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- Several small game specific fixes/hacks/support. (Offensive,
Roadhog, GTA installer, Kingdom O' Magic soundcard detection, Pirate booter, Armored Fist installer)
- Add the S3-specific 640x480 256 color mode. (fixes regression in "Wooden Ships and Iron Men" and "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream")
- Fix a stack overflow that could crash DOSBox.
- Add fake microphone input. (fixes Talking Parrot)
- Modify adlib turn off code, so that it doesn't turn off in cases where the same sound is repeated over and over again.
- Several small fixes to the CDROM audio code. (HOMM2, Redneck Rampage and others)
- Several improvements to the CDROM emulation code. (fixes Alpha
Storm and GT Racing 97)
- Some small CPU fixes that might fix something.
- Handle opcode 0xff subcode 7 as invalid instruction. (fixes dif-2 & others)
- Some hercules fixes. (Testdrive)
- Improve support for blanked parts that wrap around to the start of
the screen. (fixes Magic Circle demo and Sid&Al)
- Remove old OPL cores as the new ones seem to work very nicely.
- Modify movie recording code so that the movies aren't corrupt when
you exit dosbox without stopping the movie.
- Change RGB3x scaler to look more pretty.
- Improve initial register values compatility of the GUS.
- Added autodetection for Gameblaster. (games can find it now)
- Change render preferences a bit to be more compatible with Windows 7.
- Add DOS fixes to terminate program. (fixes Fortune Teller) - Add FFREEP. (fixes Trucks)
- Improve FPU ST80 in C mode when writing zero. (fixes Antigok)
- Add special int10 scanline function. (fixes mz700 and probably lots
of games that mess with them)
- Fix scrolling in rarely used video modes. (fixes Orphee)
- Modify game specific hacks a bit so that Kick off 3 works again.
- Lots of fixes to the INT10 video parameter table. (Seven spirits of ra and others)
- Add VGA blanking in machine=vgaonly. (used by Alien Carnage)
- CGA, PCJr, Tandy: Add video blanking, change display start latch timing, sync pulse width correction.
- PCJr, Tandy: implement vertical retrace interrupt.
- PCJr, CGA: line-by-line video emulation.
- PCJr: support on-screen change of color modes 4medium to 16low. (used
by Ghostbusters booter)
- Hercules: Add green and amber monochrome support.
- All machines: only update the video timing when needed. (Jungle Hunt,
others that synchronize to the video screen might profit)
- Several small DOS fixes.
- Some UMB related fixes. (The Legacy without UMB)
- Fix version number of DSP for SB 1.5. (fixes a few games)
- Several VGA emulation improvements. (Allertone football manager)
- Some Tandy fixes. (Mech Warrior)
- Small improvements and fixes to the OPL emulation.
- Add low level Tandy DAC emulation.
- Some EMS fixes. (fixes Mortal Kombat and others)
- Change SoundBlaster DSP reset mechanism, add sb irq acknowledge logic.
(fixes stmik-based applications)
- Some interrupt pointer location modifications. (fixes Tinker Tales)
- Some fixes to the BOOT code. (fixes Last Mission)
- Respect write-only file information. (fixes Champions of Zulala)
- Some RTC fix. (fixes Tully Bodine and others)
- Improve mouse emulation to work better with Water World.
- Hopefully fix the translation of the configuration file.
- Speed up and fixes for the recompiler core. (pitfall2 pcjr)
- Change memory start location. (fixes 7th Guest installer)
- Several fixes to the batch file handling. (Shift and use the typed first %0 instead of the parsed %0)
- Improve file redirection and redirected line ends. (fixes Phantasmagoria 2 DOS installer)
- Fix compilation with new MAC os X version.
- Add 16C550A FIFO support to the serial port emulation.
- Improve modem emulation to get higher speeds.
- Change default samplerates to 44100, blocksize to 1024 and prebuffer to 20,
so that hopefully certain soundcards produce more fluent sound playback.
- Add some rarely used, but for some games critical flags to the internal commands.
- Add -userconf flag, so that the userspecific configuration can
easily be used together with -conf configfile.
- Improve internal timing with repeating timers (especially with the dynamic core).
- Add two new opl2+opl3 emulators. (better speed, different implementation
- Improved DRO recording/better file structure.
- Add EGA emulation.
- Add special vga machine mode. Supports more of the exotic tricks like
changing the palette during screen updates, 9x16 fonts etc.
- Added special machine modes for the following svga cards:
- S3
- Paradise
- Tseng
- Fix problems with the vga split line feature.
- Improve vesa emulation.
- Add optional selection of old vesa mode for games that don't work
with certain vesa features.
- Improve video BIOS emulation to behave more like a real bios.
- Fixes for emulated 4bpp graphics modes.
- Fixes to paging system.
- Various fixes and improvements for the recompiling core.
- Add arm backend for the recompiling core.
- Add some mscdex quirks when dealing with files that are exactly 8.3 long.
- Small fixes to batch file handling.
- Small fixes to the XMS memory handling.
- Various fixes for aligned memory on hosts that want it.
- Various improvements to the mouse.
- Fixes and small speed ups to the debugger.
- Fix and improve lot's of compilation problems. (curses detection,
GCC 3.4 and GCC 4.X fixes)
- Added some basic auto keyboard layout handling. (windows only currently)
- Add basic support for evdev keyboard driver.
- Various fixes to the timer. (improve mode 2 timer changes,
implement mode 1, improve gate2 handling)
- Add audio extraction and mci audio support. Should enable CDROM audio
for Vista and adds volume control.
- Improve the directory cache speed a lot, especially with mounting slow
media like network paths.
- Various fixes to the create temporary file call.
- Don't keep batchfiles open during execution. Allows rewriting of the
active batchfile. (menu programs use this trick sometimes)
- Fix problems with filenames with 2 extensions.
- Add some more lowlevel dos tables.
- Fixes to hercules emulation.
- Fix flag handling for special case of ROR.
- Make the batchfile handling in regard to IF more flexible.
- Fixes to scrolling/panning feature.
- Add prefetch queue emulation.
- Make the emulated cpu type selectable. This is mainly the
identification commands and the way paging works.
- Some special EMS functionality added. (OS handles, zero-page handling)
- Improve support for EMS when booting a different OS.
- Improve cdrom speed detection by games.
- Improve stability of cycle guessing code, when there is background
- Fix various mscdex and cdrom detection schemes.
- Added Coremidi support on Mac OS X.
- Improve support for DOS devices when used to detect the existance
of directories in various ways.
- Add IRQ 2 emulation on VRET. (ega only)
- Added video parameter table and video state functionality.
- Increase default freespace to 250 MB.
- Some fixes to the fat filesystem handling for disk images.
- Some soundblaster fixes and command additions.
- Fix mixer 16bit direct transfers on bigendian hosts.
- Fixed unitialized variable in joystick. (Fixes crashes on Vista and
Mac OS X)
- Some bugfixes and speedups to the 64 bit recompiling core.
- Fixed sign flag on soundblaster dma transfers (Space Quest 6 intro)
- Fixed a bug in keyboard layout processing code and fixed certain
- Fixed Dreamweb.
- Improved speed unlocking when running cycles=max.
- Fixed a crash related to the tab completion in the shell.
- Improved aspect correction code. Should now be like how a real monitor
handles it.
- Fixed a bug in the xms status report code. (Blake Stone 1.0 shareware)
- Added a lot more keyboard layouts.
- Fix crash related to changing the scaler before a screen was created.
- Hopefully fixed compilation on *bsd.
- Enabled auto cpu core selection for recompiling core as well.
- Made the used joystick selectable when 4axis is specified.
- Added some hints for inexperienced DOS users to the shell.
- Add a new recompiling cpu core, which should be easier to port.
- Add 64 bit version of the recompiling core.
- Add mipsel 32 bit version of the recompiling core.
- Fix a few small problems with FCBs. (fixes Jewels of darkness and
cyrus chess)
- Raise some more exceptions. (fixes vbdos)
- Fix a few problems with the dynamic core. (fixes Inner Words,
Archmimedean Dynasty and others)
- Improve/Fix fallback code for certain graphics cards.
- Fix a few cd audio related bugs.
- Add an undocumented MSCDEX feature. (Fixes Ultimate Domain)
- Fix some pcspeaker mode. (fixes Test Drive and similar games)
- Improve dos keyinput handling. (fixes Wing Commander 3 exit dialog)
- Remove Exit condition on fully nested mode. (fixes some demo)
- Add image file size detection.
- Add/Fix some ansi codes. (fixes PC Larn and certain versions of
infocom games)
- Several general DOS fixes. (fixes nba95, hexit and various other games)
- Add some valid input checks. (fixes 3d body adventure and similar
- Fix digital joystick centering problem.
- Reenable textmode 54 and 55.
- Fix a pelmask problem with univbe 5.0 lite. (fixes Panzer General)
- Fix minor mixer underflow.
- Some general image and bios disk emulation fixes.
- Hopefully fix compilation on BSD and darwin.
- Try using ioctl cdrom access by default if possible.
- Fix some svga detection routine. (fixes Grandest Fleet 2 and Bobby Fischer
Teaches Chess)
- You can now close DOSBox using the status window in win32.
- Add support for NX enabled systems.
- Fix a casting error which only showed with certain compilers. (fixes
various games under mac os x and 64 bit linux)
- Improve timer and add gate 2 support. (fixes various games and
joystick problems)
- Improve mouse. Add undocumented backdoor. (fixes Last half of Darkness, PC-BLOX and others)
- Add/improve support for ~ and ~username in all commands.
- Fix a font problem with the pcjr/tandy. (fixes personal deskmate 2)
- Change dma routine a bit. (fixes ticks in sound in various games)
- Allow read-only diskimages to be booted. (fixes various booter
- Add basic hidden file support on cdrom images. (fixes Player
Manager 2)
- Add some rarely used functionality to the int10 mode setup. (fixes
WW2 Battles of the South pacific)
- Add ability to force scaler usage.
- Speed up flag generation and make it more 386-like.
- Some colourful feedback in the mapper.
- General code cleanup.
- Improve register handling and support with XMS.
- Fix some issues with deleting open files.(windows only issue)
- Add dummy LPT1 class. (windows only issue)
- Improve some of the internal dos commands. (choice, copy and shift)
- Improve ROM area. (for games that use it for random numbers or overwrite it as some sort of detection thing)
- Improve compatibility of dynamic core by making it handle certain
pagefaults earlier.
- Move internal dos tables around so we have more umb memory.
- Add some dos tables.
- Dynamic core supports io exceptions.
- Move some interrupt handlers to XT Bios locations.
- Add a dynamic fpu on x86.
- Improve fpu on non-x86.
- Trapflag gets strict priority over hardware IRQs.
- Trapflag support for the dynamic core.
- Add dummy TRx handling.
- Fix a few rarely used character functions.
- Improve auto cycle guessing code.
- Improve and extend the joystick support.
- Add autofire support.
- Improve the mapper so you can map keys to the joystick and vice versa.
- A few game specific video card fixes.
- Fix some 64 bit cpu bugs.
- Add support for certain cdrom detection schemes.
- Improve HSG/Red Book support.
- Improve MSCDEX.
- Improve dynamic core support under intel macs.
- Add basic support for clipper programs.
- Add support for different keyboard layouts.
- Add auto core guessing.
- Fix a few flags bugs.
- Fix a few small cpu bugs.
- Improve soundblaster detection rate by various programs.
- Improve EMS emulation. (allow mapping of non standard regions)
- Improve keyboard input codes on various OS-es.
- Fix problems with filenames having stackdata in them.
- Changed a few basic operations in DOSBox so they take emulated time.
- Improve dos ioctl functions.
- Extend cpu core so they are capable of detecting and raising a few
more exception types.
- Improve DOS functions when dealing with virtual drive.
- Improve FAT drives.
- Better handling of volume-labels in file functions.
- Image disk cycling capability. (prompt)
- Try to reduce the impact of using an analog joystick.
- Several measures to avoid code invalidation on certain types
of self modification in the dynamic core.
- Add dynamic core memory function inlining.
- A few small mouse improvements. (some games are using things they
- Add nullmodem emulation.(h-a-l-9000)
- Some small cga and hercules fixes.
- Add more scalers (hq2x/hq3x/sai). (Kronuz)
- Change configuration file loading support. It now supports
multiple configuration files.
- Make dynamic core capable of running some win32s programs.
- Fix and add some rare soundblaster modes. (Srecko)
- Better soundblaster mixer controls. (Srecko)
- Make soundblaster installation under windows much easier.
- Add device control channel handling. - GEMMIS support (ems under windows).
- Support more colours in win 3. (vasyl)
- Don't show unmounted drives in windows filemanager.
- Fix some bugs in the int13 handler.
- Simulate some side-effects of bios interrupt handlers on flags.
- Add IPX functions needed by netbios.
- Make ports take emulated time.
- Tabcompletion is now aware of the CD command.
- Add suppport for the dac pel mask.
- Fixes to hercules emulation, better detection and bank switching.
- Fixes to tandy emulation, 640x200x16 mode and different sizes bank. - EGA/VGA memory changes detection for faster rendering.
- Gus 16 bit fixes.
- Many timer improvements. - Some pcjr fixes.
- Some booter fixes.
- Many small fixes.
- Fixed FAT writing.
- Added some more missing DOS functions.
- Improved PIC so that it actually honours irq 2/9.
- Improved intelligent MPU-401 mode so that more games work with it.
- Some mouse fixes.
- Changed DMA transfers a bit so they bypass the paging tables.
- Added S3 XGA functionality.
- Improved paging so that read and write faults are handled differently.
- Rewrote exception handling a bit (no exception 0x0B with dos4gw anymore).
- Added IO exceptions in all but the dynamic core.
- Some ems improvements.
- Added midi-device selection code for the windows hosts.
- Fix crashes/segfaults related to the disabling of the pcspeaker.
- Added some more FILES=XX detection tricks.
- Fixed some vga detection schemes.
- Fixed screenshot corruption when using -noconsole in a read-only directory.
- Fix wrong scaled screenshots.
- Added some hidden file functions when using diskimages. (helps with cdrom detection schemes)
- Fixed a bug in the mixer code, that muted the music in certain games.
- Added an assembly fpu core.
- Made the shell more flexible for batch files.
- Check for unaligned memory acces fixes hangups on ARM processors.
- Some 64 bit fixes.
- Added code to change configuration at runtime.
- Improved ADPCM emulation.
- Fixed a few cpu instructions.
- Always report vesa 2.0 and fix some colour issues with vesa games.
- Fix video mode 0x06 and 0x0a.
- Improvements to the joystick emulation. 4 buttons are supported as well.
- Add VCPI emulation for Origin games.
- Fixed a lot of things in the boot code. Most booters work now.
- Lots of improvements to the IPX emulation.
- Rewritten modem emulation. Should work with more games.
- Improvements to the dos memory managment routines.
- Add UMB (upper memory blocks) support.
- Emulate the pause key.
- Improve Composite CGA mode emulation.
- Lots of vga compatibility changes.
- Improved support for chained video modes.
- Improved mode and palette handling in cga modes.
- Mount accepts ~ now.
- Added a few of the EGA RIL functions.
- Added TandyDAC emulation.
- OS/2 support.
- Improved and speed up the dynamic cpu core.
- Fix some errors in the CD-ROM emulation layer.
- Added an automatic work-around for some graphics chipsets.
- Add PCjr support.
- Allow mousedriver to be replaced. Fixes a few games that come with their
own (internal) driver.
- Improved dynamic cpu core so it can handle pagefaults and some obscure types of self-modifying code.
- Added -noautoexec switch to skip the contents of [autoexec] in the
configuration file.
- Improved v86 mode emulation (mainly for Strike Commander).
- Improved timer behavior.
- Improved extended keyboard support.
- Enhanced and added several DOS tables.
- Made core_full endian safe.
- Made pagefaults endian safe.
- Add support for moviecapturing
- Add support for 15/16/32 bit videomodes.
- Add some more VESA modi (4 bit).
- Add 1024x768 output.
- Changed screenrendering so it only draws changes to the screen.
- Allow remapping of the EMS page when the dma transfer was started from the page frame
- Made EMS and DMA work together when playing from a mapped memory page.
- Renamed several configuration options, so that they are unique.
- Merged mpu and intelligent into one option.
- Merged fullfixed and fullresolution.
- Extended keys should be handled better.
- F11 and F12 work.
- Compilation fixes for various platforms.
- Fix a few crashes when giving bad input.
- Removed interp2x and added few new scalers.
- Reintroduce the lockfree mouse. (autolock=false)
- Add a larger cache for the dynamic cpu core.
- Improved soundblaster DSP, so it gets detected by creative tools.
- Lots of bugfixes.
- Even more bugfixes.
- Fixed crash with keymapper (ctrl-f1) and output=surface.
- Added unmounting.
- Fixed multiple issues with drive labels.
- Fixed most if not all FILES=XX problems.
- Added redirection in the shell.
- Fixed crashes with subst.
- Fixed multiple crashes with the drive images support.
- Added a missing fpu instruction.
- Fixed some cpu and fpu instructions.
- Fixed a small bug related to font loading.
- Rewrote the devices support.
- Added capslock/numlock checks on startup.
- Fixed wave writing.
- A few internal DOS fixes.
- Timer fixes for the hybrid loader.
- Some small soundblaster fixes.
- The drive cache can now be cleared by a keycombo. (CTRL-F4)
- A few keyboard fixes.
- Compilation fixes on various platforms.
- Quite some debugger improvements.
- Fixed dir only showing files after the first run on cdrom drives.
- Added some cdrom detection checks.
- Enabled insert in the shell. (Easier editing of commands)
- Changed order in which executables appear with tab-completion.
- Fixed some issues with raw opl recording and using a slightly different
- Added blinking support in the shell and some color fixes.
- Fixed commandline parsing when .bat files involved (fixes -exit)
- Fixed issues with tabs in commandline not being processed correctly.
- Cleaned/improved shutdown sequence.
- Added some more bios functions (wait and delay functions).
- Made our XMS driver conform the specs better. (c2woody)
- Added support for some more ems functions.
- Added intelligent mpu401 emulation. (Srecko)
- Added soundblaster 16 emulation.
- Rewrote GUS emulation to sound more authentic.
- Improved pc speaker emulation.
- Added an internal (programmable) mixer.
- Added support a few soundblaster/adlib detection routines.
- Fixed lot's of bugs related to DMA transfers.
- Added interpolating prebuffering mixer routines.
- Added recording of OPL commands and raw midi.
- Fixed some bugs with the wave recording.
- Changed sensitivity settings of the mouse.
- Added ps2 mouse-emulation in bios interrupts (c2woody).
- Fixed some bugs with mouse emulation limits.
- Fixed a bug with an unterminated string in the drivelabel.
- Changed file search routines a bit to be more compatible.
- Added support for attribute-searching with fcb's.
- Added basic SDA.
- Added TPA and DIB.
- Added Lot's of missing dos tables (c2woody).
- Changed psp and dta functions to use dta.
- Returned filename in ds:dx in create-random-file (c2woody).
- Fixed a bug with date and time used on open files.
- Some mscdex fixes.
- Added the -version switch, which makes dosbox report its version.
- Added a keymapper.
- Added basic IPX emulation.
- Added cdrom iso support and floppy images support.
- Added the possibity to boot another dos version.
- Added Serial passthrough support (win32 only).
- Added the possibility to pause dosbox.
- Changed OpenGL so that it is initialized only when used.
- Make dosbox run at higher priority when active and lower when inactive.
- Added direct draw output support (win32 only).
- Added current running program to title bar.
- Rewrote video emulation to support new scalers.
- Added new graphics scalers like advmame3x,tv2x.
- Added a support for a few anti-debugger tricks.
- Improved the handling of the tab-key.
- Improved support for the numeric keyboard.
- Fixed a few cpu opcodes.
- Added cpu core simple (for lowerend machines)
- Fixed some nasty bugs in the dynamic cpu core.
- Added a few (rarely used) fpu opcodes.
- Fixed various issues with GCC 3.4.
- Many internal timer improvements (PIT and PIC).
- Added some more PIC commands (c2woody).
- Added BCD counting to the timers.
- Fix some vesa functions.
- Add some basic support for 132x25 and 132x45 textmodes.
- Improved Tandy emulation a lot.
- Lowered cpu usage when dosbox is idle.
- Allow virtualisation of some basic IO-ports (c2woody).
- Added a beta dynamic cpu for x86 hosts (very unstable)
- Added opengl and hardware overlay display output
- Rewrote the vga screen updates to go in lines
- Added paging and v86 support to cpu emulation
- Added a config option to simulate a certain type of machine
- Added hercules graphics emulation
- Made CGA/TANDY modes more compatible
- Updated textmode drawing routines to support blinking colors
- Fixed VESA set page function that was documented wrong
- Fixed some wrongly emulated cpu opcodes.
- improved exception handling
- debugger: fixes; logging of gdt,lgt,idt, new commands(Fizzban)
- fixed some mscdex issues (drive letter header error, added get directory entry)
- added/fixed some bios funcs
- added some rarely used xms functions (thanks c2woody!)
- implemented GUS emulation
- Added 16-bit DMA support (for GUS and eventually SB16)
- Fixed many small bugs in filehandling routines
- Many small FPU fixes (c2woody/Fizzban)
- Some keyboard improvements (pharlab games)
- Some Timer and cmos/rtc fixes (Mirek/Srecko/Others)
- Lot's of mouse fixes (Help from various people)
- Enabled internal modem
- Made the DOS parsing routines a bit more flexible
- Added Subst (Srecko)
- Added cdrom ioctl support for linux (prompt)
- Many internal DOS fixes: memory/files/datastructures.
- Got some help from c2woody in allowing more than 1 irq being served
- Disabled DPMI (not needed anymore. DOSBox handles almost every extender)
- Search configfile in $HOME directory if none present in current directory
- Added another way to switch to protected mode. (Thanks Morten Eriksen!)
- Fixed some odd badly documented behaviour with PSP/DTA
- Added some warnings on opening of readonly files in writemode(DOS default).
- Many shell enhanchements
- Fixed a win32 specific bug dealing with filenames starting with a "."
- Fixed some bugs with the directory structure: not found/can't save errors
- rewrote memory system for future paging support
- fixed several EMS and XMS bugs and rewrite for new memory system
- added some support for tandy video modes
- added MAME Tandy 3 voice emulation
- added MAME CMS/GameBlaster emulation
- added serial port emulation with virtual tcp/ip modem (somewhat buggy)
- sound blaster emulation is now sb pro 2.0 compatible
- added basic support for 32-bit protected mode
- VGA now tries to emulate an S3 Trio 64 card with 2 MB
- VESA 2.0 support for some 256 color modes
- rewrote large piece of video bios code for better compatibility
- added support for the not inheritance flags.
- created functions for creating child psp.
- updated errorcodes of findfirst (thanks Mirek!)
- rewrote loggingsystem to generate less warnings
- added dos protected mode interface (dpmi)
- added cdrom label support
- improved cdrom audio playing
- fixed and improved directory cache
- debugger shows selector- and cpu mode info
- added SELINFO (selector information) command to debugger
- added reference counting for dos files
- added tab-completion
- added basic fpu support.
- fixed several bugs with case sensitive filesystems.
- added more shell commands and improved their behaviour.
- mouse improvements.
- real time clock improvements.
- DMA fixes.
- Improved .BAT file support.
- fixed date and time issues with fcbs
- added more commands to the internal Shell
- corrected config system when a old configfile was used
- fixed cga put and get pixel
- fixed some vga register getting reset to wrong values
- improved support for foreign keyboards
- improved joystick support
- made dosbox multithreaded again
- lot's of soundblaster fixes
- dma fixes
- cdrom support
- midi support
- added scale2x
- reenabled screenshot support
- joystick support fixes
- mouse improvements
- support for writing wavefiles
- added directory cache and longfilename support (longfilenames will be mangled)
- mouse fixes
- added support for command /C
- fixed all fcb-write functions
- fixed fcb-parseline
- added debugger under linux/freebsd - added debugger memory breakpoints and autolog function (heavy debug)
- added program that eats up memory (default 64kb)
Usage : loadfix [-option] [programname] [parameters]...
Example: loadfix mm2 (Allocates 64kb and starts executable mm2)
loadfix -32 mm2 (Allocates 32kb and starts executable mm2)
loadfix -128 (Allocates 128kb)
loadfix -f (frees all previous allocated memory)
- added echoing of characters for input function
- added support for backspace for input function
- added partial support for int10:01 set cursortype
- fixed most of the problems/bugs with character input.
- fixed allocationinfo call.(darksun series)
- improved dos support for non-existant functions
- Split screen support
- prefix 66 67 support
- rewrote timingscheme so 1000 hz timers don't cause problems anymore
- update adlib emulation
- fixed some isues with the mouse (double clicks and visible when it shouldn't be)
- improved mouse behaviour (mickey/pixel rate) and detection routines.
- basic ansi.sys support
- Disney sound system emulation - rewrote upcase/lowcase functions so they work fine with gcc3.2
- SHELL: added rename and delete
- added support for command /C. Fixed crashes in the shell
- fixed various bugs when exiting dosbox
- fixed a bug in XMS
- fixed a bug with the joystick when pressing a button
- create nicer configfiles.
- bios_disk function improved. - trapflag support
- improved vertical retrace timing.
- PIT Timer improvements and many bug fixes
- Many many bug fixes to the DOS subsystem
- Support for memory allocation strategy
- rewrote cpu mainloop to act more like a real cpu
- added support for a configclass/configfile
- added support for writing out the configclass into a configfile
- removed the language file and made it internal
- added support for writing the language file (will override the internal one)
- improved mousesupport
- updated readme
- support for screenshots
- some cpu-bug fixes
- dma changes
- Real Sound support
- EMM fixes and new functions.
- VGA fixes
- new wildcompare
- support for size and disktype at mount.
- added new debugger functionalities: start/trace into INTs, write processor status log, step over rep and loop instructions, breakpoint support without using INT 03 (heavy debugging switch)
- Added more cpu instructions and changed the string operations.
- Added classes for most of the internal dos structures.
- Rewrote most of the fcb calls to use normal dos calls.
- fixed the errors/warnings in prefix_66.h and prefix_66_of.h (decimal too large becomming unsigned).
- fixed compilation error on FreeBSD when #disable_joystick was defined
- int10_writechar has been updated to move the cursor position.
- changed the basedir routines to use the current working dir instead of argv[0]. This will fix and brake things :)
- illegal command, now displays the command
- wildcmp updated to be case insensitive
- added fcb:open,close,findfirst, findnext.
- fixed rename in drive_local
- added new features to the debugger: breakpoint support / data view / command line
- partial support of list of lists (dos info block)
- full emm 3.2 support - partial emm 4.0 support
- fixes to graphics core fonts (text in sierra games is now correct)
- improved support for user mousehandlers
- fixed EGA graphics
- fixed VGA graphics
- fixed write with size 0
- changed memory management.
- fixed and cleaned up the cpu flags.
- changed interrupt handler.
- speeded up the graphics.
- speeded up the cpu-core
- changed dma - improved dma streams from emm memory
- added some cga videomodes
- added more funtions to the keyboard handler
0.50: -added F3 to repeat the last typed command.
-made it possible to change the shellmessages(dosshell). so you can costumize it.(dosbox.lang)
-changed cpu core.
-Fixed a lot of errors with the keyboard: shift-f1 and alt-f1 now works.
-Fixed some division errors.
-made a plugin system.
-added a lot of real 386 mode instructions.
-made it possible to resize the screen.
-Mayor source cleanup/reorganisation.
-Complete rewrite of the graphics routines. Should make it
possible to implement more fancy things like 2xsai,interpolation.
-changed the sound playback.
-Changed the vga drawing to only draw on memory changes, instead
of drawing an entire frame. -fixes to the soundblaster/dma code should be able to play 4-bit
adpcm compressed sounds.
-added the correct time to dir.
-bugfixes to batch-file handling.
-Lot's of small bugfixes.(Dune1&2,wolf3d, many more).
-Released the source.
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