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My Favourite Poet
Sergey Esenin
(1895 – 1925)
Author: German Nikita
Form 11
Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin was
born on October 3, 1895 in the
village of Konstantinovo of the
Ryazan province in a country family.
The boy was brought up in a
religious family of his grandfather.
He began writing poems at the age
of nine. The first of them were
about the life in the countryside,
farms and animals.
They are full of love and anxious
attitude toward all living things and
have special artistic formation.
Esenin's Father and Mother
• While being a teenager,
Yesenin began to write
about love too. Already the
first love poems are very
picturesque, musical, full
of subtle lyricism.
• “Scarlet light of sunset
shows up on the lake.
Grouses are crying in the
wood, awake.
Hidden in a hollow, cries
an oriole.
I don’t feel like crying,
brightness in my soul.
You’ll come out to meet me
later in the day,
We’ll sit down there under
stack of hay…”
• His deliberate creative
work started at 16 or 17.
• The first Yesenin’s book
was published in 1916. It
was called “Radunitsa”.
Yesenin became one of the
most famous poets in those
days for his touching poesy
about simple life and love.
• Later he came to St. Petersburg and was given a
warm welcome there. The first men he saw were
Blok and Gorodetsky. Gorodetsky acquainted
Yesenin with Kluyev, and despite the seeming
discord and lack of agreement, they made great
At around that time he entered the University
where he spent a year and a half.
I do believe in happiness!
The sun has not yet faded. Rays
Of sunrise like a book of prayers
Predict the happy news. Oh yes!
I do believe in happiness!
Ring , golden Russia, carry on,
Oh blow you wind, so unabated!
Blessed is the one who celebrated
Your shepherd’s sadness, hope forlorn.
Ring, golden Russia, carry on!
I love the wild impetuous streams,
The shine of stars upon the water.
The blessed dejection, crying quarter,
The blessing people and extremes
Of roaring wild impetuous streams.
Among all poets Yesenin
liked Blok, Bely and Kluyev
best. Bely gave him a lot in
the way of form, while Blok
and Kluyev taught him
It is known that Alexander
Blok tried his best to
promote Sergey Yesenin as
a poet.
• At first Yesenin was sure
that the October
Revolution would be an
incitement for a better
life and he supported it
but later he was
disappointed. Yesenin
occasionally criticized
the Bolshevik rules in his
• In 1921 he made the
acquaintance of Isadora
Duncan. She did not speak
Russian and Sergey did
not know foreign
languages. But in 1922
they married. He
accompanied Isadora on a
tour of Europe and the
USA but the marriage was
not long and in 1923 he
came back to Moscow.
• The last 2 years of his life Yesenin
was addicted to drink but at the same
time he wrote some of his best poems.
On December 28, 1925 Yesenin was
found hanged in the Leningrad hotel
His last poem — "Good-bye, my
friend, good-bye …" — was written in
that hotel with his own blood,
because, according to his friends’
words, Yesenin complained that
there was no ink in his room..
According to the official version,
Yesenin committed suicide being in
heavy depression…
• The great poet was buried on
December 31, 1925 in Moscow
Vagankovskoye cemetery.
•Why do I like Sergey
Yesenin’s poetry?
•To my mind, he is the only
Russian poet of the 20th
century who from the very
first poetic collections acted
as the thin lyric poet, the
master of deeply psychological
landscape, the singer of
Russia, the expert on national
language and national soul.
Russia was his love and his
•His poems are full of melody
and a great number of them
became songs and romances.
• Very often I ask myself: “Was Yesenin happy?
What made him commit suicide being so young, so
talented and so famous among people? Did he
really do it? Was he so unsatisfied with his life?”
…I’m afraid nobody can give an exact answer to all the questions…
Nobody except Yesenin himself…
…But we’ll always read his poems- so beautiful, thoughtful,
unforgettable, full of love- and enjoy them…
“The snow is whirling lively and strong,
A three horse sleigh is dashing along.
Some young ones are in the sleigh. Oh Boy!
Where is my happiness? Where is my joy?
All has slipped by through the storm in this way, Dashing like mad in a three horse sleigh.”
S. Yesenin
Thanks for your attention!
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