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Business Plan Deliverables Summary 2014-2015

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PillarItemObjectivesPerformance Indicators
Marketing & SalesBrand CampaignTo increase visitation to our website to build brand awareness;"60,000 unique visitors to our homepage during year-long campaign"
Improve visitor experience on our website by improving design and adding compelling video content that reinforces the brand experiences1.5 minute average website visit duration during year-long campaign
To increase brand awareness with US markets200 views of each web video during year-long campaign
To increase brand awareness with VRF/resident marketsComplete production of Travelscope episode in Q2
To increase brand awareness with LGBT markets500 new monthly e-newsletter subscribers (not including those collected at the Golf Show) during year-long campaign
Publish monthly e-newsletter (12 editions)
"10,000 new Facebook likes"
500 new twitter followers
Golf CampaignTo promote and sell diverse golf experiences in Central CountiesCreate 3 new golf packages available to book on our website through Meridian; Sell minimum of 10 golf packages during campaign
Lead with Central Counties’ top golf clubsPartner with minimum of 30 clubs to promote 2015 tour card program at Toronto Golf & Travel Show
Increase e-newsletter mailing list by 1000 new subscribers (recruited at Toronto Golf Show 2015)
Publish 5 monthly golf e-newsletters (May – Sept)
Host one media trip showcasing the golf experience; 5 articles published throughout the season in golf media
Create tour-card program with minimum of 20 participating clubs: 300 tour card players complete program by end of season (10 rounds played by each)
"20,000 unique visitors to golf landing page"
Add minimum of 30 new high quality golf images to the image bank
Outdoors CampaignTo promote and sell soft outdoor adventure experiences in Central CountiesCreate 3 new outdoor experience packages available to book on our website through Meridian; Sell minimum of 10 outdoor experience packages during campaign
"20,000 unique visitors to the outdoor recreation landing page during campaign"
500 engagements (contest entries) at Discover Ontario event
Add minimum of 30 new outdoor adventure images to the image bank
Publish minimum of 15 guest blog posts featuring outdoor recreation content
Culinary CampaignTo promote and sell culinary experiences in Central CountiesCreate 3 new culinary experience packages available to book on our website through Meridian; Sell minimum of 10 packages during campaign
Create minimum of 5 culinary itineraries to showcase seasonal experiences
Host one media trip showcasing the culinary experience; 5 articles published
"20,000 unique visitors to the culinary landing page during campaign"
Add minimum of 30 new culinary images to the image bank
Publish minimum of 15 guest blog posts featuring culinary content
500 consumer engagements (contest entries) at Food & Wine Show
10% increase in Culinary Facebook Contest entries
"Arts, Culture & Festivals Campaign""To promote and sell arts, culture and festival experiences in Central Counties"Create 3 new arts/culture/festival experience packages available to book on our website through Meridian; Sell minimum of 10 packages during campaign
"10,000 unique visitors to the arts/culture landing page during campaign"
Publish minimum of 5 guest blog posts featuring arts/culture/festival content
Summer Family Fun CampaignTo promote and sell the family attractions experiences in Central CountiesCreate 3 new family attraction experience packages available to book on our website through Meridian; Sell minimum of 5 packages during campaign
10% increase in number of operators participating in program
"5,000 unique visitors to the Kid’s Road Trip landing page during campaign"
Publish minimum of 5 guest blog posts featuring family attraction content during campaign
Pan Am Games Games Campaign"To extend the stay/spend of visitors who are already coming for the Pan / Parapan AM Games by promoting the top visitor experiences and itineraries available before, during and after the Games""5,000 unique visitors to landing page during campaign"
"Create minimum of 3 suggested itineraries and/or packages available before, during and after the Games for each DMO (9 in total)"
"Launch webpage on July 10, 2014 (one year before games officially open)"
"Meetings, Conventions and Incentive Travel"Build strategic relationships and work with regional partners to identify and pursue high-impact meetings and eventsAttend a minimum of 6 tradeshows geared towards MC&IT
Continue to build awareness of the three distinct regions to the MC&IT marketsDrive 500 new views to the MC&IT microsite on
Complete one new lure video
Create a CCT specific MC&IT insert/brochure
"Create ad and advertise in Ignite (print & ad), CVENT (web), Impact (print) and PIC"
Generate 5 new leads and book 1 new conferences for region
Translate microsite/collateral to French and Spanish
Sports TourismUtilize opportunities identified through the Sports Tourism Strategy to target new tournaments and expand on existing tournamentAttend a 2 shows geared towards Sports Tourism
Promote and drive 200 new views to Sports Microsite
Create new Digital/New Media (video) lure piece for Sports Tourism
Create new collateral that is Sports specific (in partnership with regional partners)
Organize a Fam Trip/Relationship Building Day with Ontario Sports Organization
Follow up & book 2 new tournaments/events into CCT
Travel TradeClearly identify each regions key tourism drivers and communicate them to receptive and international tour operatorsAttend 4 tradeshows that are Tour & Travel Specific
Understand the travel motivators of high-yield travel trade tourist and match with Central Counties offeringsPromote and drive 75 new views to Tour & Travel Microsite
Create new Digital/New Media (video) lure piece for Travel Trade Tourism
Create new collateral that is Travel trade specific (in partnership with regional partners)
Identify and work with receptive tour operators to include CCT attractions in product offering (sign up with 3 tour operators)
Translate microsite/collateral to French and Spanish
Product DevelopmentField ConsultantsBe the daily liaison between operators and Central CountiesMinimum 30% average increase in stakeholder satisfaction with Central Counties over the 2013 survey results
"""Dotted-Line"" reporting with DMO's to further the alignment of priorities and to minimize operator confusion regarding the roles of DMO's and Central Counties"Delivery of all experiences and itineraries as outlined in the Marketing Schedule C's (includes Meridian packages)
"Develop the experiences, packages and itineraries of the Marketing Plan (minimum 29)"Utilization of a minimum of 50% of experiences and itineraries by our DMO partners
Develop robust operators listings on Central Counties website (which will also populate DMO website)300 New Operators Profile on
Utilize Meridian to its full potential to drive trackable landing page visitors and revenuesIncrease # visitors to Meridian landing page by 20%
Enhance Existing ExperiencesReview and modify current products and experiences offered through Central Counties to better fit the 2014-2015 campaigns and reflect increased offerings of our operatorsMinimum of twelve operators enhancing current experience components and minimum of three new operators adding to current experiences
Engage existing operators and attract new operators to assist with the refinement and enhancement of current products and experiencesAdd new and/or enhanced components to a miminum of four 2013-2014 product/experience packages and bring to market during the 2014-2015 campaigns
Addition of a minimum of 20 new partners for the culinary program during 2014-2015 fiscal
New Product DevelopmentBuild concensus with DMO's to determine which new area to focus product development effortsParticipation of all thre DMO's in the new product development project
Deliver a new market-ready product/experience for launch in the 2015-2016 seasonDelivery of the implementation plan for the new product/experience by Feb 28 2015
Workforce DevelopmentEnhance the visitor experience by establishing a tourism-focused culture of hospitality and service excellence throughout the region"Facilitate/support the delivery of programs to tourism operators thoughout the region (eg. OTEC, OCTA, CTC, etc. Training/workshop opportunities)"Minimum six training/development opportunities hightlighted throughout the year in the B2B Newsletter. Support host Pan Am communities with their efforts to develop a volunteer base of Community Embassadors. Minimum four organizations offering training/development present at the Central Counties Tourism Symposiums
Assist a minimum of two host cities with their Community Ambassador volunteer training
Investment AttractionAssist public and private sector stakeholders in their efforts to expand tourism infrastructure and products throughout the regionIdentify and support the development of high priority tourism products and infrastructure investment that provide a sustainable competitive advantage to the tourism sectorMinimum five communities develop a Community Tourism Plan with Central Counties as the Lead.
Utilize information resources of Central Counties Tourism to support investment attraction efforts by the public and private sectorMinimum three Community Tourism Plans adopted by council
"Where appropriate, leverage partnership funds to support investment attractions opportunities"Minumum of four city council presentations on the importance of tourism and tourism planning
Minimum four articles throughout the year on the importance of tourism investment attraction and/or investment success stories in the B2B newsletter
Organizational CapacityIndustry Alignment and Relations"Collaborate and build mutually beneficial relationships with operators, partners and stakeholders to align products and marketing/advertising efforts, providing a unified front in consumer messaging"Increase total attendance at the three regional tourism symposiums by 10%
Utilize the available partnership funding to enhance and support the 2014-2015 Business Plan and further the reach of the marketing budgetIncrease the number of B2B newsletter subscriptions by 100
Increase the number of operators who understand the tourism market and their place in itLeverage 100% of the partnership funds
Minimum 60 different operators participating in Central Counties experience packages
Minimum 60% overall satisfaction rating in annual industry stakeholder survey
Communication"Open, consistent communication and timely reporting to Ministry of tourism"All Ministry reports submitted on time and approved
"Monthly meetings with other RTO’s to share best practices, create cross-regional alignment and determine how aligned projects can enjoy economies of scale"Minimum two projects complete that include cooperation of and/or partnership with at least one other RTO
Regular Board and Committee meetings with reports and minutes communicated to all board membersPosting of Central Counties Business Plan and other important documents on the B2B site
AGM attendance of a minimum 100 stakeholders
Consent Agenda at all board meetings
Approval of the 2015-2016 Business Plan prior to December 2014.
Administration and GovernanceTransparent administration of the 2014-2015 Business PlanClean Audit
Adherence to the policies and procedures of the corporationReview of policies and procedures by governance committee and adoption of changes by the board
Financial responsibilityCompletion of Schedule C Activities
PillarKey Performance Indicators
MarketingIncrease in the percentage of RTO's aided brand awareness
Increase in the return on investment of RTO marketing campaign investments (not until 2015)
"Change in output measures including leveraged marketing from partners and earned media, web analytics and online bookings if applicable"
Product DevelopmentChange in the number of new products and experiences and/or the number of existing products enhanced in market
Workforce DevelopmentPercentage of industry operators who report business/customer improvement as a result of RTO-sponsored training (6-12 months post training)
Investment AttractionChange in the number of outreach activities made to community and economic development organizations
Organizational CapacityPercentage and percentage change of industry stakeholders that have partnered and collaborated in RTO activities
Percentage and percentrage change of stakeholders satisfaction with RTO activitites
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