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Alina Shtabel
Form 11
1814 - 1841
• When I speak about
Russian literature, I
can’t but think about
one of the most famous
Russian authors –
Mikhail Yurievich
Lermontov, whose life
was very short but
bright as a gleam of
lightning in a stormy
Mikhail Lermontov was born on the 3 (15) of October,
1814 in the family of the army captain Yuri Petrovich
Lermontov and Maria Mikhailovna Lermontova
Yuri Petrovich won the heart of his rich bride by his
appearance and rare good nature. Maria Mikhailovna
became his wife despite the protests of her mother.
In 1817 Maria Mikhailovna became ill with tuberculosis and
died at the age of 21, leaving her only son an orphan.
“When I was three years old, there was a song that made
me cry... my mother sang it to me….” Lermontov wrote in
his diary.
Lermontov's grandmother,
Elizaveta Alekseevna Arsenyeva,
strongly refused to leave the boy
with his father because of his
poverty. She took her grandson
to her Manor of Tarkhany in the
province of Penza
Family drama has put a
mark on the character of
Lermontov. The boy's heart
torn between his kind
grandmother and his father
that he loved most of all.
The boy was surrounded with care
and kindness, his granny did all
possible to develop his diverse
Mikhail had the best teachers, and
was educated at home not worse
than in the capital.
Since childhood he wrote poetry,
painted, was fond of music.
In childhood Lermontov had rheumatism
and spent a lot of time in his bed. So he
accustomed to reverie and loneliness.
At the age of 10 Lermontov's grandmother
took the boy to the Caucasus to treat his
disease. This place was greatly loved by
Lermontov till his last days.
Lermontov, having received
an excellent education at
home, entered the Moscow
University, where he studied
diligently and was awarded a
lot of prizes.
But soon he came to St.
Petersburg School of Cavalry
Cadets and then served in the
Hussar Regiment of the
Imperial Guard.
The rest of his life was closely
connected with military
He participated in the fightings
in the Caucasus, was an
extremely brave and brilliant
officer, and was awarded a
golden sword with an
inscription “For Bravery”
In the year 1837 Lermontov's name became
known all over Russia thanks to his poem “The
Poet’s Death“, written on the death of Alexander
Pushkin. This poem provoked the displeasure of
the Royal Court.
having lived till 27
years old, he passed the
entire circle of life with
flights of inspiration and
bitterness of
disappointments. He went
through many troubles in his
life: great success and
exiles, love and love
disappointments, smoke of
battles and intrigues of a
high society..
• I like novels, stories
and poems by
Mikhail Lermontov
very much. No need
to say that the most
of his poems and
almost all novels and
stories are full of
melancholy – this is
the particularity of
his works.
• All of us have read his
poems at school and of
course have got
acquainted with “The
Hero of Our Time”.
• In this novel, through
his heroes, Lermontov
tried to express his
own sense of time and
• The main character is
Pechorin – an
individualist with a
conflict in his sole.
Pechorin is a very
deep character. He is,
like his author, a man
who searches for real
life, deep feelings,
true love and feels
useless in his time.
• Lermontov didn’t wrote non-fiction. All his
compositions are made-up but a great part of
them is connected with real events of the 19th
century. There is no humor in his works, they are
deep and full of the author’s thoughts. They
reflect the problems of the society and make us
• Mikhail Lermontov is the lonely genius, a great poet
of Russian literature, a founder of Russian
psychological novel.
• I like his works very much and enjoy every
minute of reading books by Mikhail Yurievich
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