, a variety of forms of expression of energy essence already for a long time is an actual problem of biology and ecology. The person (human) has got used to carry out (spend) biological realization (expression) in the form of activity, culture. But many other organisms can spend also the energy potentials by means of special forms of creation of culture - for example, singing of birds is usual realization (expression) of the alive essence, capable to exist under general (common) biological laws of the Nature. Individuals of birds of the same species can be similar on singing in one population and are various in the remote geographical populations. But one species of birds can have many different variants of stable species specific song. How the given types of species specific song can to exist together, and how they (song type) can be differentiated on territories of a species? Key words: biological realization (expression), biological potential of organisms, biological laws of the Nature, forms of creation of culture, contact of some essences (organisms), system of the Nature, specific communications (connections), the behaviour of animals and of the human, balance of energy, evolution of a culture of behaviour, cultural traditions of population.
I have looked (observed) reasoning's of modern researchers (scientists) of ethology (behaviour) of animals and I have thought, how the science is strange constructed - there is one paradigm (style, a manner, a direction) of thinking, and everyone adhere to her (it), adding at this paradigm something subjective, an individual sight at any problem. It as snowball, increasing in volume (size) of "knowledge" of the Nature, whether but this snowball is presented (true)? Whether objective this snowball of knowledge of the person (human), and as far as it (he) is objective (a degree of his (its) objectivity)? Here, for example, songs (singing) of birds consider as a signal of protection their (?) territories at individuals and as a signal of attraction for female of own species for copulation (prolongations or continues of a genus or family). And, other signals (a smell, mark of territories by urine, traces) at mammal also relate to these functions - territorial and sexual. But in fact it is possible to look at these "signals" of animals from the different points of view. For example, it is possible to assume, that animals by vocalizations, by mark of territories (on which live, inhabit), first of all simply they show (express) the ability to live (their life), they reveal their essence - the organism has appeared in such system, as a population of animals, as fauna, in such form as a bird or as mammal, and consequently under laws of all Nature, organism expresses (shows) so itself own existence, "skills" to operate in that system of the Nature, in which has arisen. That's all, actually, that the behaviour of animals can assume on a planet the Earth at the certain level of the organization of the Nature.
Certainly, any system of the Nature is based on interrelations and interactions, therefore any displays (expressions) of ability to live (life) or essence of elements of system can meet, contact (but also they can and not form communications (connections) in any cases - on it dynamics (changes) of systems is based). Therefore vocalizations and "marks" of territory by animals are not necessarily intended for any partner (mate) ("receiver of signal"), though, in the greater degree it is possible, that products (expression) of ability to live (life) of organisms (vocalization, "marks" of territories) will be perceived (recognized) (are casually found) by similar individuals (of the same species) - in fact we know, that the fauna represents populations of biogeocenose, which usually is mixed at living (inhabit) in territory and even they can form different interspecific communications (connections) between species (both negative, and positive). Thus, as a result of a reasoning it turns out, that display (expression) of an individual of an animal has more casual character, as result of physiological reactions of the organism, developed during evolution, instead of as applicability for the certain social (cultural) functions. The person (human), having arisen (has been born) in social system, he shows (expresses) the arisen own essence by speech (which has developed at the Person (Human) reasonable during evolution), but it does not mean, that with the help of this speech it (he) should assert own territory (which, as a matter of fact, general (common) for all organisms on a planet the Earth, existing on the certain level of the organization), and it is unessential, that the person (human) with the help of speech should attract female (women) of own species. Yes, speech of the person (human) is can be a communication facility in social system, but unessential its (her) component, as communications (connections) of the person (human) is more often and essential in local (small) scales (in limits directly associating people or surrounding), where speech of the person (human) can play (show) not the biggest role (where exist play in more degree of role of direct actions, movements on instincts). Yes, all that is shown (expressed) by an organism - both material, and non-material (in relation to a level of an organism in the Nature) concerns (relates) to display (expression) of his (its) essence, which develops during evolution on a direction of a normal energy exchange with an environment, and already after that, display (expression) of essence of an organism can contact (to cooperate) with display (expression) of other essence (organism), with his (its) skills to perceive "signal" or display (expression) of the first organism. This contact of some essences (organisms) can and not take place, and organisms, showing, expressing own essence so (by vocalizations, speech, "mark" of territories) during all life (all their existence) can and not be perceived (recognized) by other organisms (with help of their essences). But frequently interaction of organisms occurs, as populations of animals usually have big density (animals are capable to be made multiple copies (reproduction) and settled quickly on territories), probably, therefore and there is a development of different cultures of behaviour of animals in various species. But if males of hoof's mammal struggle with the help of horns, it does not means, that they have not divided territory or female; it means, that males of hoof's mammal spend energy in the form of this activity (struggle) - probably, the collected energy of males allows them to do (make) it, or, probably, someone from them should die and leave such system of the Nature, as a population (it is possible because this individual has already executed (made) the biological duty and has transferred genes to the following generation, the born descendants, children, or this individual has transferred any cultural traditions to them (generation), significant for a normal energy exchange in the Nature). All goes under laws of the Nature and energy, and value or meaning (functions) of these processes only follow (are minor) after these distributions of energy in systems of the Nature.
If there is a vocalization of animals (for example, singing of birds), it can speak only that the individual (an animal, an organism as a whole) has an energy potential (force) for this behaviour process, for this display (expression) of own essence, for the establishment of own existence in the certain system of the Nature (populations, fauna). Certainly, female of animal (birds, mammal) will aspire to such energetically potential partners (mates) for copulation with purpose to create high-grade, capable to survive posterity or descendants (next generation). But female of animals, certainly, can create pairs and with those individuals (males) of own species, which do not express (show) of itself, it (he) do not express own essence by excessive vocalizations, by "marks" of territory - enough, that it (he) was simply alive, can move, capable to survive. Therefore, display (expression) of essence, probably, speaks more, as far as a lot (much) organism has energy or force for the certain degree of display (expression) of the life (if the organism has a lot of energy, organism will be express (display) more, will be strongly to influence on surrounding). If the degree of display (expression) of life essence (organism) big (the most), and an individual of an animal unduly (strongly) influences on surrounding then, it is time for it (her) (is necessary) to leave (abandon) that system (a population, fauna), in which she (it) is live, to leave (abandon) that form of energy (a level of an organism), which individual (essence) borrows (occupies) at present time (that is biologically to die). The nature cannot long suffer (to bear, include) disbalance of energy, she (It) aspires to distribute (allocate) in regular intervals (equally) her (it) between elements of system, she (It) aspires to provide compensating mechanisms of movement of energy among different essences, among their displays (expressions). One of usual ways of reduction of energy and the easing of influence of essence (organism), having the big force of influence and energy - to give to execute (make) to this essence (organism) the biological duty (that is to prolong (continue) a genus or family and to transfer for descendants the genes or hereditary inclinations, if they are significant) and biologically to leave (death of an organism of the given level of the organization of the Nature) from system (population), in which there was this organism. Therefore, animals strongly realized (expressed) in display (expression) of the essence (at excessive vocalization - excessive in duration, a sound, in complexity; at excessive "marks" of territories by animals; at excessive, bright, complex (difficult) speech, the communications of the person or human) the Nature tries to stabilize, aspires to reduction of their energy, to easing a degree of their display (expression) - by creation at these organisms of posterity (children), by downturn of a energy niche of their essence (organism). Certainly, after significant energy were given by these animals, unduly (excessive) realized (expressed), during energy stabilization by the Nature, the energy balance of system (population) can be restored, and these individuals of animals (which were unduly or excessive realized (expressed), unduly (strongly) influenced on surrounding) can survive and remain further to exist in system (population). Probably, essence (organisms) of these individuals of animals are still capable to raise (increase) own energy potential and consequently they are capable to start to realize (express) and develop again own essence and strongly to influence on surrounding, but besides again with the subsequent redistribution of energy by the Nature, energy stabilization and repeating significant losses of energy by these individuals - unduly (strongly or excessive) realized (expressed) and strongly influencing (with help of their essences). Probably, seldom, who from organisms (individuals) will agree to go to such feats (loss of energy) provided that any organism aspires to a survival of own essence (though it is possible, if the Nature demands that). Therefore the big (the most) energy potentials and strong influences on surrounding at individuals of animals are usually only at young age, when yet was not pass redistribution of energy in system (in a population), and there was no loss of energy by these strongly realized (expressed) organisms (essences). It is interesting, that those survived unduly (excessive) realized (expressed) individuals of animals (organisms), even if they have lost energy at stabilization, are capable to continue strongly to influence and transfer too much a culture of behaviour, ways of the ability to live, a way of display (expression) of the essence in relation to surrounding individuals - as in relation to own species (descendants, for example), and also in relation to individuals of other species, developing with them attitudes (relations) on base of own "unduly (excessive)" manners (ways) of realization (expression) of energy potentials. So, there can be an evolution of a culture of behaviour, evolution of ways of display (expression) of essence (organism). As far as this or that development of essence, its (her) display (expression) (behaviour, cultures of an organism) it will be favourable in energy balance (existence) of the Nature and its (her) systems, it will be revealed during time (if that will have the majority of individuals of animals, and so, "it is rather favourable", but concerning) - it is important, at least, if that this realization (expression) (can be even excessive and complex (difficult)) of energy potentials of an organism (display or expression of his (its) essence) would not prevent, would not interfere with "normal" distribution and movement of energy in the Nature.
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Astakhova Olesya, the biological researcher May 2008
Differentiation of consciousness of the human? An opinion about article "Ethnocultural aspects of the Russian-American relations"
Astakhova O. A.
In one of articles about philosophy and philology of person (human) by Volkogonova O. D. "Ethnocultural aspects of the Russian-American relations", the idea of differentiation of "the conceptual device" of human of the different countries and cultures has been marked. So, representatives of different peoples, the nations are capable to form the special (specific) attitudes (relations) to those or other surrounding things (to money, to the goods of the general (common) consumption, to sphere of education, to mass media, to the industry, to different abstract concepts as "love", "friendship", "enemy", "aggression", "pleasures", "authority", "meal"). People of the different countries and cultures are capable to speak about the same things, but differently to think about them, differently to perceive values (meaning) of these concepts.
Key words: philology of person (human), different countries and cultures, differentiation of "the conceptual device" of human, differently to think, psychological and biological essences, evolutionary development of consciousness
In one of articles about philosophy and philology of person (human) by Volkogonova O. D. "Ethnocultural aspects of the Russian-American relations", the idea of differentiation of "the conceptual device" of human of the different countries and cultures has been marked. So, representatives of different peoples, the nations are capable to form the special (specific) attitudes (relations) to those or other surrounding things (to money, to the goods of the general(common) consumption, to sphere of education, to mass media, to the industry, to different abstract concepts as "love", "friendship", "enemy", "aggression", "pleasures", "authority", "meal"). People of the different countries and cultures are capable to speak about the same things, but differently to think about them, differently to perceive values (meaning) of these concepts.
You think, if the person (human) talks in the other language, at him (it) other perception (recognition) of universal values (meanings)? I would not tell. Language consciousness... Whether bosh it? Yes, language of the Person (Human) had evolution during time and at distribution in space (dialects, an establishment of language norms and, eventually, their differentiation on language forms, poorly understood to each other), but the consciousness of the Person (Human) remains yet HUMAN. Whether it is differentiated at peoples of the different countries, different cultures? Yes, somewhat... But nevertheless this differentiation of consciousness is under the rigid control of biological essence of the Person (Human). As far as the Person (Human) can differently create, as far as he has various thought, nevertheless the elementary survival at people of any culture is similar, because the person (human) as any alive organism, first of all is directed on existence of biological essence, and then already on existence of psychological essence (as secondary, derivative of biological essence). Therefore consciousness (as one of forms of human mentality or psychical form) will always has biological aspect, and then already it will has cultural aspect (supervised by biological aspect). Therefore the consciousness and other forms of human mentality (or psychical form) are determined, are similar, have physiological frameworks (limits, norms) of the display (expression) for uniform biological species of Homo sapiens (certainly, there are geographical races of the Person (Human), which are ecologically adapted to different habitats on the Earth; but here more morphological and physiological differentiation, and that - those aspects, which are necessary for existence in the given conditions: presence of a pigment in a skin, metabolic processes, etc.). Certainly, the culture of the different countries, of the various peoples exists. It consists in different mentality (a mentality as different manners, various ways of thinking, the general (common) spiritual mood of the person (human), of social group), as different character of a life. But nevertheless to basic vital values (meanings) (based on biological needs (requirements)) as money, meal, sex, entertainments, authority - at all people on the Earth the attitude (relation) similar. The cultural aspect of conflicts, of a competition will be always actual (it will exist), but at uniform Human consciousness. All this is equal for that set (groups) of people of one country, culture, but with different specific features of the mentality (of psychical forms), which are capable to assert own display (expression) during a competition. Moreover, any culture will consist of cultures of separate persons (mans), of different social groups, therefore it is difficult to speak about precise features of cultural display (expression) in different conditions. In any case, that the culture of the different countries, of various peoples at its (her) evolutionary development has not got (started) as error, she (it) is supervised by biological needs (requirements), by biological essence of the Person or Human (about that was already spoken). And if further the consciousness of the Person (Human) will develop, this process will go with a view of maintenance and improvement of a biological life (and with a view of its (her) normal oppression also); so, evolution of consciousness in many respects corresponds (be analogical) and is subordinated to biological evolution (that more primarily (the first) in relation to mental or psychical essence).
In article of O. D. Volkogonova about the differentiation of perception (recognition) of those or other concepts between peoples of different cultures is marked. In this plan the author has proved himself as the remarkable philologist. Certainly, people of the different countries, different language cultures perceive (perception) each other as alien to itself, they seem to each other as parallel, which perceive (perception) all surrounding not as they. It is normal. But the fact is existence of limits of consciousness at them same (are similar), also live they under the same (similar) biological laws, but differently perceive each other. What will be result? I think, the communications will always exist between people of the different countries, cultures on the Earth, as a result of which there will be an exchange of different displays (expression) of human mentality (of psychical essence), that will allow contacts their parallels or coexistence, development as together... If it will be claimed by Nature... And if that, is not claimed, can biologically be adjusted - if, for example, as a result of accident on a planet the Earth, only one language system would remain, then and with the help of it (her) survived people will can survive further, carrying out the biological needs (it can be done (made) by carriers (by persons) of any culture, including - any language culture). It besides confirms secondariness psychological essence in relation to biological essence. Nevertheless, evolution of culture, consciousness and mentality (of psychical essence) of the Person (Human) in the whole has value (meaning) and frequently directs biological evolution to this or that side (direction). It is very serious question, and here it is dangerous to engage at discussion as in chatter. In any case, can be: or destruction of all planet, and of its (her) separate components, or can be a life in that form, what could correspond (be analogical) to all spectrum of conditions of existence. It is terrible to speak about large aromorphose (rise of development) both in biology, and in psychology of the Person (Human). Probably, they now exist and imperceptibly develop. It is not known. Whether the primitive (ancient) Person (Human) could know, what development of his (its) mentality (of his psychical essence), of consciousness will turn to such side (direction), what exists now? And in fact, now we such (with such form of mentality (of psychical forms), of consciousness, of culture and character of its (her) display or expression), because we try to survive, we try well to live, create and diversify own life and thus we make the "an evolutionary branch or way". These abilities (skills) of mentality (of psychical forms) of the Person or Human (to create, to develop, to realize (to think), to express own individual genetic potentials)... what they (it) will give in future? It is not known. Here in it a riddle of evolution - in combination of case (chance) and of law at development.
Yes, I wanted to tell about differentiation of culture (and about the same language culture)... That it has the general (common) biological basis, and from its boundless development depends small (small significance), because it is supervised by biological essence. There will be that culture, which more or less promotes or according to harmonious cohabitation or coexistence with surrounding. Point of view of O. D. Volkogonova about differentiation of culture in aspect of different perception (recognition) of universal concepts by people of different cultures is interesting. Really, the mentality (ways of thinking, forms of consciousness) of the person (human) much depends on a history, on culture of the country as a whole. But anyway, material all the same remain material, it is independent of them and independent of that, how will be them "twist or turn" of in the imagination of the person (human) - how human will relates to this material.
For example, perception (recognition) of concept of "money" (from article of O. D. Volkogonova) at Americans and Russian people are miscellaneous... Operating by this concept at thinking occurs differently. The author considers that her point of view is the most correct. But it is necessary to emphasize, that it only subjective understanding of conceptual differentiations of peoples of different cultures.
Certainly, in the advanced (developed) countries these money attitudes (relations) are complicated with inclusion of other elements of human culture (the industry, a variety of fields of activity, mass-media). But it does not mean, that the perception (recognition) of basic concepts is deformed (on which human existence is based), a stream of money goes more slowly... or it does not mean, that is transfer (turn) of stream of money goes to other way (manner), which it is unknown (parallel). The quantity (amount) of niches simply extends (increases), through which a monetary stream passes (goes).
It is possible "to twist or turn" the same object in imagination of person or human (for creation of relation to object) - at one way, and at other (differently) to perceive it (him) and by one way, and other... But in result the same object and his (its) subject (human or person) remain, which do not vanish anywhere and do not change, it is independent - how to them (to objects) relate. Each person (human) has the specific features of mentality (of psychical essence)... And even within the limits of one family, of one social group, of one country there can be different sights of view (thinking, of consciousness) at many things... But the life continues, and the culture in the big scales develops accurately (subtly, it is gradual), in order to be claimed and to be adapted... or the culture must not be by obstacle for biological essence, for advantage and adapting of the biological essence... even if it relates (concerns) culture of imagination and perception (recognition) of person (human).
Though later I have again thought of this problem and already I have some another response (opinion) on ideas of O. D. Volkogonova. I have thought of language consciousness and have decided, that it exists at different peoples (it concerning article about the Russian-American relations). Certainly, the Person (Human) lives on (under) the same (similar) biological laws, it is independent from territory, which person occupies on the Earth. The culture of the Person (Human) also has uniform "roots" or origin and similar display (expression), but differentiation of culture of Person (Human) is really significant. The norm of genotype reaction of human consciousness and mentality (psychical essence) as a whole is very wide. Display (expression) of different conditions of work of a brain of the person (human) in form of cultures (including, language cultures), which are independent, but also are interconnect (united), opens (discover) various ways and opportunities of motion (of pass) of nervous processes in certain (determined), but frequently extraordinary (astonishing) combinations of neural networks of person (human) brain. These features of a condition of consciousness, certainly, relates to character of thinking, of mutual relation of people, a way of their life as a whole. Therefore for people of different cultures, of different language norms, there are the certain specific attitude (relation) to various concepts on a background (on base) of their universal perception (recognition) of Human.
I have been very much surprised (is astonished), that it is marked so subtly in article "Ethnocultural aspects of the Russian-American relations" of O. D. Volkogonova. Nevertheless carriers (people) of different language cultures have features of the mentality (of psychical essence), allowing them to operate with thought processes according to special character of so-called language consciousness (that has been marked in article). But as everyone understands only himself and similar to him (and "alien soul is dark"), then difficultly to recognize, that at the German person or the Frenchman, for example, differ from Russian man in relations to money, authorities, to pleasures. Attitudes (relations) are similar on external displays (expressions), but, probably, ways of an involvement of neural networks in a brain at display (expression) of these attitudes (relations) are differ.
I hope, that I have correctly understood feeling of differentiation (described in article), concerning (relating) to different perception (recognition) of universal human values by peoples of different language cultures. The differentiation will be always, but on the basis of the general (common), similar, connecting (uniting) separate diverse units (parts).
It was a biological sight of a view (opinion) at philological aspect of culture. Why people of the different countries are alien to each other at perception, even up to attributing each other different perception (recognition) of all? Probably, it is biological law - barriers of individuals of different populations (language, cultural, psychological barriers), but uniform human essence and uniform human consciousness allow them to contact among themselves. In it the law of existence of a matter "unities and conflict of opposites" also is shown. You can write the comment concerning article
May 2008
Small things repeat large things at different levels of existence of the Nature?
How to estimate infinity of the Universe (Space)?
Astakhova O. A.
Recently in a science about Space (Universe) as are parts of knowledge of the Human about the general Nature have been formed many hypotheses - character of structure of a space matter (energy), principles of its existence and movement, properties (characters) of different conditions of the Universe (Space) depending on density of substance (energy) - flat, concave, cyclic. Different electromagnetic particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, moons, quarks) are determined, and they make (construct) space substance. For a long time the light spectrum is known (its color scale or gamut in connection with different length and frequency of wave energy moving in the Space), also is known a number of the electromagnetic radiations (waves), distinguished on their wave length and frequency (infra-red, ultra-violet, gamma-waves, radio waves, light seen waves). Properties of different space objects (galaxies, stars, planets, comets, fogs and others) are being studied (are being researched). However, the question on the size and an origin of the Universe (Space), which is observed (is considered) by the human, has gone to impasse - when the attention and thinking has stopped only on "the big explosion" and on "red displacement of Doppler", which have led to formation of concept about "a dark matter or energy" not appreciable for the human. But what output (exit) from similar impasse of science outlook should be? Whether it is impossible to leave here from only spatial representation of the Universe (Space) and to present it in volumetric, temporary (time) structure? Or here it is necessary to expand abstraction of the thinking or mind (consciousness) and to present a matter or substance (energy) of all Nature as the different levels of the organization, existing on the planet Earth and passing (going) to each other - even at evolution and existence of alive substance (alive organisms) or at formation as a whole of alive and lifeless substances from atoms and molecules which form or create different chemical compounds.
Key words: volumetric and temporary (time) structure of the Universe (Space), the different levels of the organization of the Nature, the different energy conditions of the Universe (Space), the density of substance (energy), the knowledge of the Human about the general (common) Nature, chemical interactions of different Universes (Spaces), gradually passing (going) to each other, configuration and properties of the Universes (Spaces).
It is necessary to pay attention that cyclones (streams of cold and warm air, of water steam) in an atmosphere of the planet Earth are twirled in a spiral (in the form of a spiral) (that is well visible in the photos of the planet Earth made from Space) - also the galaxy (stars system) "Milky Way" is twirled in a spiral, in which there is our Solar system (which also has a spiral rotation of planets around of a star the Sun in different orbits). That is the form of a spiral shows evolution, development of a matter (substance, energy) - from one condition to another (it is possible, from more simple to more complex (difficult) - as considers the human on the basis of biological substance, of alive organisms on the planet). The kind of a spiral also has a genetic material of alive organisms on the planet Earth (DNA of chromosomes in a nucleus of cells), consisting of the proteins (albumens) sites (genes) coding a metabolism of an organism. But it is interesting that enormous air weights or mass (cyclones) of the planet Earth twist in an atmosphere in a spiral - and, probably, it is result of rotation of the planet Earth around own axis (counter-clockwise). Therefore at rotation of the planet - the air weights (mass) rotate also, which are taking place on its surface, twisting gradually in a spiral. What conclusions can be made, leaning (basing) on such facts (that rotation of a matter or substance on a circle creates the spiral form of those - that matter or substance contains)?
Probably, our spiral galaxy (stars system) "Milky Way" (and other spiral galaxies - for example, "Andromeda" is not far from our galaxy) also are in that Universe (in that Space), which has the round form or rotates on a circle. Probably, the cyclic Universe (but, can be only concave) arises at the big density of a matter (substance) - of which will consist, therefore it has the closed or cycle appearance (kind), rather than at the flat Universe (or at the certain Space) at which density of substance is small and consequently such Universe will be open-ended (is not cycle), rectilinear. The concave Universe, probably, is intermediate on density of substance (has average values between the maximal and minimal density), therefore is in part closed (cycle), and is half capable to be open and rectilinear in movement. These are recent opening by the Human in a science about Space.
But how to be with spherical or irregular-shaped bodies (galaxies or stars systems) which are visible to the human in a telescope as space objects of the form of a sphere, of thin lenses and of scattered "parts" of matters (substance)? Probably, it is result just of those forms of the Universe (Space) which we now discussed - probably, these spherical and irregular-shaped galaxies (stars systems) are there, where density of substance is low (small) are the so-called open-ended (not cycle) "flat" Universe (are more probable for wrong or for free forms of galaxies), and the concave Universe where density of substance average between small and great values (it for round-form and lens-form galaxies or stars systems).
It appears, the form of substance (of a matter, energy) (even the form of galaxies or stars systems - the largest objects in the Space) will be such how they will be made by an environment - at present, by value of density of substance of the Universe (or the certain Space) (small, average or big density of energy, of a matter). Thus, for each condition of a matter or energy of the Universe (Space) of the certain density exist a certain characteristic, features - closed (cycle) or open-ended (not cycle) in the movement, rectilinear or concave under the form, rotates around of itself or of something else (it is possible around of larger), or it goes only forward, rectilinearly, gradually passing (going, making transmission) to other condition of the Space (it is possible, to condition distinguishing from the former form). It appears that common Universe is differentiated on different energetic conditions of a matter (energy), on many Spaces - different in character and being distinguishing on properties.
It is possible to name these different conditions of a matter and of energy as the different Universes (Spaces) smoothly (gradually) passing (going) to each other, having different norms of existence. It is possible to name it also as the parallel worlds. If in our "spiral" world on a basis of our cyclic (closed) Universe of big density of substance (matter) and being rotating around of itself, all things here pass (go) so on a spiral (in the form of a spiral) - beginning from "spiral structure" of energy of atom, up to spiral structure of DNA molecule (a genetic material in chromosomes of cells that makes program for all work of an organism) and finishing (stopping) by the general (common) evolution of alive substance on the planet Earth (from simple to complex (difficult) - on a spiral that occurs at development of an individual life of one organism, of the person), and at the spiral form of our galaxy (stars system) and neighbor galaxy "Andromeda" together taking place in the Space (confirming properties of our Universe) ... Then what properties the flat Universe can has in the space objects (in galaxies or stars systems, in the planets, in organisms, in atoms and molecules - if they there exist)? Really spherical galaxies (it is probably, in the concave Universe) have more simple systems being rotating only on a circle - such as it exists in simple atom of hydrogen (H), such as it is in ring DNA (a genetic material) of bacteria (one-cells organisms), and such as it is at rotation of planets around of stars? So, are spherical galaxies more simple on the structure, than spiral galaxies (and they can be named as the initial stages of evolution of stars substance, while spiral galaxies are later stage of evolution and are more complex (difficult), are differentiated on structure of substance and energy)? So, in the more initially evolutionary (simple) spherical galaxies (stars systems) we can meet only those simple substances which repeat this "spherical" simple structure at the small level of the organization - such as atoms of hydrogen, bacteria (and simple organisms similar to them), simple stars with the small planets rotating on a circle. Irregular-shaped galaxies, probably, relate to the open-ended, flat Universe (Space). What properties of existence of substance (of a matter, energy) can be there? Probably, any systems similar to "circular" and "spiral" models are not represented there. Perhaps, there are organisms, systems of atoms and molecules which have the special structure, but they are unknown and not clear for us. But, maybe, there is no life, there is no alive energy, there is no structural systems there - exists simply relative chaos. But it is only my imagination and the scientific facts here are absent. Yes, parallel forms, worlds represent developing systems which frequently are independent from each other. Who knows - maybe, than is more density of substance (energy) such as it in our case at the closed, being rotating Universe (Space), and than is more the depression and the given back energy - then it is better, it is more developed system, and it is high level of the organization in structure of dense substance (a matter, energy) - such as it can be observed (considered) in our "spiral worlds" (in galaxies and in organisms of the "spiral" organization or form). And, probably, than density of substance and of energy is less (small) - such as it happens in a case of the flat and concave Universe - then the given back energy is smaller at this that has generated the given structure, then the structure of substance (matter) is easier (simpler) which belongs to such Space, and a level of the organization of existence is below (atoms, molecules, organisms - if they exist) in such leaky (not dense) Universe on energy. It is possible, where the density of substance (energy) is the least (smaller) - such as it is observed in the flat Universe (such as it if suburb or edge of atom in its external electrons) - then there can not be any structure of substance (atoms, molecules, organisms) - maybe, this is last destructive stage of evolution of substance (matter) (of galaxies, stars, planets) of the Universe (Space) which, maybe, was once as the big density of substance and of energy, and it had been formed as the closed (cycle) Universe rotated around of itself. Whether it is possible to assume that different conditions of energy (matter) of the Universe gradually pass (go) to each other - begins from the closed (cycle) Universe (has the big density of substance and being rotating around of themselves - such as if it is a large, heavy, powerful nucleus of atom), passing (makes transmission) to the concave Universe (has average values of density of substance or of energy - such as an average part of atom or electrons, which are situated not far from atom nucleus and are strongly drawn to it by own energy), therefore the concave Universe can be half closed or such as cycle (belonging to a nucleus), and in other half can be rectilinearly moving (passing or going to another level of energy - such as it happens at transition of energy of internal electrons of atom to energetic level of external electrons of this atom)? And, at last, the flat Universe is poor in the energy (has small density of substance or of matter), that it is possible to compare to suburb or edge of atom, or to external electrons of atom which are astable (unstable), are poorly drawn to the center, to a nucleus of atom and are capable to enter in interaction with other atoms (with their external electrons, forming different chemical compounds). Probably, the flat Universe is that Space which is poorly connected to the closed (cycle) Universe of the powerful energy (such as is the nucleus of atom) - it is possible, the flat Universe of weak energy where exists the Human on the planet Earth; and maybe, this flat Universe can be capable to create communications (connections) with other Universe (smoothly or gradually to pass or to go in them) - such as it occurs between different atoms at their chemical interaction.
Perhaps, set (complex) of the different Universes or Spaces can creates the same chemical compounds or molecules, such as, for example, the hydrochloric acid (HCl) - a chemical compound of spherical atom of hydrogen and 8-shaped (eight-figurative) atom of chlorine, alkali (NaOH) (a chemical compound of spherical atom of sodium and atom of hydrogen, and 8-shaped (eight-figurative) atom of oxygen), carbohydrates (for example, C6H12O6 - glucose), proteins (for example, NH2-CH2-СOOH - amino acid), fats (for example, CH2OH-CHOH-CH2OH - glycerin) which are capable to form the same systems as an alive organism of the human, animals, plants; probably, "chemical compounds" of different Universes (Spaces) can create such substances - as a stone, as water, as gas and other substances - but it already will be at other large level of the organization of the Nature, not appreciable (not feeling) for smaller scale. That for the human is the Universe (Space) -that for other (large) level of the organization can be atom or a molecule. Whether are the big scale and infinite Universes for someone those atoms and molecules which are in an alive organism and also form (construct) it (him) (for example, cells of a skin, of a blood cells at the human or person, in the green chloroplasts and in the mitochondria of a cell at plants)? It can be. Probably, the Universe (Space) which the human observes (feels), is our ancestors (their organisms, electromagnetic fields) which now are at the other level of existence, and the modern (present) human - inside him, such as it can be at waves on the water, the circles departing from each other (from the center, from a point of occurrence of energy) - so it can be at different generations of the Human (the first generation departs such as external circles from the second generation which goes such as internal circles from an epicenter where are more internal waves - the following generations-descendants of existence of the matter or of substance are born, pushing external waves of energy) - about that in the works still wrote Leonardo de Vinci (the known artist) (1452-1519 years of a life, Italy). But it is interesting, what the Universe (Space) represents in which there is our galaxy (stars system) "Milky Way", our Solar system, the planet Earth and the Human? What this Universe (Space) represents in the form and properties - whether is similar it on small size atom of hydrogen, on big and wide structure of atom of metal (copper, gold, silver, strontium, zinc) or this is such as the big atoms of electronegative atoms (chemical elements) - oxygen, chlorine, sulfur, or such as inert gases - a neon, xenon, or such as atom of carbon and its chemical compounds? In a single whole the physics and chemistry here incorporate (such as different lines of a science of the Human), also here incorporate in the general (common) - big and small, large and less levels of the organization of the Nature. Also there is no limit to comparison (at making accordance, correlation) of knowledge of the human (person) about the worlds of different scale (about a microcosm - atoms, molecules, cells and about a macrocosm - an organism, a planet, Space) - so on the basis of one level of existence of a matter or energy of the Nature can be possible to find out (to study) many things about the other level of existence (can be, which is less accessible to knowledge). However, to discover (to study) all things it is impossible, because each essence has the peculiarities, individual features on the basis of the general (common), similar signs. Therefore even if at having learnt the general (common) features, but it will be difficult to distinguish the peculiarities (individual character) of any elements, parts, levels of a matter (of substance, energy forms).
Comparing different levels of the organization of the Nature - beginning from atom, molecules and finishing on an organism, a planet and stars system (galaxy), it is possible to assume that all this gradually passes (goes, transforms) to each other, carrying out (giving) a constant energy exchange of substance of a general (common) matter - that all this is similar on a principle of existence at a support on general (common) laws of the Nature, but also at having special, individual properties (character) such as different persons (individuals) of the Human, such as different lines (branch) of evolution (development) of alive substance on the planet Earth - they are different (are distinguished), but are connected by the general (common) origin, by the similarity in structure. I think, that at the present stage of development (evolution) of the Human and his science (of his knowledge about the Nature), each person or human (an individual) (especially educated, competent, advanced in the philosophical outlook) is capable to understand all these comparisons (correlations, accordance) of elements, parts, levels of the organization of the Nature - in fact the person (human) can observe (can feel) the same development and differentiation of substance (energy) at his level of existence, even within the limits of society (social system of the human) in different intervals of time, epoch.
Once in the Internet (a computer global network) I have seen a question: "Whether is the Universe infinite?". It became interesting to me - really, what is situated outside our Universe (Space)? But at a support on scientific knowledge of the Human I have understood, that there is nothing finished, precise (determined), there is a transition of one to another. I then have answered on that question as follows: "That I shall tell ... Where is atom? The atom is in a molecule... And where is the molecule? The molecule is in substance (recollect chemistry at school). Further... What is the substance? It is a fabric (tissue)... These is a wooden, cellular membrane, a cell of an organism, a skin of a body, and also that is a metal, a rust, water, hair, a sheet of a plant, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, an ascorbic acid, muscles, walls of vessels... Well and where the substance enters, what constructs? The substance forms bodies, systems of bodies, and they make (construct) organisms, which form populations (group), and these groups of alive organisms make faunae (animals) and florae (plants or vegetation) of biosphere (alive substance) on the planet Earth... And the planet Earth is in Solar system, which is situated on suburb (at edge from the center) of our galaxy ("Milky Way" is named), and the galaxy - in Space, and Space - in the Universe, and the Universe is "ether" (set or complex of atoms and bodies which consist of them). HERE PRESENT, THAT OUR SPACE IS AN ATOM. IT IS POSSIBLE EVEN TO PRESENT, THAT THE ATOM IS OUR GALAXY. AND ELECTRONS OF ATOM - IS THOSE OBJECTS THAT ROTATE AROUND OF THE CENTER OF THE GALAXY. Luck to you for understanding".
It is possible to state (make) the sight (view) concerning these reasoning
March, 2009 +
Whether are ideas or thoughts material?
The question of parallelism of the worlds or of universes is mentioned
Astakhova O. A.
Human and his world (universe) can be one of set (complex) of the parallel worlds (universes), each of which represent the special energy norm of existence. Thus different norms of energy can be submitted by the different (distinguished) form and condition of a matter (of substance) of the Nature. Ideas (thoughts) also can be considered as the special form of the matter (of substance) existing in certain energy norm, at a separate level of the organization of the Nature. Probably, the ideas (thoughts) from the person (human) which are connected to his biological (physical) essence and can be derivatives of work of nervous system of an organism (of a brain, in particular) and are represented by the non-material (spiritual, mental or psychical) essence - create the special parallel world (non-material for the material human), which it is possible to name "new sphere" (sphere of reason or of intellect) on planet Earth. Probably, ideas (thoughts) can be materialized at transition from one energy level of a matter (substance) to another - same as it can occur in a magnetic field which passes (goes) to an electric field. But if there is a principle of structure of the Nature (the universe, space) is the differentiation of the elements (which construct it), then the contact (interaction) of the parallel worlds (universes) is complicated by this - by the distinction of energy conditions and properties of essences, that is natural (under the laws).
Key words: different norms of energy, the parallel worlds (universes), ideas (thoughts) of the person (human), nervous system of an organism (of a brain), the differentiation of the elements, energy norm of existence, the material and non-material things, electromagnetic waves (radiation), evolution of alive substance, "new sphere" (sphere of reason or of intellect) on planet Earth.
And in fact it is valid, that ideas (thoughts) can be material. In fact, ideas (thoughts) are derivative from work of a brain (of a brain of the human, in particular), and it is original (special) electromagnetic waves. As work of a brain (and nervous system as a whole) occurs as a result of functioning of one or many million nervous cells (neurons), connected among themselves by branches (long - axons, short - dendrites) and by bodies of cells (where there is a nucleus with chromosomes (DNA), then it is possible to estimate powerful enough energy of a nervous impulse (electrochemical potential of cells) - it passes (goes) on circuits (in lines, chains) or in networks of these neurons (nervous cells), making a brain of an alive organism (nervous system as a whole). The nervous impulse goes on different combinations of connections (communications) of neurons in a brain, many of which are not stable, capable to change in the structure, to be reconstructed on new directions (but it is smaller ways of a nervous impulse at a brain, more local or individual populations or the connected groups of nervous cells in an organism). Moving in space of neural communications (connections), the nervous impulse forms local potentials of electromagnetic energy in this or that part of a brain (and can be in all brain - somewhere it is more, somewhere it is less). In one place of nervous system the electromagnetic potential can be stronger on energy (on power of radiation or waves), in the other place - it is average on force, in the third place - absolutely weak energy; probably, it is connected to that, where nervous force is required at present is more, where the nervous impulse "happens" or passes (goes) more often (in which groups of nervous cells). If the brain is the greatest set of nervous cells in an organism, then nervous potential in this place is concentrated in the greater degree and it can give powerful on energy electromagnetic potentials (which the human is already capable to register with the help of electric devices). Therefore from a brain (and from other parts of nervous system also) can proceed (go on) to an environment as derivatives from electromagnetic potential of set of nervous cells - electromagnetic radiations or waves (but weaker on energy, electromagnetic waves of the greater length and smaller frequency, are difficultly perceptible by the human or by any electric device). But, nevertheless, these derivative electromagnetic radiations (waves) from work of nervous cells of a brain can be fixed by thin (by strongly feeling radiations or waves) devices (for example, have been tried to take off (to make) pictures of ideas (of thoughts) by the photo camera - and as result the weak outlines of their forms turned out at development of photos), or it is possible to catch their by magnetic devices (determining magnetic fields or magnetic potentials of an environment). Yes, these thin electromagnetic radiations (waves) of a brain (of a brain of organisms, in particular) can be ideas (thoughts) - it that, what the organism (human) thinks, work of his mentality or of psychical acts (imagination, emotions, biological acts). Certainly, stronger and influential ideas (thoughts) represent more powerful work of a brain (probably, including a lot of groups of neurons or, maybe, a nervous impulse stronger - has the greater electrochemical potential), that speaks about the big energetic reception (gift of energy) of an organism (probably as gratitude of the God or the Nature for good or correct behaviour). Therefore the processes, which are more powerful on energy in nervous system, will give stronger electromagnetic waves (radiation) to an environment - so, that even these ideas (thoughts) from such strong organism in mentality (in psychical) can well have been felt (to be sensible) by other essences (human or person), which can even "catch" these ideas (thoughts) - to start to think the same as this human (person) with strong nervous system (here it is already possible to speak about mental or psychical influence). So it is possible to explain the phenomenon "public consciousness" in society of the human (between different individuals of people), in group of any animals (in a population of birds, fishes, animals, for example). Certainly, weak energy of nervous system gives weaker electromagnetic impulses to outside, not always appreciable (not perceptible), but existing.
But how force of ideas (thoughts) is collected? How it is formed - this energy? Certainly, any reception (gift, as receive) occurs as updating (return, as take) of forces of an organism as a result of given back energy. If the organism has the big given back energy during a life, then its biological essence as a result of it will be exhausted, decrease in the energy, but thus its material energy (being stable at one level of the organization of the Nature) will pass (go on) in non-material energy (stable, but already for other level of the organization of the Nature). The same can occur in nervous system of an organism - material energy (a network of neurons and the nervous impulse connecting them) can pass (turn out) in non-material energy (ideas or thoughts or electromagnetic radiations, the waves, derivative of work of a brain and of mentality or psychical, and departing from within, to an environment). It turns out, that than person (human) is more exhausted, is destitute, than more his organism gives back energy (including - sufferings, discomfort, oppressions), then the more his biological (material) essence has passed (gone) to non-material ("spiritual") his essence (ideas or thoughts, mind (intellect), beauty, force of influence, wisdom). Therefore all intellectuals (scientists, philosophers, magicians) have created a stereotype of such ailing, physically defective individuals? It is probably. But without physical powerful energy cannot be strong mental or psychical (nervous, "spiritual") energy of an organism, therefore all this feebleness, leanness and dryness of a material body - only visibility of many clever, wise, beautiful people (organisms). Actually, with loss of material energy is possible the taking of non-material energy - and in a plenty. Therefore presently, it would seem among abundance of food stuffs, clothes and other riches, people (an individuals of the person or human) try to not take for themselves too much material energy, as they aspire to take of non-material ("spiritual", mental or psychical) energy (mind or intellect, wisdom, beauty - first of all). Beauty - first of all internal (mental or psychical, ethical, aesthetic), which already after that go on (turn out) outside as pleasant, nice appearance (face, body), accurate clothes, the correct, normalized, tactful behaviour, as culture of the person or human (and first of all in the form of mental or psychical culture, which cannot be without the healthy, advanced (developed), well functioning nervous system of an organism). But good work of a brain, mentality (psychical) of an organism needs to be developed by efforts (by given back energy) and that these efforts and given back energy of an organism must will be not negative (malicious, bad) character (as a result of harm to someone or something, sins, a wrong life). It is necessary in the positive way (good acts, the help to somebody or something, protection of somebody or something, by true, aspiration to knowledge, learning, wisdom or it is simple is not influence) to achieve given back energy (leaving of energy) of an organism, to aspire to learn the Nature and to live in conformity with it, with its laws. And so now in society of people (human) have been formed the special norm of a life, special norm of a parity (ratio) of physical (material, biological) energy and of spiritual (non-material, mental or psychical) energy. And, certainly, to be kept within the limits of this norm of a life, people (person or human) during the life aspire to correspond (to be same, according) to this evolutionary modern norm of a condition (of parity or ratio) of material and of non-material in an organism. If now the person (human) needs to know the certain quantity (amount) of the information, he needs to be able to do (make) the certain quantity (amount) of actions, he needs to be able to think definitely (that is to own the certain mental or psychical skills), then he must acquire all these things during his life for that norm of a life, norm of a modern society which have been formed at present time, at present evolution of alive substance. Therefore people (person or human) even among abundance of the material and of non-material things try to balance (to adjust) the spiritual and physical condition according to that norm of a life, which have been formed during evolution.
And the present norm of human life assumes the greater prevalence (prevail) of the non-material ("spiritual", mental or psychical) energy of an organism (ideas or thoughts, wisdom, mind or intellect, beauty, mental or psychical influence, "spiritual" force), than the material (physical, biological) energy (a body, weight, the size of an organism). Therefore now the person (human) has questions about telepathy ("dialogue by ideas or by thoughts"), about telekinesis ("invisible movement of bodies"), about travel to the different parallel worlds, to different intervals of time of evolution, supernatural forces of the human (skill to fly by a body, skill to cure from illnesses, skill "to see" for many years forward, skill to read the information of the person or human on his energy, skill to manipulate others, to be able to do the desire and another) are more and more discussed. It is strange, but material (physical, biological) essence of human, apparently, gradually disappears and turns completely in the non-material ("spiritual", mental or psychical) essence - same it occurs in electromagnetic potentials of energy of the brain, which give weak, but the existing electromagnetic radiations (waves) of ideas (thoughts) proceeding (going) from within to outside. Probably, it is natural process of evolution of substance at all levels of the organization of the Nature - from material to non-material? And, this non-material is non-material only in relation to that material from which departs (which it is made), but this non-material is material in the other level of the organization of the Nature - and this materiality will be proved with those essences which are at the same level of the organization of a matter (substance) and correspond (according) to the same energy norms of existence, as that "former" non-material (when was at a former level of existence with level of material), therefore these "former" non-material essences can create communications (connections) and to be material for themselves, to each other. It also will represent the parallelism of the worlds (of universes) - they represent different energy norms of materiality. For example, the Human (his norm of existence) cannot feel (be sensible) other norms of energy (for example, ideas or thoughts, and also atoms - if only indirectly by means of development of a civilization and creation of special devices). These norms are parallel to each other. Nevertheless, they exist - each world or universe in the certain parallel. Individuals of the Human (different persons, generations) have contact, interaction to each other, and different atoms also have contact, interaction to each other, forming special "society" (molecules and substances); and also, probably, have contact (interaction) ideas or thoughts (represent as complex of motions of a nervous impulse in neural networks) of the person (human) and of other alive organisms (as derivative from work of a brain, mentality or psychical acts), and they form, probably, the "spiritual or mental (psychical) system" - and it is parallel to other systems of the Nature. Therefore the person (human) can frequently observe (as visible, by sense in sleep) energy reductions (phantoms or ghosts) of biologically died people - there are their ideas or thoughts as a cumulative (complex) energy potential of their essence. If energy of their nervous system have been strong, then after death they quite could create the parallel world (universe) by the ideas (thoughts) with others essences which died (disappeared), and if they appeared in the energy, in the ideas (thoughts) on similar (maybe, in the same) energy norm of existence. And I am confident, that I also have already died (have disappeared) and I create with someone (more likely, with died ancestors) the parallel world (universe) by my "ideas" or by "thoughts" (that is by displays or results of work of my brain, of mentality or psychical acts), by my energy. Though for those material essences, among which I existed earlier (before death), I have died biologically - they cannot feel now my biological body, for them now I am non-material and parallel. Now I have other energy niche (norm). It appears, the death is only transition to other energy niche (norm) of existence. For these essences you find yourself as material, for others - you a phantom (an incorporeal or non-material ghost, the form of idea or thoughts). Such transformation of energy from one condition to another occurs eternally and constantly in the Nature - in the universe (in Space), in molecules, in atoms, in cells of an organism, among organisms, among ideas (thoughts), among cultural norms, among all that has declared (represent) itself as essence by the display (by realization).
Thus, ideas or thoughts can represent the special form of a matter (substance) and of energy - special norm of existence, but it is parallel to any other norm of energy. Probably, ideas or thoughts ("spiritual", mental or psychical displays, acts) of different essences can have contact (interaction) among themselves (if they appear in the energy norm of existence at the same or similar level of the organization of the Nature) and they can make the special world (universe) or the system (which are material for each of its components), which will be parallel to other world (universe) or to the system. Whether it is "new sphere" (sphere of reason or of intellect) about which V. I. Vernadsky (Russian biology scientist) spoke, arguing it, that the arisen human during his existence transforms a surface of a planet Earth (the biosphere) as by the industry, by the construction of buildings, and by the culture? I think, that here V. I. Vernadsky deciphered the term "new sphere" more financially (practically), biologically for the human and for other alive organisms, which are taking place at a similar energy level of existence and consequently are material to each other (for example, invertebrate and vertebrate animals). In given science theory the "new sphere" (sphere of reason or of intellect) have been applied as a part of biosphere (alive substance of a planet Earth). But, it appears, "new sphere" of the human can consist of such condition of energy as ideas or thoughts ("spiritual", mental or psychical displays, acts) and their interactions among themselves in different combinations and the properties - and they create (give) really separate sphere of "reason or intellect", which are parallel in many respects. Probably, ideas or thoughts can be materialized, if they will pass (go on) from one level of energy to another, from one condition of a matter (substance) to another, from one norm of existence to another - when they will be material there, where before were as non-material. Transition of the parallel worlds (universes) to each other is being carried out (it exists) - parallels can frequently adjoin and even can be crossed at cyclic curvature of space (at great density of matter).
However, what for us to find out, to study (to learn) the parallel worlds (universes)? And these worlds are not clear (are not understand) to each other. These are different conditions of a matter (of substance), different forms of energy... And that is water in a liquid condition and in a gaseous condition, and also in a firm (hard) condition. Three physical conditions of one substance - are three parallel worlds (universes). Or in general - all gases, liquids, stones (firm or hard bodies) also are parallel in the properties, in the existence... The same as are parallel in the essences - fire and a dust, as plants and animals (the same as different evolutionary groups of animals - worms, insects, fishes, birds, animals, the human; as different evolutionary groups of plants - seaweed, trees, flowers; or as different individuals (the persons) of human - but all this already more the general (common) parallel worlds (universes), their parallels are close (not are far) in time and in space of the Nature), also a sound and light... All of them are parallel. They can understand and learn (study) to each other, if they appear at a similar energy level of existence (in a similar condition)... But the matter and energy of the Nature is differentiated in different elements, consisting of them, and it is represented essence of the Nature. Especially, if it appearing near to another (which is parallel) (or becoming same as it), then it is possible to feel only that it feels, but not how that feels parallel to it. Thus at passing (going) to other parallel world (universe), it is possible to feel only its organization (structure, a condition), but not another. So, whether is need to pass (to go) to the parallel worlds (universes) - if at being in one world (universe), we do not feel another? In fact it (transition in different conditions of energy) also occurs for all essences in time and in space in the Nature (in the universe, in Space). +
Post scriptum. Recently I have read article "Whether it is possible to record or to print dreams in sleep (thoughts) from the human on video as film?", where have been spoken that already mental (psychical) images of the person (human) have been photographed and can be visible in photos. I have thought... The ideas (thoughts) can be materialized? It is strange. The magnetic field giving an electric field... Electromagnetic waves of one length are passed (gone) to waves of other length (which shorter). It as radio waves through the aerial gives the image in the TV (television set). You can write the comment concerning article
February 2009
What true structure of the Universe (Space)? "The black hole" such as "transcendental object" or "thing inside itself" (on ideas of I. Kant)
Astakhova O. A.
Recently many models of structure of the Universe (Space) are submitted. The essence of a space matter (energy), its structure, different forms of a condition of the Universe (Space) - cyclic, flat, concave (depending on density of a matter or energy) have been opened. Large space objects of the Universe (Space) and their character - star systems (galaxy), stars, planets, comets, quasars, "black holes", gas-dust fogs are revealed. The structure of a microcosm of the Universe (Space) - atoms (its different components - micro particles, quarks), molecules, electromagnetic radiations of different length of waves and values of frequency are being revealed. Also thus there is a question about "a dark matter (energy)", which should (must) exist in the Space (Universe) on scientific ideas, but is not found out yet by the human. And, at last, Human continues search of space reason (intellect) in the Universe (Space). All these generated (formed) representations about surrounding Space (Universe) are interesting. However, whether are they true? Why Human considers, that there is (exist) only those things, which he capable to see, assume? The Universe (Space) surrounding Human can be only one of the worlds or from all set (complex) of the Universes (Spaces), which exist and develop in parallel to each other and are distinguished by the special energy norms. Observing certain "black hole" (on reaction of an electromagnetic field around of it) in a space, the human cannot see - what is situated inside of this "black hole". But whether can be so, that the space civilization to which Human belongs, also is situated in the certain dark body or in "a black hole", invisible to other worlds which are latent in others "black holes" and create the set (complex) of different Universes (Spaces)?
Key words: homogeneous "space ether", different levels of existence, large objects in the Space, "transcendental objects" ("thing inside itself"), philosopher Immanuel Kant, "black holes" of the Universes (Spaces), the special energy norms, many different Universes, parallel worlds are as if contents of "black holes", ancestors of posterity (of the following generation), an energy potential of posterity inside "black hole", laws (principles) of existence, "the dark matter or energy" of the Universe (Space).
The Universe (Space) consists of many objects which are in different conditions (forms) of energy. And also in the Space (Universe) there is a general (common) matter (energy) which is weakly differentiated and such as the general (common) base for already differentiated objects (stars, comets, planets) - so-called "a space ether", consisting of electromagnetic fields of different atoms (it is possible, that is initial base for the further formation (construction) of space objects which, for example, the human or person can observe). Probably, that "space ether" (a general or common matter or energy of the Space), unshared (not different, homogeneous) for eyes of the Human (for a large level of existence - stars, comets, planets), and that "space ether" represents other level of existence - probably, less smaller where also there are separate differentiated objects (as well as stars, planets, comets), but imperceptible (not found out) for larger level of existence - stars, planets, comets of that level of existence on which the human (his energy) exists also - which is capable to observe things situated at his level of existence. Different large objects in the Space (in the Universe) and homogeneous "space ether" (a background or basic general or common matter or energy of the Space) can be compared (can be made accordance) - such as an organism (the human, animals, plants) on the planet Earth and complex of bacteria, molecules, atoms in air (which are imperceptible for an organism and they live around him). Thus the microcosm of bacteria, molecules, of atoms also is differentiated (on the same general or common laws or principles), as well as a macrocosm (for example, organisms), but they are not capable to feel (they have not sense) to each other because they create (construct) different levels of existence, therefore they seem for each other as if homogeneous (continuous), unshared, weakly differentiated - the same as continuous (homogeneous) and weakly differentiated "space ether" seems to us in the Universe - on the background (on base) of which there are the large space objects, appreciable (they can be seen) to the human or person in a telescope.
Also I wanted to note one more thing. Philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) (Germany) spoke a remarkable idea that there are "transcendental objects" ("thing inside itself") - they exist inside ("in themselves"), but they are imperceptible (are aprioristic, are not appreciable) for surrounding. This is possible to tell about many things - about a microcosm (bacteria, molecules, atoms) which is imperceptible to the human or person without a microscope, about a macrocosm (the Space) which also is imperceptible to the human or person without a telescope. This is possible to tell about a developing alive organism - his inclinations (individual features), genes are formed "inside", but their display (expression) is possible only at passage of time (during time), during development of this organism when he will start (begin) to be realized (to make expression himself), show of own essence. This is possible to tell also about large space objects - so-called "black holes" inside which, probably, there is a same process, as well as outside of this "a black hole", but it is latent (is latent in darkness because this space object absorbs energy of light, not reflects it). When that process which occurs inside "black hole" will be shown? It is not known, whether it will be shown in general (at one time). Maybe, "the black hole" will disappear together with the contents. But, maybe, "walls" of "a black hole" which absorb energy will disappear, and all that was inside it will come out (there will be outside) - that is developed inside it, probably, during many time of existence of this "black hole". In the Universe (in the Space) exist a lot of such "black objects or holes" - and, probably, everyone of those contains own energy, the energy processes inside (as if "a pregnant organism"). Likely, outside there will be (will come out) those that should exist on general (common) laws or principles of the Nature - those must will be adequate (have an accord) to Nature laws and as if are worthy to exist (as if they will have deserving) (but maybe, it is not so). Probably, those that does not according (does not correspond) to laws (principles) of the Nature at one energy level - those can try to exist at the other level of existence. So, the science of the Human about the Space can be not right (not correct) when counts up (considers) weight (mass) of a matter (energy) of the Space (Universe) not including huge energy of dark objects ("black holes"), which can be as if new Universe "in a rudiment" (still "not born") - "transcendental objects" ("thing inside itself") (on ideas of German philosopher I. Kant). These many "black holes" can quite contain already Universes (Spaces) of different energy norms, but it is as if the parallel worlds to each other - they are latent in different "black holes", are not appreciable for each other, are not found out (not have sense to another). Probably, "black holes" are represented as if many different Universes (the differentiated matters or energy of the Spaces), but are latent from each other (not appreciable, not found out). Probably, these different worlds or the Universes (the Spaces) (in parallel existing) are latent in "black holes" and will open to each other, but during certain time and in the certain sequence and at the certain levels of the organization of a matter (energy) - how it will be necessary for the Nature and general (common) laws (for the God). Probably, all those stars and galaxies (stars systems) which the Human is capable to observe in the Space (in the Universe) represent also opened or come out "black holes", probably, already not existing together with the contents, but energy of their essence still reaches (goes) up to us. For each star, for each galaxy (stars system) exists "the black hole" - that "has given birth" (has generated inside itself) these space objects (and now these "black holes" simply exist together with those contents which has come out and divides with it common energy, and they exist thus and create strong steady structure at the certain level of the organization - "the black hole" draws or attracts still to itself the former contents which aspires more to outside, to independent existence). So occurs to our galaxy (stars system) which in the center has a nucleus as if "a black hole". So any star, quasars can exist which radiate strong energy coming out as result of attracting (as if to draw) of the "black object" which absorbs energy. Probably, the comet (the moving solid object in the Space) also is a derivative of "a black hole", released (exempted) from within that dark object, but already enough exhausted in energy (for example, the comet will not show the energy of a luminous star). The ray (line, wave) of light also can go which has been released (exempted) from "black hole" (probably, that dark object simply has disappeared of lack of energy). Poorly appreciable electromagnetic field also can be after the disappearance of "black hole" occurs (but this dark object can exist, not disappear and can release (let off) own contents, but already in the form of weak energy).
It can be compared (made accordance) to former generation of organisms which died or disappeared at the given energy level, which are ancestors of posterity (the following generation) aspiring to realize itself (to make expression), to show own essence as if it is a result of the saved up energy (resources), being inside (among) old generation (in so-called "a black hole"). Probably, also this new generation will exhaust (will spend) the forces (energy) and will turn (can be transformed) into "black hole" without energy and absorbing missing energy which can give new vigorous posterity. But what posterity will be - such as luminous star, such as the small comet or such as a ray of light, or such as electromagnetic field weak in energy, but also it can be such as the whole galaxy (stars system) or such as the Universe (the Space having own energy norm) (as if a result of "the big explosion") - that depends on "parents", is a result of their initial energy, of their energy receptions and the given back energy, of an energy potential of posterity inside "black hole", of a degree of sins (evil, bad acts, egoism) of "parents" (how much they will take for themselves energy, "killing" surrounding). All this influences on energy of the future expression of the essence which is inside "black hole". And also laws of the Nature (God) adjust all these processes of energy receptions and the given back energy (receives those who also give energy, for whom it is necessary for maintenance of general or common system of a matter or energy). Interestingly, to what dark object or to "a black hole" belongs the Universe (the Space having the special norm of energy) in which exists the Human?
Therefore to discover (to find out) the laws (principles) of existence of space objects, it is possible to research (to find out) only the laws (principles) of existence of objects of that energy level on which exists the human - for example, biological laws of existence of organisms, and then it is possible to compare (to make accordance) them to a level of existence of a macrocosm (the Space) or of a microcosm (a bacterium, a molecule, atoms). By the way, "the dark matter or energy" of the Universe (Space) - this is that the Human does not see, but it exists at results of scientific calculations (views) about structure of the Universe. However, the human yet cannot find out (cannot feel) "a dark matter (energy)", cannot fix its by own devices (probably, it is simply smaller space objects - similarly to the planet Earth or to the asteroids which the human cannot observes (feels) on very big space distances). Perhaps, the part of this "dark matter (energy)" yet does not come (does not have expression) in relation to the human, to the planet Earth - in fact also energy of light (electromagnetic radiation) in the Space goes (moves) during some or big time, but this light (energy of light) already exists - even when the human yet does not see it. Probably, "the dark matter (energy)" already exists - such as the same objects which the human already observes, but they yet have not proved (they have not reached (achieved) or not came) in relation to the Human. If passage (going) of light through the Space takes (needs) time, then time is necessary for other processes in the Universe (in the Space) also.
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March 2009
The norm of language (speech) reflects norm of thinking (mind) and of reason (consciousness) of the Human? What is energy of words and ideas (thoughts)?
Astakhova O. A.
At cooperation the people supervise norm of own consciousness, of mentality (psychical essence) as a whole (their displays, expressions, shows). The certain norm of consciousness, of mentality (psychical essence) (its display, expression) can keep in the certain limits by its constant stabilization, but this norm also can change, can be updated - gradually, by including innovations (frequently changing former, old things). For own life at first the Human should bring up, generate in himself Reason (Mind, Consciousness). Each individual (the person, an organism) as if the representative of the Human Reasonable should aspire to knowledge, to spiritual, to morals, to philosophy. At everyone there is own (individual) outlook (view), own (different) philosophy, but also they should be united, have the general (common) essence (between the human individuals). For this purpose there is an education, a science, religion in society of the Human. From ancient times the people understand - reason (mind, consciousness) represents light (good) essence, madness (stupidity, ignorance) represents darkness, and knowledge represents force. People (representatives of vertebrate warm-blooded alive organisms of species the Human Reasonable) - aspire to Reason (Mind, Consciousness)! And we shall look - how evolution will goes thus. +
Key words: realization (expression, show) of essence, normal words and thoughts, abnormal words and thoughts, word-mutations, norm of consciousness, reason (mind) of the Human, deviations from norm, according to laws of the Nature, small reflects large, material essence, non-material condition, mentality (psychical essence) of the human, the natural innovations, energy balance, parallel to each other, different energy levels.
Many peoples on the planet Earth (separate human populations) have no writing (letters) and especially advanced culture. They communicate orally (verbally, in words), by the certain language, with a view of a survival and satisfactions of elementary biological needs (requirements) and transfer it to following generation such as orally (verbally, in words) too.
And now you think - what for us this all (complex or difficult culture), that we with large eagerness, work and the energy given back develop, carefully we transfer it to young generation. Birds sing, because they feel additional energy in the organism (because they eat, and hormones work), because realization is necessary for formation of system (biological, social, physical - SYSTEM of the NATURE, eventually) which is structure of the self-organizing matter (energy) of the NATURE. So, REALIZATION (expression, show), first of all, is the direct component of EXISTENCE incorporated in all its forms as if INITIALLY, it is possible to tell, as if "genetically" (or "is aprioristic" - as I. Kant would tell, the German philosopher). But together with it, a matter (substance or energy) constantly in "movement", change is peculiar to it, therefore alongside with realization (show) always there is an OPPRESSION (fading) of some one and there is realization, display (expression) of another - and then again their change in operation, their changes (replacement), their combination and addition. But it is only my ideas (thoughts), my display (expression) of mentality (psychical essence) which, probably, also is not so necessary. Though, everything, that is capable itself to show - already potentially it "is necessary", already declares rights on existence, enters inconsistent interactions with surrounding and, thus, realizes (expresses) itself, being oppressed and dying - giving a up the place of realization and existence to other elements - it is possible, it can prove itself and exist not only once, and it may be many times and in different qualities, conditions of a matter (energy). Speech of the usual human (person) can frequently include malicious words or word-parasites (they are included as a result of imagination, instead of logic or sequence - as though spontaneous sudden mutations which are in genes, in populations of organisms). These word-parasites are not proved for the existence - are bad words (evil) which go from communication (connection) to the sexual act (pleasures), it go from illiteracy, from backwardness (undevelopment); and it is also word-inventions as a result of associations or comparisons to any subjects, or it is offending calls (names), insults (offends). It is considered as if evil, bad words, because it express aggression, aspiration to humiliate (offend) another (to take energy at him), and because the sexual act leads the human (person) to animal essence (which is more aggressive and is rectilinear, sharp in actions).
Normal words of the human (person) make norm of human language, which correspond (accord) to laws of the Nature and, thus, they form the certain ideas (thoughts) and reason (mind, consciousness) of the Human which also should correspond (accord) to all matter (substance or energy) of the Nature, to its structure. If within the limits of norm of language of the human (person) there will be many word-mutations of a unknown origin (as a result of excessive imagination or as a result of illiteracy, backwardness, at communication (connection) to sexual act and to other physical displays or expressions, to evil), then this norm will cease to exist (or it will be in strongly deformed form, that may be energetically unprofitable or unsuccessful). Therefore exists on the part of the Nature the certain control over language system of the human (person) (and for other alive organisms too) - there is a maintenance (keeping) of the usual (established) norm of language and destruction of abnormal things (for example, word-mutations), such as it is excessive deviations or mutations (sudden and sharp innovations) in any population (in the population, group) of alive organisms or in a genotype (set of all genes) of organism. The norm of language of the human (person) - if it corresponds (accords) to laws of the Nature, then it develops consistently, logically, in result of divergence and differentiations of lines (branches) of evolution. One language norm goes from other norm of words and ideas (thoughts, consciousness) in the development. And, these languages (speech, words) are connected to thinking (consciousness) and reason (mind) of the Human. Words are external display (expressions) of ideas (thoughts) and of reason (mind, consciousness) of the human (person). And if ideas (thoughts), consciousness and reason (mind) of the human (person) have arisen in the Nature - it means, that they are natural (accord to laws) - such as transition of material essence to non-material condition which is natural (accords to natural laws) too. But this non-material substance exists as if material essence (they are similar) - under general or common laws of the Nature, and they are parallel to each other (and they also go from each other, generating each other). And if reason (mind, consciousness) is natural (accords to laws) in the Nature, then also separate words (speech, language) of the human (person), his ideas (thoughts, consciousness) also should form (create) under the natural laws in their display (expressions) - they should show correctly mentality (psychical essence) of the human (person) (emotions, feelings, thinking). Words should be expressed so that correctly, naturally (according to laws) show reason (mind, consciousness) of the Human. Though, certainly, many words in language of the Human represent some randomness and moving (quickly varying) system on which the natural selection constantly operates (influences). Certainly, that is the majority - that and will be norm. But thus that majority, and that bad norm can disappear if they do not correspond (do not accord) to the Nature, to its laws. Therefore usually people frequently using abnormal words (malicious words, word-inventions, word-parasites or word-mutations), can be such as a deviation at their physical level of existence, because originally (initially) such human (person) have made deviations from norm at a spiritual (psychical) level - at a level of words, ideas (thoughts), reason (mind, consciousness). Such people (which said and have thought many bad words and abnormal ideas or thoughts) either are destroyed, or are kept in oppression - in order that they had not shown the essence in much. Therefore in human society the bad words, bad ideas (thoughts), bad affairs (deeds) are considered such as "sins" (in result of that people are being punished by sufferings, oppressions, by fast disappearance). Any norm has been created by the big work, by a voltage, by aspiration to true, by submission to the Nature - therefore such norm represents the optimal existence. Substances (things) which are situated outside this produced (generated) norm, outside this "optimum" existence - it is possible to consider as if not normalized things (unbalanced in the energy), as if chaos (but maybe, outside one norm exists other norm - but as far as it is energetically favorable to existence?). Therefore at outside of norm the people frequently go in a certain chaos where their energy given back and reception of energy can be either excessive or unbalanced (sharp, non-uniform). To exist under such changeable conditions of the energetic exchange, at energetic instability means death, destruction for essence. Whether is it a hell? Probably, if had suffered much oppressions in outside of the produced (generated) norm, and if "had given payment for the sins", then the human (person, people) can start (begin) to develop own line of evolution (that more difficultly), nevertheless corresponding to laws of the Nature. Or, probably, this human (person) again will return to former norm of existence and even will introduce the natural innovations (according to natural laws) at this norm. The reason (mind, consciousness) of the human has the certain norm which has been formed by centuries, during long time. And the Nature "chose" things (elements) that are necessary for existence of a general (common) matter (energy) - it chose those norms, which are optimal (suitable) for structure of general (common) system (even if to take into account systems of a macrocosm - the Universe or Space, and a microcosm - atoms, molecules, cells), because between all compound systems of the Nature there is a constant exchange, circulation of substance and energy. Therefore everyone who came in outside the limits of the selected norm of language, ideas (thoughts), reason (mind, consciousness) of the Human - in result departs from general (common) laws of the Nature and as result he is a deviation. Probably, thus the human (person) can depart norm of the Human Reasonable and he can become other essence having other norms of existence - for example, such as a dog, a cat and other animal for whom there is no concept "human reason (mind, consciousness)", but which have the special system of interaction. Therefore it is necessary to be very cautious at display (expression) of own essence (at realization or show itself) in words, ideas (thoughts), in consciousness (reason, mind). It is important, to understand sense of things which told and thought - as far as it is "correct", true, as far as it corresponds (accords) to laws of the Nature (to that which the human names the God and addresses to it with a view of normal existence). It is interesting, that many people specially use word-mutations (malicious words, groundless inventions, bad words and bad ideas, thoughts) for creation to itself oppression, and they deviate from norm. Probably, during some time such "mind breaking" people can be "internal destroyers" of language norms of the human, and they at within (at inside) destroy norms of words, ideas (thoughts) and reason (consciousness, mind) of the human (it is possible, they create other norms). But such "people-deviations", nevertheless, are strictly supervised by the Nature - and creation of other new norms of language (speeches, words), thinking, reason (consciousness, mind) of alive organisms are being carefully selected by general (common) laws of the Nature on the basis of energy characters of these norms of existence. Whether is possible the existence of other reason (consciousness, mind) of the Human (or of similar to the Human) which is distinguished from that norm of reason (consciousness), thinking, language (speech) of the Human Reasonable (Homo sapiens) which is known now? Probably, it is possible too. There are many "worlds", many of which do not cooperate (do not interact) to each other, and they do not know (do not understand) reason (consciousness, thinking, language) of each other. But these different reasons (consciousnesses, thinking and words) should correspond (accord) somehow to general (common) laws of the Nature, to its energy system. Thus, to some extent these different systems of reason (thinking, speech) are similar, they have the general (common) things (signs), but also they are capable to differ considerably among themselves on ways (principles) of energy given back and receptions of energy in different essences.
The word is the energy which has arisen in the Nature - it stand apart (as if separate) in independent energetic balance, and it create own line of development (evolution). A bad word represent negative energy, a good word represent positive energy. Set (complex) of words represents one of forms of general (common) energy (conversation, the book, film, human life - it include those or other words and represents energy). But also there are ideas (thoughts) - as if in parallel to words. The thinking (mind, consciousness) creates a line of development (evolution) separating from word. Ideas (reason, consciousness) create own separate energy balance. Also bad ideas (thoughts) give bad energy, and good ideas (thoughts) represent good energy. Set (complex) of ideas (reason, thinking) composes one of forms of energy - it is possible to tell, these are parallel in relation to set (complex) of energy of words. And it at whole represents the big energy of words and the general (common) energy of ideas (thinking, reason), which are parallel to each other, and also they are parallel to biological essence (to energy of alive organisms) which gives (creates, shows) the energy of words and energy of ideas (thoughts). Thus, they are forms (kinds) of energy and they are parallel in own existence to each other, and they have own separate lines of development during evolution, and they have the independent balances of energy, but, nevertheless, these kinds (forms) of energy are interconnected to each other, they are derivatives of each other, they have some exchange of energy between their levels of existence. These kinds (forms) of energy represent as if different aromorfoses (as if increases of a level of the organization) during evolution of the Human? The high-grade (potential) organism has developed first, then goes at evolution his designation of different subjects by symbols (development of operating by symbols, formation of words and letters), then goes the development of ideas (thinking, reason), and goes the formation of consciousness, abstract thinking (mind). As if evolution of the Human departs from a material level to a non-material level - more and more. Probably, thus the Human dies in the former energy niche (place) of the Nature on the planet Earth? Or thus his materiality has transition from the side of a material level and turns to a non-material level (in relation to his former existence)?
No, I think, that form of energy such as the Human and his displays (expressions, shows) thus are connected to the Space (the Universe) (to a macrocosm - "macro" for us, it is possible to tell, as if we are "bacterial essences from a fragment of a stone the Earth"). As we represents a part of this macrocosm (which is represented by a macro-level for scale of the Human, but, probably, such macro-level for someone will be micro-scale - it is, likely, already for essence in relation to which the Human and the planet Earth do not exist - such as do not exist for the Human the particles which create electrons of atoms in molecules). But these represent general (common) energy which is differentiated (it is divided or shared on many different forms), and then these again incorporate in different displays (expressions, shows), forming (creating) new combinations on the basis of former (initial) forms of energy which after that also will give a variety, polymorphism in different displays (expressions) of the same general (common) energy, but at different levels, in different energy niches (places). And each component of this general (common) energy (for someone its some conditions are material, therefore it is possible to name as if the general (common) matter of the Nature) - it repeats in itself structure at whole which general (common) energy has too. For study of large scale it is possible to discover only its small part, because it represents reflection of that large level which it composes, being on smaller level. Thus self-organizing systems of the general (common) energy (matters) of the Nature are constructed. Small and large scales create the general (common) essence - such as it occurs at formation of the Universe (set or complex of small atoms, molecules and huge infinity of spaces), such as different small stones create the planet Earth, composing a stone basis of this space object - such as the words and ideas (thoughts) compose the general (common) knowledge and reason (mind, consciousness), such as small alive organisms create the general (common) electromagnetic field of the planet Earth (which has transition to the general or common energy of the Space or of the Universe - in different forms of energy). All is interconnected, but also it is separately. +
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Olesya Astakhova
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