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Путишествие по Колчестеру (A wonderful tour to Colchester)

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«A wonderful tour to Colchester»
1. Introduction
2. Across the Colchester park
a) The Nature
b) The Roman wall
c) The Rye Gate
3. On the way to the station.
a)The Dutch Quater.
b)The Orthodox Church of St. Helena.
c)The pub «Castle».
d) The Monastery of St. Botolph.
e) The Augustian Monastery.
Colchester is the oldest city in
the British Isles. Colchester is a
city with a population of more
than a hundred thousand
people, located in the county of
Essex to the north-east of
London on the bank of the river
Colne .
It is also the oldest Roman settlement in the UK. Such
celebrities as a writer Daniel Defoe, a mathematician Roger
Penrose and a famous painter John Constable lived here.
Just imagine that some year
ago you could see the notorious
Margaret Thatcher, who
worked as a chemist nearby.
The main attraction of the
city is the Norman castle,
built in the XI century by
the order of William the
All this, and something
else, I'll show you now.
I offer you to begin our tour from the park near
Colchester Castle.
As in any good English park, you can meet the squirrels
and the pigeons completely accustomed to the presence
of humans. How beautiful the blooming snowdrops are!
To my mind, none of us can see such great number of
There are many benches with
the special tables in the park.
For example – in honour of
the beloved aunt.
One section of Roman wall, a couple of hundred meters
long is preserved in park. Parallel to it, a few hundred
meters away , the river Colne is flowing. It provided
additional protection against attacks, so this side of the
Roman fortifications could be considered the most secure.
The Wall close-up.
Park pond in winter looks
a little sad, but I'm sure in
summer it is a great
Come up to the place near the River Colne, where there
used to be a mill.
Today it is not particularly interesting, so we will move
towards the exit of the park.
"Rye Gate" is considered to be the main gate of the park.
The original gate was called "River Gate", that is “leading to
the river.
Now, we are in the so-called Dutch Quarter. In the second
half of the XVI century weavers had emigrated here. The
windows on the ground floor were of a big size because
they were the only sources of light. Moreover the street was
the only entertainment for weavers.
The area is famous for the
fact that the poet Jane
Taylor lived here. She is
famous for her lyrics to the
lovely lullaby “Twinkle,
Twinkle, Little Star”.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky!
Do you see the dark band on
the brick pavement? This
place was a Roman
amphitheater for up to three
thousand people.
Not far from here you’ll see
the Orthodox Church of St.
After a long trip you can have a bite at this pub called
"The Castle". Enjoy yourself with the "peasant lunch":
bread, thick slices of ham and cheese, butter, pickled
onions and cucumbers.
On the way to the station we
must visit the Monastery of St.
Botolph (St Botolph's priory). Its
roof is seen from here.
The first monastery of the
Augustinian in England was
founded in Colchester at the end
of the XI century
Most of the buildings
were destroyed
during the Civil War
in 1648. It's amazing
how these ruins have
survived to the
That's the whole story of Colchester, it's time to leave this
beautiful ancient city.
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