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II Всероссийский конкурс мультимедийных презентаций
на иностранном языке «Страны изучаемого языка – вчера, сегодня, завтра»
Участник :
Лосева Татьяна Александровна, промышленное
отделение, специальность «Прикладная
информатика» гр.1921с, курс III
Мерзлякова Ольга Владимировна, преподаватель
I. General information
II. Lincoln`s formation as a politician
III. Family
IV. As a President
V. Liberation of slaves
VI. Victory
VII. His death
VIII. Memory
IX. Literature and Internet recourses
X. My personal attitude
Abraham Lincoln
General information
Lincoln was born on February, the 12th, 1809 in the County Hardin
(Kentucky) on a small farm. Lincoln got his education at home. From early
childhood, Lincoln was opposed to slavery.
His uncle was a slave owner, and his father, on the other hand - rejected
slavery, as it not only did not meet his moral views, but also as an
employee, to create competition.
Lincoln`s formation as a politician
Enlisted in the army, Abraham participated in the Indian War "Black Falcon".
Received the rank of captain, Lincoln left the army. Later, he tried to get a
seat in the Illinois House of Representatives. Having failed on the first
attempt, he was elected two years later. Introducing the Whig Party, he also
was on the post of Chairman of the Committee on Finance.
He began studying jurisprudence. In 1836 Lincoln entered the chamber of
lawyers in Illinois. A year later, he moved to the state capital - Springfield,
where got the partner of the well-known lawyer in the country.
On November, the 4th, 1842, Abraham marries the daughter of a planter from
the South - Mary Todd, who later gave him 4 sons. As the first lady, Mary
spent a lot of time on the modernization of the White House. Also, during
the Civil War, she often took a trip to the hospital, where she visited
wounded soldiers. Mary Lincoln opposed slavery and strongly supported
her husband's policies regarding the conservation union.
As a President
During the Presidential elections in 1860, the
Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincoln.
As a President, he replaced 80% of the posts,
held by Democrats. His presence at the White
House from March, the 4th, 1861 to the 15th of
April, 1865 coincided with the most tragic period
in the history of the United States - the American
Civil War. A. Lincoln believed, slavery was evil,
unavoidable in the South of the country's existing
economic conditions.
Abraham Lincoln before the Elections
As a President
An important achievement of Abraham Lincoln`s administration was the adoption
of Homestead Act in May 1862, aimed at giving every citizen of the country's
land allotment of 160 acres (64 hectares). The Law inflicted a heavy blow to
slavery and led to a radical solution of the agrarian problem - the development
of agriculture by farming the way. However, he strongly opposed the spread
of slavery into new territories that undermined the foundations of slavery,
because it will inevitably require extensive character advancement on
undeveloped lands of the West.
Liberation of slaves
Lincoln stood for gradual emancipation of slaves on a reimbursable basis,
but the time came when he realized that "slavery must die so that the nation
might live." September 22, 1862, he announced that from January 1 of the
coming year, all slaves "now and forever will be free," and 30 December
signed the "Emancipation Proclamation“
1863 brought the Union Army the victory at
Gettysburg and Vicksburg. On November the 19th
,1863 speaking at the opening of the military
cemetery at Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln said that
the soldiers resting here gave their lives to the country
gained "new birth of freedom," and "this is a
government of the people, by the people, for the
people will not perish from the earth." This short
speech, only 10 sentences, became a true manifesto of
American democracy, and Lincoln has strengthened
its reputation as a brilliant orator.
His death
Lincoln wins the Election of the President in 1865 again. In his inaugural
speech, he held out a hand of reconciliation to Southerners.
On April the 14th ,1865, Lincoln was mortally wounded and died the same night.
This was the first attempt on the president in United States history. The
Striker was an actor from the South, John Wilkes Booth, who together with
his team was going to kill the leading US politicians. Abraham Lincoln died
on April, 15th ,1865, in Washington.
The memory of Lincoln was immortalized in the memorial, which was
opened in the US capital in 1922. Inside this white marble buildings
the sculptor Charles D. French placed a six-meter statue ,sitting in
thought President - Liberator. On the inner walls of the memorial
under the allegorical paintings reproduced texts Gettysburg and
second inaugural speeches of Abraham Lincoln.
My personal attitude
• I admire a person of
Lincoln. All his life he
fought for the idea of
democracy, equality,
fraternity, against people `s
slavery. His speeches are
interesting and relevant
Literature and Internet recourses
1. Life Of Abraham Lincoln, (of Illinois): With A Condensed View Of His
Most Important Speeches : Also A Sketch Of The Life Of Hannibal
Hamlin (of Maine), 222 pages, 2011
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