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БПОУ УР «Радиомеханический техникум им. В.А. Шутова»
Подготовила: Борисова
Анастасия Павловна
Специальность Монтажник РЭА и
приборов гр. 2 – 11
Курс - 2 – ой
Научный руководитель:
английского языка
Кулахметова Наталья
Тема: «Современные британские писатели:
Джоан К. Роулинг» / Modern British writers: Joan
K. Rowling
The plan:
1. Literary Britain.
2. Some facts from Joan K. Rowling’s life and her first
steps to success.
3. Books made her famous writer.
4. The contribution of Joan K. Rowling to modern
British literature. (from mass media)
5. Some interesting facts about author, her books and
6. Out literary activity of Joan K. Rowling.
7. The source of information.
1. Literary Britain
It is difficult to estimate the contribution of British writers in world literature.
First, the founder of English
literature (and English literary
language) is Geoffrey Chaucer. His
work ("The Canterbury Tales")
influenced the formation of other
great writers of Britain, who came
after him.
For example,
William Shakespeare is the
greatest (and most
mysterious) English novelist
and playwright.
Many people all over the world know such masters of British
literature as Jonathan Swift, Charles Dickens, Henry Fielding. Their
works are relevant nowadays too and arouse interest of readers all
over the world.
As well as the great masters of the detective genre: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
and Agatha Christie. They are the famous and beloved all over the world.
Indeed, it is difficult to cover all diversity of
British literature without esthetics and
elegance of Oscar Wilde, richness of the
language of Rudyard Kipling and prophecies
of George Orwell.
2. Some facts from Joan K. Rowling’s life and her first steps
to success: But we would like to tell you about one of the current
stars on the literary horizon of the UK - about Joan K. Rowling.
J.K. Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in Yeyt, not far from Bristol.
She began writing stories at the age of 6.
After graduating high school with excellent grades, she entered the
University of Exeter in 1987,choosing a profession of interpreter to
the request of his father, "a profession that can feed."
In 1990, Joan Rowling works as a secretary
in the organization "Amnesty
International", but she dislikes her work .
Joan dreamed to become a writer. It is
her dream from childhood.
A strong desire to become a writer did not
allow her to retreat before difficulties.
She left her job, which does not suit her.
Being a single mother on welfare and
existing 69 pounds in a week, Joan went
to his dream. She wanted to write, write
books for children!
She got the idea of a book about
wizard –boy suddenly: while she
was traveling by train from
Manchester to London.
The history of Harry Potter, which brought
her worldwide fame, success with critics
and financial well-being, allow Joan
Rowling in some years went from being
welfare single mother to one of the
richest and the most famous woman in
the United Kingdom.
But her way to success was not easy. In
1995, the manuscript of the first part of
Harry Potter’ s novel was finished. 12
publishers rejected and only in June 1997,
the London publishing house Bloomsbury
published "Harry Potter and the
philosopher’s stone” with a circulation of
about 1,000 copies, intended for
children's libraries. The book's success was
3. Books made her famous writer.
In 2007, Forbes magazine named Rowling the first person to
become a dollar billionaire by writing books.
Books for children, which brought her worldwide fame and the title
of one of the most successful writers of modern Britain:
“ Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”
“ Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets”
“ Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”
“ Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”
“ Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix”
“ Harry Potter and the half-blood prince”
“ Harry Potter and the deathly hallows”3.
Books for adults:
(2012) – “The casual vacancy”
And with a literary nickname Robert
(2013) “The cuckoo’s calling”
(2014) “The silkworm”
Joan Rowling has many literary awards.
They are
1. Nestlé Smarties Book Prize (3 times:
1997, 1998, 1999). Rowling became the first man
to win the award three times in a row.
2. British Book Award - 1997 as a
children's book of the year
3. Children's Book Award - 1997
4. Whitbread Awards - 2000 - as "a
children's book of the year"
5. Rowling received an award as the
British Book Awards Author of the Year - 2000.
6. In 2006, "Half-Blood Prince" won the
British Book Awards in the category "Book of the
Joan Rowling’s works appreciated worldwide. She
made a great contribution to the development of
modern British literary. And we can join to these
words: “She created the magical world in her books
and made it closer, she was able to re-attach whole
generation to the reading . The writer was able to get
millions of children around the world to go home and
read, read and read. (Paul.A.Kaufman, director of the
film "Magic beyond words. JK Rowling story", June,
4. The contribution of Joan K. Rowling
to modern British literature (from
mass media)
The mass media have confirmed these
facts and speak of the author and her
books so:
"It is not only the most successful
bestseller in the history of children's
literature, but also an exceptional literary
("The Times", 23rd June 2000)
"The story about an English boy who is in
the School of Magic, was the last great
book of the Millennium."
("Izvestia", 20th January 2001)
5. Some interesting facts about the book and its heroes:
• The image of Hermione Granger writer practically "written off with
herself." Also, shewas an excellent student at school and a monitor .
• When she was a child, Joan lived next door with Ian
Potter. This boy "gifted" his name to the protagonist.
• Candies with tripe flavor really exist. J.K. Rowling
bought such a candy in the train when she was travelling
from Manchester to London.
• In 1995, the writer wrote at the
last chapter of the seventh and final
Harry Potter’s book.
And some more interesting facts about the book and its
• Currently, Harry Potter - a global brand, valued at $ 15
• The last four Harry Potter books consecutively set
records as the best-selling book in history.
• A series of books total volume of 4,195 pages has been
translated, in whole or in part, in 65 languages.
• By 2011, 400 million books by J.K. Rowling were sold all
over the world.
Here was an amazing success story of a strong
and independent woman and a talented writer.
Harry Potter’s books have caused interest in
reading among young people at a time when children
refused the books in favor of computers and television.
Pay attention: every 30 seconds someone in the world
begins to read a book about a boy –wizard!
6. Out literary activity of Joan K. Rowling
As a famous British writer Joan K. Rowling is
known not only for literary activity. In 2000, she
established the Fund to help single mothers,
children, and people suffering from multiple
sclerosis. But most importantly, she continues to
write and we look forward to her new books!
7. The source of information
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3. Magic beyond the words: The J.K. Rowling Story
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