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Dostoevsky –
My Favourite Writer
Author: I.Vdovin,
the 11th form
“Learn and read. Read books seriously. Life
will do all the rest.”
F.M. Dostoevsky
Fyodor Mikhailovich
Dostoevsky is an
outstanding Russian writer
and is now regarded as
one of the best novelists in
the world
• He was born in 1821 in Moscow.
• His father was a physician and he
was quite cruel, while his mother
was a very kind woman.
• The place, where they lived, was
surrounded by gloomy institutions:
a cemetery, a mental house, an
• That atmosphere greatly influenced
Dostoevsky’s works in the future.
When Fyodor was 17, he successfully
passed the exams and entered Saint
Petersburg Institute of Military
Fyodor didn’t like the academy because
of his lack of interest in science,
mathematics and his preference for
drawing and architecture. Dostoyevsky
had bad relations with his classmates
of his character and interests.
He showed bravery and a strong sense of
justice, protected newcomers. Sometimes he
was rude with teachers, criticised corruption
among officers and helped poor farmers.
Although he was solitary and lived in his
own literary world.
His early works were published when he
was 21 or 22 years old.
His first work “Poor Folk” made him
immediately famous.
One of the best literary critics of that
time Belinsky said, that the novel was
excellent and socially useful.
• After that, several other novels
and short stories were written
by Dostoevsky, but they didn’t
bring him success and left him
in financial crisis.
• Other difficult periods in
novelist’s life include Siberian
exile, prison from 1849 till
1854 and the gambling trip to
•In 1866 one of his most renowned
works “Crime and Punishment” was
• “Crime and Punishment” is the novel I like best.
• It describes Rodion Raskolnikov’s life from the
murder of a pawnbroker to his spiritual
regeneration with the help of Sonya.
• At the same time Dostoevsky
was working on “Gambler”.
Then he wrote his another
outstanding novels “The Idiot”
and “Demons”.
• The great writer died in
February 1881 after suffering
a lung hemorrhage.
His last novel was “The Brothers
My favorite Dostoyevsky’s novels are:
• “Crime and Punishment”
• “The Idiot”
• “Poor Folk”
• “White Nights”
• “Demons”
Why is Dostoyevsky my favorite writer?
• I like Dostoevsky's works for many reasons. Firstly,
personally for me, his books are easy and interesting to
read. Secondly, Dostoyevsky shows us the other world. It
is the world of poor and pained people and helps to
find a way in the life. Thirdly, after every book I read, I
understand more and more that every person should be
kind, helpful and we should care about each other. In
general, Dostoyevsky’ s books develop good features
of my character.
“I do not want
and can not
believe that evil
is the normal
condition of
F.M. Dostoevsky
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