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Tr/7 Mandrel Index Gearbox Assembly The following steps were taken to assemble the mandrel index gearbox for a Tr/7 at Kostwein, Austria 2003. Step 1 -Clean housing 1.Clean thoroughly the index housing surfaces with scraper and sand paper. 2.Tap all holes. 3 .Fit sight glass (pos 45) 4.Fit oil filler plug (pos 34) 5.Fit drain valve (pos 44) 6.Fit overflow fitting (pos 32) 7.Use loctite 572 on these fittings 8.Degrease exterior surfaces and clean interior Clean these areas prior to assembly. ; . Step 2-Fit cam to cam shaft • IMPORTANT: Turret and Cam are made as a matched pair by Manifold in England. Both items must be replaced together. They both have matching numbers as per photo 1 and 2. Cam Number to be same as matched Turret number. 1 .Place cam on bench. New cams have no particular orientation. 2. Grease hole and key way. 3.Insert key (pos 29) into cam shaft (pos 11) key way. Note: Buff away protruding key part number first. Grease both key and key way. 4.Lower cam shaft (pos 11) into cam. Tap down with soft hammer. 5.Insert spacer ring (pos 22) onto cam shaft. 6.Insert lock washer (pos 80) onto cam shaft. 7.Insert round nut (pos 67) onto cam shaft. 8.Set height of cam shaft to 276mm, by adjusting the round nut. This setting will change later, when we set cam position. End of shaft Round nut Lock washer Spacer ring Lowest point of cam surface 9. Insert round nut (pos 67) onto cam shaft, Leave loose at this stage. 10.Insert lock washer (pos 80) onto camshaft. 11 .Insert spacer ring (pos 23) onto cam shaft. 12.1nsert roller bearing (pos 52) onto cam shaft and up against the spacer ring. Heat bearing to 110C at lA power. Tap bearing hard onto spacer ring. Shouldn't be able to rotate spacer ring now. Outer bearing race to be held to one side at this time. Roller bearing sits up hard against this spacer ring 13.Lift cam and camshaft assembly from original position, so we can work on other end easily Roller Bearing Round lock spacer cam nut ring ring end 14.1nsert spacer ring (pos 22) onto camshaft. : -
15.Insert lock washer (pos 80) onto camshaft, 16.Insert round nut (pos 67) onto camshaft. Nip up, but we will be adjusting this later, 17.1nsert roller bearing (pos 52) onto camshaft. Heat bearing to 110C at Yz power. Once fitted to camshaft follow step 12. Step 3-Fitting camshaft to housing 1. Place gearbox housing on solid level workbench as per photos Housing ready to accept camshaft from the RHS or the Gearbox TOP 2.Insert o-ring (pos 73) onto bearing cover (pos 9) 3.Insert seal ring (pos 77) onto bearing cover (pos 9). Tap in with soft hammer. 4.Insert outer bearing race of roller bearing (pos 52) into bearing cover (pos 9). Bearing cover, outer race Fitting bearing cover 5 .Insert the bearing cover (pos 9) into the housing. The vernia scale must be facing up this cover is eccentric. In this position the cam will be at its lowest ppsition in the gearbox and allows plenty of room for installing the turret at later stages. 6.Insert outer race of roller bearing (pos 52) intd other bearing cover (pos 10). 7. Insert o-ring (pos 73) onto this bearing cover (pos 10). Have this assembly ready once the camshaft has been layed in. Do not fit seal ring at this stage 8.Insert o-ring (pos 74) onto distance ring (pos 8).coat with grease. Have this Assembly ready once the camshaft has been layed in. 9.Place some timber (75x100) into the gearbox housing to take the weight of the camshaft once it has been Jayed in. See above photo. 10.Swing the camshaft assembly into the housing, the drive end through the bearing cover. Let the cam then sit on the timber. Remove lifting strops. 11.Insert dictance ring (pos 8) over camshaft and onto housing. The orientation of the distance ring is important. It must sited in the correct position. Vernia Scale to TOP Bearing cover in and ready for Insertion of camshaft Timber blocks The bolt hole X is the only bolt hole of the smaller PCD that aligns up between the bolt holes of the larger PCD. The bolt holes A and B mark our position of the distance ring on the gearbox housing. These A and B holes must be closest to the bench. Tighten up bolts firmly. 12.Insert bearing cover (pos 10) over camshaft and onto distance ring (pos 8). Make sure again Vernia scale is to the top/Tighten up bolts. Bearing cover ON Distance Ring bolted ON Vernia scale UP Orientation set in step 11 13 .Remove timber packers from gearbox housing !!!! Step 4-Preloading camshaft 1.Tighten up round nut "D". This forces the taper roller bearings to engage properly. NOTE: Three special tools will be required to do the next sequence. Input shaft Taper roller Bearing Spacer Ring •\ / Lock washer Round Nut "D" Round Nut for cam Small crank with handle Large crank. Modified C-Spanner 2. Insert small crank into camshaft spline. 3. Rotate camshaft by crank handle while tightening up round nut "D". Tighten up all slack from both roller bearings.^ 4. Now insert large crank onto camshaft spline. Keep tightening Round nut "D" until both bearings are preloaded.. The large crank should ONLY just by its own weight move downwards-ONLY JU$T ok!!!!.(it will be quite firm to rotate) 5. Bolt gearbox housing to solid bench. With a. DTI set on end of camshaft we Will measure for any movement (backlash). DTI set on camshaft end. Housing must be bolted Firmly down. Photo showing b acid ash test. 6. With the aid of a lm long bar and piece of timber, move cam towards the left and then the right. Any movement will be recorded on the DTI. ICostwein say -+0.0mm tolerance. Drawing says -+0.01/0.02mm tolerance. If any backlash is present it can only be removed by tightening Round Step 5-Turret shaft. Turret shaft made by Kostwein, but the Turret made by Manifold in England. Turret is pinned with taper pins and held with 3 machine screws to shaft flange. Roller Bearing Turret Turret Assembly. Tapered Pins Machine screws Locking screws to lock cam rollers 1. To insert turret shaft into gearbox housing, we must first roll over the gearbox. We can easily do this by fitting a lifting jig to the housing, and simply rolling over gearbox with use of an overhead crane. Lifting Jig Housing Rolled over so large opening exposed for turret insertion 2,Insert lid (pos 12) with seal ring (pos 46) and gasket (pos 31) into housing. Smear with grease. Tighten up bolts firmly. 3.Insert outer race of roller bearing (pos 85) to lid (pos 12) from inside the gearbox. 4.Lower the Turret assembly down into the gearbox housing using overhead crane and lifting jig. Note: Be careful not to pinch the seal ring in the lid (pos 12) Lowering Turret Watch seal ring Pos 12 5.Insert bearing ring (pos 3) and o-ring (pos 75) over Turret shaft and onto housing. Smear components with grease. Lock bearing ring firmly. Note: Orientation of this ring is such that the oil lube fittings must be in the correct location for.the Tr/7. Bearing Ring Fitted Lube Position 6. Insert outer race of roller bearing (pos 85) to Bearing ring (pos 3). 7. Insert paper gasket (pos 31) to Bearing Ring (pos 3). Smear surfaces with grease. 8. Insert Lid (pos 12) to Bearing Ring (pos 3). Do not insert seal ring (pos 46). Tighten up bolts for this plate. Step 6-Turret Position ..V 1. We need to find the amount of backlash we have on our Turret shaft. To do this we use a tool to cantilever the Turret shaft upwards. The upward mpvement is measured with a DTI and this measurement is to be recorded. / Our play was noted at 4.0mm. DTI monitors backlash Backlash tool, Cantilevers 2. Remove lid (pos 12) from housing. 3. Insert seal Ring (pos 46) to lid (pos 12). 4. Insert a locking device Shim in the gearbox housing, just before re-inserting lid (pos 12). This device will centre bearing and stop any false play from the unseated; bearing. 5. Tighten up the lid firmly with the locking device shim in place 5.Omni Shim we use to take up unseated bearing play 6. Stand the gearbox back up using the same principles as previous. 7.Insert through the oil Filler plug another tool which screws into one of the Turrets cam rollers. The other end screws into the gearbox.housing. The Turrets position is now locked to the housing. It won't index around, but can move along the shaft. Screw screws through centre of this fitting into one of Turrets cam rollers Jig screw into housing (oil filler plug) Tool for holding Turret to Housing. 8.We now have to measure the distance from Turret cam roller to outside edge of the gearbox housing. The thereoritical measurement is 164mm. Note the Measurement. Ours was 162.2mm. Outside edge of housing Vernia Turret! cam roller Turret Measuring Turret cam roller to outside of housing distance. Should be 164mm. We will have to shim to get this.' ; 9. Record the values from above and work out what we need to shim and where. See example below: Measure to-
this surface Mandrel gearbox housing Bearings Locked on shaft X must equal 164.00mm Total shaft backlash = By measurements X = Therefore we need to shim LI Therefore we need to shim L2 4.00mm 162.20mm 164.0—162.2=1.80mm 4.00—1.80 = 2.2mm 10. L2 Mandrel side. Remove lid (pos 12) 11. Remove our 5mm locking device shim. 12. Insert 2.20mm of shims (pos 25,26,27,28). 13. Insert lid (pos 12) and firmly tighten up bolts. 14. LI Mandrel Side. Remove Lid (pos 12) 15. Insert 1.80mm schism (pos 25,26,27,28) 16. Insert lid (pos 12) and firmly tighten up bolts. Note: Our 4mm backlash has now been taken up!.! . 17. Recheck measurement X on LI side. It should be 164mm. Ours was! 18. Remove our Turret holding tool. Shims being added for Turret Shaft Backlash Step 7—Setting Cam Position • 1. Place.masking tape above both vernia scales. 2, Draw vernia centre onto mask tape in ink. 3. Draw 2 marks at 12mm either side of this centre mark on the tape in ink. Tape placed above vernia 12mm marks either side of the centre 4. Adjust both bearing covers (pos 9, 10), so cam moves upwards towards the Turret. Move these 12mm. Use tape markings. Nip up screws. This is basic setting only. Cam still wants to be raised more No Gap To be seen 5. Adjust cam position on camshaft by loosening Round Nuts (pos 22). 6. Slide cam to a position where it surfaces are touching both cam rollers evenly Note: use light behind cam and rollers to check this evenness. 7. With light behind cam/roller no light should be seen. Both rollers should engage cam evenly With pressure. If you really hold the cam rollers tight, you should just be able to stop them spinning, while turning the camshaft. 8. Repeat steps 4,5,6 and 7 until both cam rollers are fully in contact with the cam surfaces, and can only just stop the cams rotating by hand, when the cam bank is being turned. 9. Tighten Round nuts (pos 22). No'gap between this roller arid cam Full length of Roller in contact with cam 10. Smear a little oil over thecam. 11. Rotate the cam shaft by hand. Watch oil marks for uneven running. 12. Repeats step 8 if oil marks show uneven pressure. LHS and RHS cam surfaces were identical | Cam Roller has been even running on this cam Cam roller was stopped and left this mark 13. We need to test the gearbox under power for 60 minutes. During this time we will constantly monitor Turret shaft backlash with DTI connected. Simple electric test for 60 minutes. DTI mounted on Turret Shaft picked up no play, I saw 0.01mm backlash. Step 8-Final Touches 1. Dot punch vernia scale centre line on housing. 2. Bend over tab washers where applicable. 3. Insert seal ring (pos 77) on top of gearbox (heater drive area). Note: This seal wants to be 0.5mm in further than bearing cover (pos 10) can do. Tool 1-Spacer Shim 13.9mm 150:9mm Thickness = 4.9mm ' material = stainless steel Tool 2—Turret Holder Tool Hole size - 12.5mm Dia:. Material = Mild Steel Galvanised Bolt size - 10m90 Tool 3—Little crank handle TOOmm Handle 6mm key steel welded inside to form creud spline. Shaped to fit Tool 4—Big Crank Handle 700 x 15 x 30 Bose same as small crank but 3 key ways welded in for spline Tool 5—Cantilever backlash tool 54 long}, 65 inside width 87 total width Handle 500 x 7 x 25 6mm Bolt 7mm back From weld Welded end at 30 Degrees Handle 30x30 x 260mm Tool 6—Bearing insertion tool 250mm long 45mmID Mild Steel i i Tool 7—Lift eyes 20mm dia . 30 mm long C15M20.?? Tool 8—C spanner modified 270mm 80/90 Tool 9—Lift Ji Holes 35mm dia Bracket 12mm All stainless steel 
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