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2015 Season Availability - All Disciplines

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Season Availability 2015
To be returned to for adult contact
To be returned to for u19 and u17 contact
To be returned to for all flag variants
Team Name: X
DatesHome Venue Available? Any Specific Issues To RaisePlease complete the form indicating whether or not you have home field availability for both the Saturday and Sunday During the season. If you can host please highlight the relevant field with a Y. If you can't please place an N.
April 4th
April 11th
April 12th
April 18th
April 19th
April 25th
April 26th
May 2nd
May 3rd
May 9th
May 10th
Please note that the Coaching Convention will be slotted into the schedules - probably around July 4th
May 16th
May 17th
May 23rd
May 24th
May 30thIf you have a rationale for not being free for a particualr weekend then please place a note next to the relevant date.
May 31st
June 6th
June 7th
June 13th
June 14thThe dates for finals have not been confirmd
June 20th
June 21st
June 27th
June 28th
July 4th
July 5th
July 11th
July 12th
July 18th
July 19th
July 25th
July 26th
August 1st
August 2nd
August 8th
August 9th
August 15th
August 16th
August 22nd
August 23rd
August 29th
August 30th
September 5th
September 6th
September 12th
September 13th
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