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Loyalty schemes: a means to an end? Essential insights for those planning to make loyal customers the heart of their strategy

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a mean to an end
Loyalty Schemes
Building the consumers' future relationship
model, within a mass marketer environment
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Loyalty is NOT a marketing program on its own…
it is the customer BEHAVIOUR which you are trying to create towards your brand…
Priority 1 :
Retain your existing customers
Priority 2 :
Increase their usage of your brand (Frequency, basket size)
And only in 3rd
position from an effectiveness: acquire new customers
Is this Brand acceptable ? Is the offer relevant ?
What’s in it for me ?
Is my behaviour rewarded ?
It is not anymore about what we sell why customers will use our networks / brands but...
2 Billion transactions per year in Europe
150 million customers
35 million active loyalty customers
Average generated Gross margin below 1% of Turnover
It has been a 10 years journey at BP
...To get to a individual relationship despite our mass
marketer business model
…3 customer attributes as basis for BP ‘ contact strategy
Fuel Only Frequency
Overall usage of BP
Basket size
Scheme engagement
Thank you
…based on specifi c customer segment defi nitions…
Pro Drivers
Fuel Only
• Huge volume
• Diesel
• Frequency 3 x last 15 days
Overall usage of BP
• Use of minimum 10 sites from network
• High usage of Food offer 1 in every second visit
• 35% have washed their car more then 6 times in last 4 mths
Scheme engagement
• Mostly BP acquired customers
• 70% usage of credit card for transaction
• Preferred communication channel : Mobile App coupons
• Usage of 3 partners in the coalition
Freelancer / commercial jobs
Alternatively lonely wolves who live in rural areas
Wealthy Families / couples
…we defi ne business targets
and appropriate Communication strategy
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
In store
T@T - coupons
T@T - messaging
Direct Mailing
Email newsletter
Personalised mailings
Points update mailings
Social media
Pro Drivers
Building consumer relationship model…
Do’s and do not do’s Do’s
Defi ne clearly your fi nancial boundaries by segment. You cannot afford everything !
Be very clear about your IT capabilities : it is the enabler for the whole approach
Defi ne clearly roles of each segmentation used, with what targets
Make choices : you can’t do everything to all customers. Anyway, they would not see it
Be humble , you won’t have it right the fi rst time.
Do not do ’s
Don’t jump on the next technologic innovation because it is fancy (App downloads is nice but real use is critical)
Don’t underestimate internal and traditional agency resistance to change
Do NEVER over-market your segments, they will hate you for this
Don’t get lost in your data : keep it simple.
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