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Альтернативный Мир - Famous

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April, 2002
>G C9
>G C9
I wanna be famous
> G C9
I wanna be goddamn famous
> G C9 G C9
Wanna be now
> G C9
And I wanna be outrageous
> G C9 G
I wanna shock all pretty babies and I know how
> D7
Припев:And it really doesn't matter
> C7 G C9 G C9
if I do this all alone without you, babe
> D7
And for you it would be better
> C7 G C9
to get out of my life, that's what you gotta do
I wanna break those stages
I wanna fans of all the ages sing my songs
And I wanna be outrageous
I wanna be so famous, yeah I want
And it stands to reason, baby
that you don't deserve me now 'cause you're so free
I don't need your body, baby <G G7>
and I think I never will 'cause you're so free
> Em
But you throw dust into my eyes
> A7
And try to make me realize
> C G G7
That I am just like other guys but I don't care
> Em
And you are making so much noise
> A7
That I can hardly hear my voice
> C D7
I think you'd better play with toys and I don't care
'Cause I wanna be famous
And I will be so fucking famous, I know how
And I'll be outrageous
And then I'll mock at all you babies
'Cause you'll be down!
Yeah, you'll be down!
>G D7 C7 G9
>C9 [x32330]
>G9 [353435]
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