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Customs and traditions of Great Britain

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Презентация в номинации "Обычаи и традиции"
* Customs and traditions of Great
* Traditions and Holidays of the
* Unusual traditions of Great
* Christmas traditions in the UK
* Culinary traditions of Great
The British are so proud of
the fact that they are
different from the other
nations. The British still,
unlike the rest of Europe,
measure the distance not
in kilometers, but in miles.
British are cool people. They are not
accustomed to show their feelings, but
they are sociable with a good sense of
By lunchtime, the British change
their clothes.
Traditions and customs of the
festivals. The most popular place
in May is Chelsea. The most
solemn and greatest celebration
of the country is the Queen's
Sport is also referred to the
traditions - "Boat Race" takes
place in late March, football,
tennis tournaments, yachting.
March 17 - in Ireland they traditionally celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
The first day after Easter - Easter Monday.
25 And 26 December
They celebrate Christmas
Last Monday in May or the first in
June - also are considered as
Last Monday in August or the first
Monday in September and the
"Glorious 12 July."
On holidays almost all organizations
do not work.
* 1, 2 January -
the British celebrate New Year’s Day.
* As an interesting tradition of
Great Britain such competition
as the ability to make ugly faces
is supposed to be; and the
tradition of running with rolling
cheese is considered to be very
Taking part in this competition (last
Monday in May), participants let cheese go
down a slope trying to catch it.
* Dancing around the tall pillars which is decorated with colored
ribbons and garlands; pearly king and queen are also here too. This is
one of the charitable cultural traditions of the working class of
On Christmas all the windows
of rural houses are lighted by
candles. Shortly before the
holiday women compete for
the best decorated Christmas
One of the Christmas tradition in the UK is
to make Christmas dinner, which includes
traditional dishes such as roast goose (in
Wales, Ireland), stuffed turkey or
The ancient custom of decorating houses for Christmas
with evergreen branches (holly, ivy, and others) is still
preserved . According to this custom a man has the
right to kiss a girl who is accidentally under the
decorated plant.
The peculiarity of the national cuisine is that the natural characteristics of food
are only highlighted and food does not change its original look.
There is a unique set of local dishes, such
as Yorkshire pudding and tea with baked
cream, served to roast beef. Norfolk
turkey, tender lamb, fried pies, duck from
Aylesbury are gourmet dish.
In conclusion I want to say that I really like the
UK. People there are very kind, friendly and
sociable. It’s a pleasure to share celebrations of
traditions with them.
I respect and like their customs and traditions.
Taking part in them is a great chance of
improving the mood and of being historically
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