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Arthur Conan Doyle

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My Favourite
Angelina Tabakaeva
Form 6
My name is Angelina.
I have got a lot of hobbies,
but the most important of
them is reading.
I like all kinds of books, but
still prefer reading detective
stories. No wonder, that my
favourite author is the “King
of detectives” Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle who invented my
favourite detective Sherlock
Arthur Conan Doyle was
born in 1859 in Scotland.
After graduating from the
Edinburgh university he
became a doctor and in1882
moved to England to set up
a practice.
He was a doctor by his
profession and a writer in
his heart.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first created his famous
character Sherlock Holmes in 1885. Six years later,
when he wrote another group of stories about the
detective, Sherlock Holmes was a name that
everybody knew.
Who was a prototype of
They say, it was Dr.
Joseph Bell, with whom
Doyle worked together at
the Edinburgh Royal
Hospital, and whose
ability “to use “deductive
method” to solve the most
complex and difficult
problems” hit everybody.
By the way, a
prototype of John
Watson was Mayor Wood,
a secretary of Arthur
Conan Doyle, who spent
more than 40 years with
the writer.
With the words
"Elementary, my dear
Watson ...", the most
famous detective of
all times, Sherlock
Holmes, starts to
explain a crime to his
friend Dr. Watson.
That phrase has
entered the English
• When Conan Doyle was tired of
writing detective stories, he
decided to 'kill' Holmes. He wrote a
story in which Holmes met his
great enemy Professor Moriarty in
Switzerland. Holmes and Moriarty
had a fight, and both fell over a
• The public didn't like it. Conan
Doyle had to write another story in
which Holmes comes back.
• In London, near Trafalgar Square, people can visit a pub called
“Sherlock Holmes“.
• In that pub there is a room like Sherlock Holmes's room at 221 'B'
Baker Street, as described in Conan Doyle's stories.
• After so many years Sherlock Holmes is still the most famous
detective in the world.
• For me, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the most
outstanding writers, because he created Sherlock Holmes,
so brilliant, clever and intelligent character who seems to
be more real that reality.
• I enjoy reading these books and admire my favourite
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
died on July 7, 1930
of a heart attack.
But he continues to live
in his characters.
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