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The Cities and Towns of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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the UK
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Northern Ireland
The Cities and Towns of
the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
Great Britain is the
main English speaking country in
the world. It consists of
England , Scotland and
Wales. There are many
interesting sights in
each capital: London ,
Edinburgh and Cardiff.
Millions of people visit
Great Britain every year
to learn more about
its sights.
When we talk about London, we think
of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. We think of
Buckingham Palace, the home of the Royal family, the
Horse Guards, the red London bus, and Nelson’s
London is a big port, commercial manufacturing
and cultured centre
London is a great centre for the
tourists. You can feed the pigeons in
Trafalgar Square. It is in the centre of
the West End of London. On the north
side is the National Gallery and in the
centre is Nelson’s Column with the
figure of the great seaman.
Piccadilly Circus is a square in
the central part of London’s
best-known theatres and
cinemas and most famous
restaurants are on Piccadilly
Circus. In the square you can
see people of many
nationalities and hear a lot of
different languages.
Oxford and Cambridge
Other famous cities which attract lots
of visitors are Oxford and Cambridge.
These cities have become well-known
thanks to their educational features.
The best and highly-respected
universities in the world are situated here.
Nearly everyone wishes to study in Oxford
or Cambridge , as it’s considered to be a
very prestigious education.
Manchester is Britain‘s first city of the
Industrial Revolution.
In the 19th century cotton goods made
Manchester a great city. Now it is one of Britain‘s
most important producers of man-made fibres,
computers and electronic equipment. It is a twin
city of St. Petersburg.
There are many charming arcades in
Manchester. Arcades are roofed in cast iron and
glass, and are extremely graceful.
There are some places of interest in Manchester
such as the Central Library. It is situated near the
Town Hall and is one of the largest municipal
libraries in Europe.
Yorvik was the capital
of a Viking kingdom. In
mediaeval times, York
was the second city of
the land. Victorian
York was an important
railway centre, and 20th
century York is the
home of world-famous
chocolate and one of
the most beautiful
cities in the world.
It is the religious
capital of England
because its cathedral is
the seat of the
Archbishop of
Canterbury who is
head of the Church of
England. Thousands of
people came to pray at
the shrine of a former
Archbishop of
Canterbury who was
murdered in the
Cathedral in 1170.
Bath lies on seven hills. In the eighteenth
century magnificent streets and crescents
were built for the visitors who came to the
city to enjoy the medicinal qualities of the
spa. Fine Georgian architecture on such a
scale makes Bath unique in England.
Bath first became important as a Roman
Tourists to the city will find many other
pleasant things to do. A boat trip on the River
Avon will give you time to admire one of
England’s most beautiful and elegant cities
Birmingham is the second largest city in
Britain and the biggest industrial centre.
The most developed
industries are the automotive
industry , aircraft-building
industries, metal-working,
chemical industry and nonferrous metallurgy.”BritishLeyland”, the biggest car
producers in the UK, employ
thousands of people in the
Birmingham area.
Birmingham is called “the city of 1500
trades” because of the great variety of its
industries. All the spoons and forks they use at
table, glasses out of which they drink, the pins
and needles in English homes are mostly
products of the Birmingham industry.
It is situated in the
extreme south of the
country, at the foot of the
Pennine Chain.
The city is known as
the place where “ Sheffield
plates “ are made.
Sheffield plate is a term
applied to articles,
produced from copper and
coated with silver
The capital of Wales is Cardiff , the largest city of
Wales. Cardiff is situated near the mouth of the Taff
River. It has many industries such as coal-mining ,
steel. As a port it is used to ship coal to other parts
of the country and the world.
Some of the main buildings are Cardiff
Castle , built in the 11th century , the National
Museum of Wales , the Public Library and
University College. The magnificent Civic Centre
was built early this century.
The Welsh people love singing. That’s why
Wales is sometimes called “the land of song”.
Edinburgh is rather cold but attractive , very
proud and has a great past. Edinburgh is known as
Athens of the North. It is an ancient city and if you
walk around it you can touch on history at every step.
Practically every building has a tale to tell.
The Edinburgh military tattoo takes place
every August and September and is known
throughout the world. 600 people perform in
the square in front of the Castle. The performers
play military music and march to it. Every year
the best performances from all over the world
are shown there.
Glasgow is the
industrial heart of
Scotland, a huge city with
energy and enthusiasm.
Shipbuilding was
once a great industry. But
now it has been replaced
by new, high technology
industries, and by
commerce and tourism.
New hotels and offices
are changing the way
Glasgow looks.
Belfast is one of the
youngest capital cities
in the world and it has
grown incredibly fast.
During the 19th century,
the development of
industries like linen,
engineering, tobacco
and the sea-trade
doubled the town’s size
every ten years.
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