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The virtual travelling: Unknown Seattle
 Seattle
as the largest city of the USA
 The origin of the name Seattle
 The history of the city
 Sights
 Literature
Seattle is the largest city in
the northwest of the United
States of America and a major
seaport. The city is the
administrative center of the
King County. It is located
between the Puget and the
Lake Washington.
The first European settlement in the site of Seattle was
founded on the 13th of November 1851 by a group of
Arthur Denny and was named as New York. In 1853
David "Doc" Maynard suggested to rename the
settlement to Seattle, in honor of the leader of the local
Since 1869 the city have had the unofficial nickname
"Queen City", or "Queen of the Pacific cities," The
nickname was given by Portland real estate agency. But in
1982 King County officials (to which Seattle belongs) held
the official competition for the unofficial nickname. The
new nickname of the city appeared - "Emerald City".
Other nicknames of Seattle are "Gate to Alaska", "City of
Rains" and "Jet City" (thanks to the company Boeing).
The correct name of the Seattle residents can be translated
as "sietlity."
There were many different events in the history of the city.
The Great Fire of 1889 destroyed the most part of the
business center of the city, but it was rebuilt later.
 There
were many immigrants in the city that time. They
went to Seattle for hunting a job. In 1889 there was a
demonstration against the cheap Chinese labour, the
demonstration wasn’t peaceful, there were disorders.
 Last
century was a
period of the Gold
Rush in the history
of the USA and
Seattle played an
important role in it,
it was on the
crossroads of the
transport route.
 Seattle
is a place where different exhibitions are held. In
1909 the world exhibition of the achievements took place
in Seattle, it was named «Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Expo
1909 Fair accomplishments northwestern Pacific.»
 In
1919 there was a strike of
trade unions. 65 000
workers took part in it. The
motto was «Russia did it ».
The strikers wanted to put
an end to capitalist system.
Their aim was to prepare the
revolution. Russia was a
great example for them..
 The
World's Fair,
which is known as
"Expo XXI Century“
took place in 1962. It
was dedicated to the
building of the Space
 A great
attention is paid to sport in this city. In 1990 it
was a home for the Goodwill games. A lof of sportsmen
and spectators from all countries of the world came to
Seattle. It was a real holiday of Sport. They say, that
Sport does not know the boundaries.
 Seattle
is also an economic centre. In 1993 there was a
world known conference of the Sea – Pacific
Economic Cooperation. 21 countries became the
participants of this conference.
 Seattle
is a member of the World Trade Organization.
Economic plays an important role in the life of city, that is
why different economic conferences are taken place here.
 Seattle
is a multinational city. The people of different
nationalities and different cultures live here, that is why
many festivals of culture are held in Seattle.
 One
of the most famous sightseeing in Seattle is Space
 Seattle
is a great cultural centre. There are Pike Place
Market, Seattle Center, Westlake Center, Smith Tower,
Columbia Center, Starbucks , theatres, museums.
The USA is a great country. There are large cities and
small towns in it. Each of them has its own history, its
own traditions, its sights. Seattle is not as famous as
Washington, but it is a place, where Goodwill Games
took place. That’s why I chose Seattle to represent.
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