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Луцейн Ольга Владимировна,
студентка III курса отделения Лечебное
дело, группа 353
КГБПОУ «Ачинский медицинский
Руководитель проекта: Анохина С.О.
The First of May – Chimney Sweeps’ Day
Festival in the castle of Rochester
History of Chimney Sweeps’ Day
The first chimney sweep
Traditions come alive
Hundreds of years ago, when the boys worked as chimney
sweeps, they had only one day off a year, on May 1. On this
day, they ran through the streets, singing and dancing with
Today's celebration are very similar. On May 1
each year in the castle of Rochester, a small town
in Kent, the British honor chimney sweep, one of
the most mysterious and full of riddles
The choice of Rochester as the capital of chimney sweeps
in the UK was not accidental, because it is here that
was one of the first stone castles and one of the highest
castles in the UK .It had a tall chimney, the symbol of
chimney sweeps of their country.
Who are you Mr. chimney sweep?
In medieval Europe, the
chimney sweep has always
been considered as a special
person covered by an aura of
How popular rumor says the nobles send their children
to chimney sweeps in order that they could feel the life
of an ordinary working man, and then became a worthy
ruler of his country, or followers of his father's business.
That is why a chimney sweep has always been treated
with respect and deference.
History has preserved for posterity the name
of the first chimney sweep, which turned out
to be a Lithuanian-born Gudmand Olsen
Brian Pierce, hereditary chimney sweep,
whose previous generations have been
cleaning their pipes for three hundred
Many of us are
acquainted with
chimney sweeps from
Andersen's fairy tales.
The description of
chimney sweeps
festival can be found
in Dickens.
Sweeps Festival attracts many tourists from all over the
world, because it is very picturesque and has a rich 3day program.
The program of the festival includes
the traditional English dance Morris,
the chimney parades, the holiday of
nature awakening "Jack-in-the-green"
and many other interesting events.
Chimney Sweep brings happiness
How to make so that a chimney sweep met in the
street shared his luck with you?
Chimney Sweep carries the luck with him
wherever he goes and when you meet him, his
luck rubs off on you.
200 years ago, so the legend goes, a chimney sweep
saved the life of a King. The King issued a Royal Decree
that Chimney Sweeps are bringers of luck. So started the
tradition and because sweeps are lucky, couples would
arrange to meet the sweep at their Wedding.
Today, seeing a chimney sweep on your
wedding day is still a lucky omen and many
couples choose to have them attend their
wedding for a handshake for the groom and
a lucky kiss for the bride.
Actually meeting a chimney sweep is
supposed to bring luck.
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