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Россия - Англия: переплетение судеб
Государственное автономное профессиональное образовательное
учреждение Чукотского автономного округа «Чукотский многопрофильный
1 курс, группа 421-01 отделения
медицины и ветеринарии
Руководитель проекта Михайлова Галина
 Plan:
 The subject of research
 Relatives-politicians of England and
Russia (4-15)
Pushkin’s descendants
Relationship England-Russia
Genealogy of Windzor-Romanov
Hope for the future communication
 When I heard that England and Russia had numerous
related roots, I wanted to learn more about interlacing
of the English dynasty Vindzor and the Russian
Imperial House of Romanov. When in Russia governed
Peter I, the Russian nobility related with
representatives of the German aristocracy. And related
communications with the English dynasty of Vindzor
started when the Emperor Alexander II reigned. From
here I started my researches.
 The Emperor Alexander II and the empress Maria
Aleksandrovna had eight children. The most important for
us to tell about are Nicolay and Alexander. Nicolay as the
eldest son had to become the successor of a throne. The
boy was clever, had pleasant appearance and character and
was the general favourite. Nicolay got along well with the
brother Alexander following him on the birth.
 In spring of 1864 Nicolay went abroad. When he was in
Denmark, he fell in love with the daughter of the Danish
king Christian-IX princess Dagmar. And before their
wedding Nicolay decided to travel across Italy. During his
travel he got tubercular meningitis of a spinal cord.
Alexander and Nicolay's bride, princess Dagmar, hurried to
Nicolay to Nice but it was late. On April 13, 1865 Nicolay
 Under the law the successor of a throne was
proclaimed Alexander, his younger brother, later he
became the emperor Alexander III. Alexander II was
going to marry the son to one of the most beautiful
women, the Danish princess Alexander. But English
Queen Victoria was ahead of him, having married to
her the son (who became the king Edward VII).
 In summer of 1866 Alexander traveled across Europe and
stopped in Copenhagen to visit princess Dagmar. They fell
in love and in three months the bride Dagmar arrived to
Russia. She got a new name Maria Fyodorovna. After
wedding the late Nicolay's bride became the wife of his
brother, future Emperor, Alexander III. They called their
first son Nicolay in honor of the elder brother. 26 years
later this boy became the last Russian Emperor Nicolay II.
 In England till May 1910 governed the eldest son of Queen
Victoria, the first of the Windsor dynasty, the king Edward
VII. Edward VII was the uncle of Nicolay II. He was the first
British monarch who visited Russia. Eduard married
Aleksandra Datskaya, the oldest daughter of the Danish
king Christian, the sister of the Russian empress Maria
Fyodorovna (Dagmar). In their family were born six
children. Among them there was future King of England
George V.
 Princess Alice was the fourth daughter of Ludwig IV
and the duchess Alice, the daughter of English Queen
Victoria. Their daughter Alice lived in England and
was the beloved granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
 Earlier her elder sister Ella
married the grand duke
Sergey Aleksandrovich, the
son of Alexander III. In
(Alexandra Fiodorovna, the
future wife of Nicolay II),
arrived to her sister to
Russia and got acquainted
with the successor Crown
Nicolay II).
 Princess Maria Tekskaya married Prince George, the
second son of king Edward VII. (Later he became king
George V). George V and Maria Tekskaya had six
children, among them there was George VI, (the future
king of Great Britain). In 1923 he married QueenMother, Elizabeth I, and they gave the birth to the
daughter Elizabeth II, the acting queen of Great
 George V refused all German titles and changed the name
of the royal house from Saksen-Koburg-Gotskiy on
Windsor. Besides, George V looked like the Russian
Emperor Nicolay II as their mothers were sisters
Aleksandra and Dagmar. So acting Queen of England
Elizabeth II is the granddaughter of George V. In London,
opposite Westminster abbey there is a monument to king
George V.
 Everybody can notice that he looks like the last Russian
Emperor Nicolay II. Moreover they had identical crosses on
uniforms: Nicolay had several British awards, and George
was the gentleman of several Russian awards. George V and
Nicolay II had the Danish genes. The Danish king
Christian-IX was the father of Alexandra and Dagmar. So
George V and Nicolay’s II mothers were sisters.
 Two years ago Great Britain and the countries of
Commonwealth celebrated the 60 anniversary of
Queen Elizabeth’s II throne. Elizabeth was born on
April 21, 1926. In 1936 the girl heard that the family is
going to move to Buckingham Palace. In this palace
she reigns more than forty years. Besides subjects she
was fond of bible, poetry, memory training, riding.
When she was 16 she got the rank of the colonel. In
military years she drove a lorry.
 A real Princess, Elizabeth is always dressed exemplary
modestly. She is the fortieth on the English throne
since the XI century. Besides English, in her veins
flows French, German, Spanish, Greek and a little of
Russian blood because of related communications of
the Windsor dynasty with Romanovs. As she rules her
country in a proper way, they say she is a “real
 With great surprise I have found that there are many
relatives of A.S. Pushkin living in England. Younger
daughter of Pushkin Sofya married the Nicolay’s I grandson
Mikhail Mikhailovich Romanov. They had two daughters
Anastasia and Nada. Nada, after marriage, received a title of
the countess Torbi. The sister of her husband was mother of
Queen Elizabeth's husband Phillips.
 Anastasia’s daughter Natalya
carries a title of the duchess
Vestminsterskaya. It is the
highest English aristocracy.
The late princess Diana
daughter. Natalya is God
mother of the prince
William. God mother is very
important communication
with the English house.
 Unfortunately
executions of the royal family of
Romanov in Yekaterinburg made the British monarchy
the enemy of the Soviet power. It is known that
hundred years ago the Prince of Wales visited Russia
on wedding of the Emperor Nicolay II. And the
representative of the Soviet government M. N.
Tukhachevsky took part in George’s V funeral.
 Only in the late seventies Prince Philip visited
Moscow on the Olympic Games. In 1956 Elizabeth
II held a reception in her palace in honor of N.S.
Khrushchev and N.A.Bulganin who were on a visit
in Great Britain. In May, 1994 the prince Charlz
visited St. Petersburg.
 Elizabeth’s II visit with her husband Prince Philip to
Russia took place in October, 1994. They visited Moscow
and St. Petersburg. There were no any negotiations.
They tried to put personal contacts. At the end of her
visit Elizabeth II gave a reception on board the yacht,
though English side doesn't hold a similar thing during
royal visits. For Russia she made the exception.
 During the visit the Queen wore
jewelry that can prove the
historical related communications
of the Vindzor-Romanov. So, her
necklace belonged to Nicolay’s II
mother. It is made of pearls and
diamonds and decorated with
brought jewelry to England. They
cost millions of pound sterlings.
Vindzor bought all them and now
they decorate women of the royal
 After Elizabeth’s II visit communications of the royal
family with our country rather quickened. In 1995
Prince Philip made the trip to the North of Russia, as
the president of the World Wide Fund for Nature. In
1995 the princess Diana visited Russia with a charitable
mission. Everybody in our country loved her. She was
clever, beautiful, educated, “Exemplary Princess”. It is
so pity that we missed her.
There is the Genealogy of the Dynasties.
Windzor dynasty
Romanov dynasty
Edward VII + Alexsandra of Alexzander III + Dagmar of Denmark
the sister of
(Maria Fiodorovna), the sister of
Dagmar, Alexsander’s III wife
Alexandra, Edward’s VII wife
George V (the son of Edward VII Nicolay II, (Alexzander’s III son) +
+ Mary of Teck
princess Alice
(Grandaughter of
Queen Victoria)
Георг VI ( the son of George V + Ella, Princess Alice’s sister + Sergei
Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (the
Alexsandrovich (the son of
Queen Mother)
Alexzander III)
Queen Elizabeth II + Prince Relatives of A.S. Pushkin
 I could tell little information on the subject of my research
because of the rules of organizing this presentation. I must say it
is bad that England and Russia are not so friendly nowadays
because of the sanctions against Russia. But I hope it is not
forever. Many politicians understand that it is better to live in
peace with each other and communicate in different fields. I
think that clever Queen of England understands that.
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