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EX 2 PAG 12
1. My name is Maria and I am 20 years old.
2. Today is my first day at the faculty.
3. Nice to meet you! I'm glad to meet you!
4. Let mee introduce my friends to you.
5. They are students.
6. Tom is 23 years old.
EX 5 PAG 13
portughez danez japonez spaniol chinez
Danish Japanese Chinese Portuguese Spanish
Tom IS MY BEST FRIEND. He's from Portugal ia. He's Portuguese. I haven't Danish friends, but I have a Spanish schoolmate.
My sister-in-low speaks Japanese and she has many Japanese friends.
Do you want to meet Chinese people?
EX 6 PAG 13
1. Maria is a student.
2. She's from Bucharest.
3. She's great to be classmate colleague with Susan, Pierre and Tom.
4. This is theyr first day at the faculty. Their 5. Ivan is Russian.
EX 2 PAG 15
1. They are engineers.
2. We are glad to meet you.
3. Jose isn't Italian, he's Spanish.
4. France and Germany are European Countries.
5. I'm not busy.
6. Maria and Ana are friends.
7. We aren't teachers, we are students.
8. Are you at home this evening?
9. I'm sorry.
10. They are friends.
EX 1 PAG 20
1. Jack is a pilot. Jack isn't a pilot. Is Jack a pilot?
2. The students are in the library. The students aren't in the library. Are the students in the library?
3. We are happy. We aren't happy. Are we happy?
4. Maria is from Madrid. Maria isn't from Madrid. Are Is Maria from Madrid?
5. We are at home. We aren't at home. Are we at home?
6. They are at the theatre. They aren't at the theatre. Are they at the theatre?
7. A cat is on a chair. A cat isn't on a chair. Is cat on a chair?
8. My friend is an engineer. My friend isn't an engineer. Is my friend an engineer?
EX 2 PAG 21
1. Is Maria at home?
2. No, she isn't at home.
3. She is in the park.
4. My first name surname is Georgescu, bath the and my first name surname is Alina.
5. We are happy to meet you.
6. John is an architect.
7. New York is a big city.
8. The boocks books are on the table.
9. On .... The days are courts. The days are shorts in the winter.
10. Are you busy today? Are you free today?
EX 3 PAG 21
1. Bucharest is in Roumania
2. My name is Rodica.
3. I'm from Moldova.
4. Mount Fuji is on Japan.
5. They are at home.
Me and my family
Hello! My first name is Rodica and my surname is Rusu. I'm twenty-six years old and I'm married. I I'm from Moldova and for the moment I live Chisinau. I have a big family. My mother, Nina, is a librarian and my father, Ion, is a lower. They live in the country.
My big brother's name is Alexandru. He's divorced. He has a daughter. Her name's Daniela. She's nine years old and she's a pupil. My twin brother's name is Oleg. He's an engineer. He likes very much her job. He's married with Olga. She's my sister-in-low. She's an engineer too. They aren't parents.
My husband's name is Dumitru. I love him very much. We are a happy family. I'm pregnant and in the February we'll by parents. I can write a lot about my family, but the time for this composition is finished. 
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