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упражнения на Present Perfect

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Упражнения на отработку образования и использования форм простого совершенного времени
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect или Past Simple.
1. I
already (to do) my homework. Now I can go for a walk.
2. I (to do)
3. He
my homework yesterday.
just (to come) home.
4. He (to come)
home a minute ago.
5. Nick (to play)
football yesterday.
6. She
already (to come) from school. Now she is doing her homework.
7. I (to read)
this book last year.
8. I'm sorry. I (not to do)
my homework
9. He is not at school today, he (to fall) ill
. — When he (to fall) ill?
ill yesterday.
10. At last I (to do)
11. The rain (to stop)
all my homework: now I shall go out
but a cold wind is still blowing.
12. We
already (to solve) the problem.
13. He
just (to finish) his work
14. Where you (to put) the newspaper?
15. What books
you (to read) when you (to live)
in the country?
Составьте предложения используя слова в скобках.
1. Would you like something to eat? - No, thanks. I've just had lunch. (just/have)
2. Do you know where Julia is? - Yes, I --- her. (just/see)
3. What time is David leaving? - He --- (already/leave)
4. What's in the newspaper today?- I don't know. I --- (not/read/yet)
5. Is Ann coming to the cinema with us?- No, she --- the film. (already/see)
— He (to
Most of my friends were no longer there. They had left (leave).
(Пояснения: no longer - «больше не». Most of my friends were no longer there Моих друзей больше не было там.)
My best friend, Kevin, was no longer there. He _____ (go) away.
The local cinema was no longer open. It ________(close) down.
Mr. Johnson was no longer alive. He _______ (die).
Bill no longer had his car. He ________ (sell) it.
Упражнение 3:
Составь предложения, используя слова в скобках.
I wasn’t hungry. (I/just/have/lunch) I had just had lunch.
Tom wasn’t at home when I arrived. (he/just/go/out).____________
We arrived at the cinema late. (the film/already/begin).___________
Упражнение 4:
Поставь глагол в нужной форме (Past Perfect или Past Simple) в зависимости от
The house was very quiet when I got home. Everybody ___________(go) to
I felt very tired when I got home, so I ______(go) straight to bed.
Sorry I am late. The car ______(break) down on my way here.
There was a car by the side of the road. It ________ (break) down and the
driver was trying to repair it. So we _______ (stop) to help him.
Упражнение 6: Lots of things have happened since I wrote to you last.
1. I / buy / a new car –I have bought a new car.
2. My father / start / a new job. _______________.
3. I / give up / smoking. _______________.
4. Charles and Sarah / go / to Brazil. _______________.
5. Suzanne / have / a baby. _______________.
Упражнение 7: Все предложения в Present Perfect.
1. She / do / many different jobs. – She has done many different jobs.
2.He / travel / to many places. She _______________.
3. We / do / a lot of interesting things. _______________.
4. I / write / ten books. _______________.
5. They / meet / a lot of interesting people. _______________.
6. You / be / married five times. _______________.
Упражнение 9: Вы задаёте своему другу вопросы. С помощью
следующих слов составьте вопросы, которые будут начинаться
словами Have you ever …?
(to be / to Paris?) Have you ever been to Paris?
(play / golf?) Have you ever played golf?
(to be / to Australia?) _______________?
(lose / your passport?) _______________?
(sleep / in the park?) _______________?
(eat / Chinese food?) _______________?
(to be / to New York?) _______________?
(win / a lot of money?) _______________?
(break / your leg?) _______________?
(run / a marathon?) _______________?
(speak / to famous people?) _______________?
(live / in another town) _______________?
Упражнение 12. Прочтите ситуации и напишите вопросы с помощью
слов в скобках.
1. John tells you, that his mother is in hospital. You ask him:
(How long / be / in hospital?) How long has your mother been in
2. You meet a woman who tells you that she teaches English. You ask her:
(How long / teach English?) _________________________?
3. You know that Jane is a good Carol’s friend. You ask Jane:
(How long / know / Carol?) _________________________?
4. Your friend’s brother went to Australia some time ago and he’s still
there. You ask your friend: (How long / be / in Australia?)
5. Tim always wears the same jacket. It’s a very old jacket. You ask him:
(How long / have / that jacket?) ____________________________?
6. You are talking to a friend about Alan. Alan now works at the airport.
You ask your friend:
(How long / work / at the airport?)
7. A friend of yours is having driving lessons. You ask him:
(How long / have / driving lessons?)
8. You meet somebody on a train. She tells you that she lives in Glasgow.
You ask her:
(always / live / in Glasgow?)
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