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Celtic holidays in
Plan :
Summer solstice;
“Wedding Meadows’’;
 Imblok;
Bird festival;
As for my point of view
“The fact that in one century is considered
mysticism, the other becomes scientific
When we think of Scotland come to mysterious
swamps, ruins of the castle, skirt-kilt, mournful
melody of bagpipes, Callanish. I want to dedicate
my work to Celtic holydays . Their customs and
Everyone knows the customs and traditions of the
Nations formed from the geographical area where
they live. Scotland occupies the Northern part of the
island of great Britain and the adjacent Islands.
The countryside of Scotland's are mountains, hills
and lakes. The severe nature gave rise to traditions,
customs, superstitions.
The Scots are peasants, farmers and pastoralists.
Ancient Celts divided the year into cold and warm
periods. The cold season is the time of arrival of
animals from pastures and warm when this cattle
went on pasture.
People had to define the periods of
agricultural work by the movement of the
moon and the sun
The Celts had a direct relationship calendar with
agricultural cycles. This is evidenced by their
Summer solstice
We cannot miss to note the old pagan celebration of
the summer solstice on June 21. After the spread of
Christianity it became a festival in honor of John the
Baptist (June 24).
The holiday traditions were:
Lit the fire is a symbol
of the sun;
the ash from the fire
poured through the
fields - a good harvest;
burning Heather did
crawl herds and fields.
throwing bones of animals
or fish in to the fire ;
set before each house tables
with cheese, butter, cakes
and bottles of whiskey to
treat the neighbors and
churches for the flowers
and green branches(it was
a symbol of immortal and
life-giving nature).
People gathered herbs in the night, the eve of St.
John. They loved to collect Hypericum. This plant
was analgesic, treated wounds, but the flower
according to the legends, had considerable magical
power. People were hung it over the windows and
doors of the houses. It was a protection from evil
“Wedding Meadows’’
People loved this holiday. It was 1 of August. This is
harvest festival. In our time this holiday- the Day of
St. John.
On this day, the family went to the field and the
head of the family cut the first ears of corn bread.
Then they baked cakes and cooked curd cheeses –
The Church has always tried to eradicate pagan
customs. People were afraid of punishment, and
secretly went into the mountains and picked
If you prepare from these grapes wine or cake on this
day ,the husband will never go to another woman.
This holiday is called differently in European
countries. There are “Holiday candles”, “Groundhog
Day”, “The Day of Saint Bridget”. This celebration
of light, purification and celebrated on February 1.
People take a bath with herbs and salt, make the
square crosses from straw (crosses Bridget),sing
songs and tell stories.
"If you meet Briget, as it deserves, that will leave
you in the gift of the ability to feel other people,
will end your fears and torments. You will never
see death in solitude and disgrace ..."
Bird festival
Date of the holiday is bloom on March 21. The
modern name is Easter. People in this day watching
the birds, collected and painted eggs. Children and
adults were treated to sweet rolls and lollipops of
maple sugar.
The Easter Bunny is a symbol of fertility, and
Easter eggs - a symbol of life. The children waited
for the holiday. It was believed that Easter Bunny as
a gift leaves a nest of colored eggs for good children.
And finally, the most loved holiday on May 1.
Beltan has such interesting names: “Lady’s Day”,
“Lilac Sunday”, “Walpurgis night”. In this day
weak gained strength and were filled with desire.
Holiday customs:
chose the king and queen of may;
picking up flowers;
wearing green clothes;
eat fruits, honey from Heather, muffins.
Soon, the Church realized that people never stop to
go to the hills. They called some of the hills-Holy
places and arranged to pilgrimages. They
strengthened their power.
As for my point of view
I love Celtic holidays. I want to note, that all these
holidays are similar to Slavic. It is right that the
Church has done exactly that, giving the holidays
are right to exist in Scotland. The holidays make
brilliant our everyday life.
Besides, people are always looking for something
mystical that will inspire him and he'll feel a
connection with their ancestors. Feel closer to nature
and live in harmony with the world.
Thank you for your
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